5 Reasons to love Sophia Bush

5 Reasons to love Sophia Bush

An interview with Sophia Bush reveals what it’s like being a cop post-Ferguson, that she loves ECO TOOLS, and her favorite quotes and emojis.

It’s hard not to love Sophia Bush. The Chicago PD star is a superhero of a celebrity: She got down and dirty on the Gulf Coast after the Deep Water Horizon spill, she helped to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina, and she stocks her Instagram with inspiring quotes on becoming the best you possible.

But what surprised me most at a recent press event for ECOTOOLS, a fun cosmetics brand that crafts its brushes, lashes, and other accessories from eco-conscious materials, is that Bush isn’t a manufactured version of a do-gooder (and believe me there are those), she’s passionate smart, insightful, engaging, and real about things that matter most. Over 15 minutes we got to chat about why she cares so much about social good, what it means to be (and play) a police officer post-Ferguson, and the quote that just about everyone should live by.

1. On The One Quote She Live By

“I’ve been having this conversation with my girlfriends – or my coven as I call them – about feeling whole. What does whole mean, what does enough mean?” One of my good friends said once ‘Let it be enough.’ And that really struck me. I constantly am trying to remind people that they are enough as they are.”

5 Reasons to love Sophia Bush

2. On Why ECOTOOLS Means So Much To Her

“Y’know, it’s easy to be a consumer and not think about what you’re buying. When you say to someone do you know what your makeup is made of or your make up brush? And not many do. But to think that every dollar you spend is you casting a vote for what you believe in what you want to support, it’s powerful. And so I believe that using ECOTOOLS and knowing that not only is it affordable but it’s made up of recycled aluminum parts, using eco-friendly wood (bamboo), that boasts beautiful synthetic fiber brushes, it just feels like a no brainer buy to me.”

3. On What It’s Like To Be A Cop Post-Ferguson? She Plays A Cop After All…

“I work with amazing cops and most of the people who become the police do so because they care about their community. It’s not a fraternity of misfits who want to be violent. What no one is talking about – and believe me I talk to cops who are extras on our show, etc – no one is more enraged about bad cops than good police. Not only are they angry—-because bad policing endangers the lives of police officers. Violence against cops is soaring because everyone is afraid to take sides…and no one is talking about that.”

“We no longer have a relationship with cops, we only talk to cops if we get in trouble. And that’s got to change. It breaks my heart that we don’t trust them and they can’t trust us. We don’t hear stories that are good stories.”

4. On Her Most Overused Emoji

“I use all the hearts all the time”

5. On The One Instagram She Can’t Stop Following

Definitely Amy Schumer. She’s hilarious. I actually just tried to post a photo resembling her cover on Entertainment Weekly and no one got it. Oh well. She’s amazing.

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