New York City, chartered in 1898, consists of five boroughs, each also a county: Manhattan (New York County), the Bronx (Bronx County), Brooklyn (Kings County), Queens (Queens County), and Richmond, or Staten Island ( Richmond County). Manhattan, the original New York City, founded 1626, is an island; population 1,537,195, area 22.20 square miles. Brooklyn (settled 1636), on Long Island was formerly an independent city; population 2,465,326, area 80.95 square miles. The Bronx (settled 1641) is on the mainland north of Manhattan; population 1,357,589, area 41.41 square miles. Queens (settled about 1635) is on Long Island; population 2,229,379, area 121.12 square miles. Staten Island (settled about 1638) is in the southwest corner of New York Bay; population 470,000, area 57.15 square miles.
The metropolitan area of New York City is the district within a radius of approximately 40 miles of City Hall and includes parts of New Jersey, Westchester County (N.Y.), Connecticut, and Long Island.

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