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The BROOME COUNTY COURTHOUSE, on a plot bounded by Main, Collier, and Exchange Sts., erected in 1898, is constructed of Ohio sandstone trimmed with bluestone, the main entrance marked by a classic portico with tall Ionic columns. It is the last of a long line of courthouses, the first of which was erected in 1802, when Chenango Point was constituted a 'half-shire' of Tioga County. Broome County was separated from Tioga in 1806 and named for Lieutenant Governor John Broome, who, in appreciation of the compliment, presented the silver seal that is still used.
A plaque in the courthouse commemorates the founding in Binghamton in 1911 of the first farm bureau in the United States. The office of the bureau is in Room 302.
In front of the courthouse stands a statue by A. G. Newman of Daniel S. Dickinson, U.S.Senator, 1844-51. In the Democratic National Convention of 1852 Dickinson refused the nomination of Virginia, which might have made him the Democratic candidate for the Presidency, because of his loyalty to General Lewis Cass, to whom he was pledged.
The BINGHAMTON PUBLIC LIBRARY, 78 Exchange St., a yellow brick building trimmed with limestone, neoclassic in style with pedimented, two-story front portico, is a Carnegie library and houses the Museum of Fine Arts, a small permanent collection of paintings, sculpture, and prints, and a collection of Indian artifacts.
CHRIST CHURCH (Episcopal), SW. corner of Washington and Henry Sts., built of stone, with steep slate roofs and a square, buttressed tower terminating in a dormered spire, was erected in 1855 from plans of Richard Upjohn,Sr. The tower was added in 1903. The congregation, incorporated in 1810 as St.Anne's and reorganized under its present name in 1816, is the oldest in the city.
ROSS PARK, Park Ave. and Morgan Rd., consists of more than 100 acres of wooded slopes, shady drives, paths, and picnic sites. It contains a deer park, a wading pool, tennis courts, and the Municipal Zoo, a large collection of American and foreign wild life.
MEMORIAL PARK, Washington and Water Sts., is an irregular oblong of about three acres bordering the Chenango and Susquehanna Rivers, which converge at this point. Here a detachment of General Clinton's army encamped during its expedition against the Indians in 1779.
RIVERSIDE DRIVE SOLDIERS AND SAILORS WORLD WAR MEMORIAL BRIDGE spans the Chenango River, connecting Riverside Drive with Water and Washington Streets. The eastern end of the bridge terminates in a circular plaza, in the center of which is the Spanish War Veterans Monument.
SUN BRIAR COURT (open), Riverside Drive near Helen St., model training stable owned by the estate of the late Willis Sharpe Kilmer, is named for the race horse that was credited with the largest cash winnings for 1917, and in the period 1917-20 sired several other famous horses. Within the large, circular wood building facing the entrance are an indoor track, a series of box stalls, and an equine hospital, including maternity clinic and nursery. In the clubhouse are displayed the trophies won by horses racing under the Kilmer colors.
The ENDICOTT-JOHNSON PLANT, 16 Susquehanna St., comprises three factories housed in red brick and wood buildings. The B.B.B. (Binghamton Busy Boys) factory is engaged mostly in the manufacture of children's shoes; the George F. Johnson factory fills orders for Army and CCC shoes; and the Binghamton Work Shoe factory makes everyday shoes. Other factories are in neighboring towns.
The BINGHAMTON STATE HOSPITAL, State Hospital Hill, east city line, housed in native stone and brick buildings, was founded in 1854. It is virtually a city in itself, with its own power plant, fire-prevention system, farms, shops, and nurses' homes. The institution provides treatment and care for the insane and the mentally deficient.
The AGFA-ANSCO PLANT, 40 Charles St., contains the laboratories and film production units of the Agfa-Ansco division of the General Aniline and Film Corporation. It is the second largest and second oldest manufacturer of photographic supplies in the country.

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