Dealing with a jealous girlfriend

Dealing with a jealous girlfriend

So you’ve had a longstanding relationship with your girlfriend and love you very much, but there is a problem: it is a very jealous woman. A little jealousy is healthy and shows that she cares enough about you to feel a bit threatened by a pretty woman.

However, too much jealousy can drive a wedge between the two of you and destroy your relationship. Thus, when the jealousy turn into an attempt to completely control you? Here are some warning signs.

1. She always keeps an eye on you

She called you several times a day to see where you are and wants to know who you are with and what you do. It checks your cell phone bill and call history for the numbers suspect. She also regularly scans your search history online, check to see who you spoke with and look for potential porn. She is constantly by your property through when you’re not around to include your dirty laundry, to search for phone numbers, lipstick women, etc.

2. She gets angry when you look at other women

It assumes that your attracted to everything in a skirt and try to limit your exposure to them, because she is so afraid of it getting lost. Even when you assure that you are only interested in her, she overreacts. Most women get jealous of the woman they look than you do.

3. She does not like your friends only

Everyone you know is a potential threat to its influence. Because they fear they can lure you away from her, you go home and have to tell every second of your night, you spoke, and how you could have even imagined going out with guys. It can even start to show when you do go out with friends, playing out like a coincidence when it planned all along. And now it’s there, you two might as well spend the evening together. Better yet, why do not you two just go home now? Then she might even suggest that you do not have any friends at all!

4. She constantly accuses you of cheating on her.

In his mind, you are guilty until proven innocent. Even if you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are faithful, she refuses to listen to reason. It can apologize for his suspicions, but expect to start soon.

5. She makes scenes in public

It shows his jealous behavior and accusations made at any time and anywhere, whether in front of your family, friends, colleagues or the public. It can even go so far as to resort to violence, slaps you, you kick under the table, or pinch every time you make a mistake in his eyes – behaviors that intimidate you so that you feel you have to lie all the time to remain calm.

If your friend shows these signs, it is a control freak. Be excessively jealous and insisting that you’re cheating may result from his own thoughts of cheating. No man should put up with this kind of grief. If your girlfriend has these signs, you may be dealing with a potentially psychotic woman, and it’s time for some serious intervention.

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