How to win your ex-boyfriend back

How to win your ex-boyfriend back

Are you trying to get your ex boyfriend back, but feeling like anything you do is only pushing him away from you instead? Are you asking yourself how to get your ex boyfriend back every night and day? Here are a few excellent methods that will have a great positive effect on your chances of winning your ex boyfriend back.

Obviously at this moment you are very serious about saving (or rekindling) your relationship, and that’s what made you read this article to start with. But watch out: If you are feeling too anxious to win your boyfriend back, there is a good chance you will take the wrong actions and cause your ex to back away from you naturally. It is just in our genes to fight this kind of pressure. So instead of trying to fight nature, wouldn’t you agree the smartest option would be to work with it?

Let me ask you something: Are you the kind of girl who calls her ex on the phone all the time? Do you type him emails or send text messages all through the day? Do you try to make him pity you? If you are trying this kind of things, I suggest you stop doing that! Seriously, if you want to get a clue on how to get your ex boyfriend back, then you should stop doing this and take a different approach.

Well, how can I get my ex boyfriend back then? Try implementing this method instead:

You have to take an entirely different approach here. For starters you should consider breaking off contact right now, and focus on yourself right now. During this time without contact between you and your ex, you will have the opportunity to focus on exploring ways to improve your own personal life, instead of keeping thinking about the relational problems that you had with your ex. Of course this will be a challenging time, and you will require discipline to prevent yourself from returning to your old ways.

One of the greatest benefits of doing this for a while, is that your ex boyfriend will surely notice a change in how he is feeling about the situation. Because you are no longer pursuing him, you will become more mysterious to him in lots of ways. He doesn’t know what you’re feeling or what you are doing with your time. That will give your ex a good reason to actually start missing you, and let’s be honest, how could he miss you before when you were smothering him constantly?

The motivation behind this method is the following: If you want to fix a breakup it’s smarter to work WITH human impulses instead of trying to battle them. If you are one of those girls who wonder “how to get my boyfriend back”, I hope you now got a basic idea about how you can avoid the most common mistakes. If you make sure you use basic rules, you will be able to restore the balance in your personal life, and give your ex boyfriend the necessary space to remember the feelings of love he had for you in the beginning of your relationship.

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