Love, Dating and Romance
And when Love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.

Falling in Love

The basic story went something like this: A boy and a girl meet and fall in love. They spend most of their time together, usually without other friends along, getting to know one another better. Soon, they marry, go on a honeymoon, and move into an apartment. Later, they buy a home. The husband goes to work every morning and comes home every evening, the wife tends to the children and the household duties. They live happily ever after. It still works just that way -- sometimes.

Marriages aren't always the natural result of falling in love. People marry for other reasons, even in the United States, where romance generally precedes a wedding. A family might arrange a marriage for business or financial reasons, a king might marry a queen from another country to form a political unit and to solidify power, a young woman from a foreign country might take an American husband to avoid deportation. Read More

Early and Late Dating

Some hold that dating is a preliminary phase of intersex association among persons who are aware of the fact that they are too young to marry. These writers usually regard dating practices as an unfortunate development of this century, and conclude with Margaret Mead that "the more successfully adolescents deal with... dating, the less prepared they are to meet... sex adjustments after marriage." In sharp contrast are those who conceive the dating process to be a more or less spontaneous development whereby young people gain experience, develop discriminating understanding of associates, and thereby become more capable of selecting mates with judgment. Read More


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Love, Dating and Romance
And when Love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.
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