Running as a Lifestyle for Weight Loss

Running as a Lifestyle for Weight Loss

Approaching a correct weight loss regimen that incorporates running and jogging as efficient exercises is of utmost importance, particularly because you can successfully lose those extra pounds without struggling too much with your workout routine.

We no longer need to pay expensive subscriptions at local fitness clubs, as we can easily attain the same performance by structuring a proper training schedule and following it exactly. If you aim to improve your appearance, health and lifestyle, consider the running program and ideas below.

Week One

Since you are just starting out, you have to know that you need to take things gradually in order to be efficient and attain the desired body shape. Begin with running only one mile during the first week, at a normal speed that will allow you to familiarize your body with this high-intensity exercise in a better way.

It is important not to try to exhaust yourself during this first week, so make sure to go running only four days, with one day pause in between them (for instance, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). You can basically go anywhere you want to run, as long as the environment is appropriate and you feel comfortable there.

Week Two

During the second week, you have to think about increasing the amount of time you run instead of distance. Assuming that you can run a mile in 10 up to 15 minutes, you can run for 20-25 minutes during week two, making sure to keep your speed decent – not too fast, but not too slow either. Once you increase the amount of time you run, you analogically have to decrease the number of times you go running. Opt for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or Thursday, Sunday and Saturday, so that your body will start gaining endurance.

Week Three

Continue with your running plan as you did during week two, not changing the amount of time you run or the number of times when you go running.

Week Four

Now is the time to increase the speed, decreasing the amount of time you have to run. During the first three weeks, you ran at a normal pace that was neither too fast nor too slow, but you have to increase the speed right now, particularly because your body has increased endurance and strength. Run only 20 minutes on three or four days of the week, with a break in between them. Make sure not to stop or slow down, otherwise you will make your exercise routine inefficient.

Week Five

Continue with your running plan of the fourth week, maintaining the same speed, running sessions and time interval.
Week Six

Your running routine has reached its peak during the fourth and fifth week, but it is time to go back to week one and run only 10-15 minutes at a normal pace. Go running four times a week as instructed for week one and make sure not to exhaust yourself.

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