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Six myths about single people

Six myths about single people

Unmarried guys aren’t commitment-phobes, and single women aren’t clingy, a big survey finds.

Rule 1: Approach single men with fresh eyes

Somehow, this new study could be subtitled: “In defense of the American single male.” Simple guy, who long ago acquired a set-up for the commitment-phobic and romantic, jaded, are obviously misunderstood. The survey shows clearly: do not buy into these myths. Men fall in love faster, are more willing to have children for the first time (24% vs. 15%), and when it comes to love, feel just as intensely as women. The most surprising thing about men can be this: “More men than women would marry a partner, they were not sexually attracted to,” says anthropologist Helen Fisher renowned biological. Shared interests and the family are more important.”

Rule 2: Stop thinking that single women are sticky and dependent

Many single men who fear that women will threaten their independence sticky. Guess what? Study results reveal that – every age group – women in a relationship are more likely than men to hold tight to their own interests, personal space, bank accounts, regular evenings with their girlfriends, and separate vacations . So relax, folks. It seems that we are the ones who should worry about being too needy.

Rule 3: Join the crowd and expand your dating pool

Prejudice is in decline and single dates are more open to different races and religions. A relatively small percentage of men (20%) and women (29%) consider it “very important” or a “must have” to find someone who shares their ethnic origins, even as fewer men (17%) and women (28%) are particularly looking for partners who share their religious beliefs. “Being part of the future,” says Dr. Fisher. “It is clear that others toss their ideas past the right partner.” For many singles, knowing that the tides turn can free you to broaden your pool of prospects, too.

Rule 4: Whoa, slow down! Do not rush to judgments about your date

I have nothing against the lucky few who have known love at first sight. But what about the rest of us who are not immediately shot by Cupid’s arrow? We are used to release a first date and knows no fireworks on July 4th, we are told we should have. Research suggests that success comes if you’re not so quick to throw in the towel. So why not slow down time and give your next date a second chance? “Perhaps the most important finding is that 35% of these people fell in love with someone they do not interest them first,” says Fisher. In this subset of people, “rose from 71% in the attraction through long conversations, common interests, or both.”

Rule 5: Embrace dating as you get older

The conventional wisdom is that the success and pleasure are dating like a milk carton. They come with an expiration date. According to this new study, only 65 + the ratio of the highest level of happiness over the last 12 months combined with less stress in their single status. So relax, be simple, older, and dating. It appears that your love life on the road is better than you think.

Article 6: Disavow obsolete dating obstacles

Remember all the traditional reasons why you were not supposed to date someone? It is not present. It’s not that. The results indicate that single people are increasingly denying what were once considered romantic obstacles.

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How to not mess up Valentine’s Day

How to not mess up Valentine's Day

Navigating the holiday can be tricky, whether you’re newly dating or a longtime couple.

Surveys show that 36 million couples exchanging boxes of chocolates and 189 million roses for Valentine’s Day. But when you’re in a new relationship, chocolates and roses are not always the right gift to give. “Valentine’s Day means different things to different people,” says Toni Coleman, a licensed clinical social worker in founding McLean, VA and www.consumer-mate.com, a relationship advice site. “Doing too much or too little when the other person does not feel the same way 14 could cause problems in a new relationship in February.”

If you do not know how to handle Valentine’s Day gift and dating etiquette, read on for tips for when you just meet someone, when you’ve been together for a few months and when you’re in a committed relationship.

When you just meet someone

Day Planning: It is unrealistic to expect a huge party at this stage of romantic part. “If you had a date or two is OK for one to say, ‘Hey, Valentine’s Day is coming, and even though we’ve only released a few times, I thought it would be fun to do something together, like go see a movie. “If the other person wants to do that, that’s fine,” says Coleman. However, if the other person and conjunctiva hems, you should go back and fix a date for another day. It could be something as simple as that person has already made plans, or maybe the other person is not ready to be with someone on Valentine’s Day since the day comes with a lot expectations.

Get a gift: What if you two do together that day – should bring a gift? “It’s good to give a little something,” said Coleman. For example, if you know your date of collection of things with pigs on them, giving him a pig fridge magnet says: “I am careful with what you love.” Similarly, if a guy said he loves reading novels by Stephen King, the last pick for him is nice, not a profession huge eternal love. Remember that you should never give a gift with the hope of receiving one in return. Be prepared for the fact that the other person may not have thought of you doing something, and make sure you can handle before you offer your gift.

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Five signs he’s about to propose

Five signs he's about to propose

If your boyfriend seems extra helpful, he may be trying to prove that he’s husband material.

1. He is extra helpful

If your man shows a sudden interest in doing the dishes or picking sheets at Bed, Bath & Beyond, it may be trying to prove that husband material. “Before, it appears the issue, he will unconsciously look for ways to show its inner side,” said Tamsen Fadal, co-author of Why did not he proposed? “He wants to make sure you see it as a partner who pulls his weight.”

2. He talks himself up.

Even if you have your own career and can take care of yourself, most men still want to be on a sound financial basis (good job, decent pay, credit clear) before getting engaged. “It’s instinctive for men to want to meet their partners,” says Les Parrott, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and author of Crazy good sex. Then, they will often assert their ability to do so in the weeks leading up to a commitment. “That means it can boast a bit of a performance at work or passing reference to the fact that he received a bonus more than usual.

3. He acts like you just started dating.

Remember those last weeks. Your Guy was exceptionally attentive? Maybe he brought you flowers just because you made or prepared at times. “It takes all obstacles to ensure that when the time comes, you say yes,” Fadal says. Yeah, it’s a bit sneaky, but it also made these gestures because he is truly excited by the opportunity to marry you. “The planning of a proposal revives buzz new love for many men,” said Parrott.

4. He quizzes you

When it comes to the current time will your-wedding-I think most guys want it to be the most personal and meaningful as possible. This may require digging up some little known facts about yourself. If your friend has been asking random questions about things like your favorite flower or a childhood memory, it may be gathering information to help plan the perfect proposal. “Not only does it have to be special for you, but he knows all of your friends ask,” How did he do? “And he wants you to have an incredible story to tell,” said Parrott.

5. He is really concerned about the details.

On the big day, you can bet your man is ridiculously nervous. “Even if it is certain that you will say yes, he is always concerned about whether or not he will be able to withdraw anything he had anticipated,” said Parrott. While it is generally casual but return not be in time for dinner, or is aggressive limit when he insists that you order the chocolate cake for dessert, it is possible he has something shiny in his sleeve… or least in a small box in his pocket.

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How to win your ex-boyfriend back

How to win your ex-boyfriend back

Are you trying to get your ex boyfriend back, but feeling like anything you do is only pushing him away from you instead? Are you asking yourself how to get your ex boyfriend back every night and day? Here are a few excellent methods that will have a great positive effect on your chances of winning your ex boyfriend back.

Obviously at this moment you are very serious about saving (or rekindling) your relationship, and that’s what made you read this article to start with. But watch out: If you are feeling too anxious to win your boyfriend back, there is a good chance you will take the wrong actions and cause your ex to back away from you naturally. It is just in our genes to fight this kind of pressure. So instead of trying to fight nature, wouldn’t you agree the smartest option would be to work with it?

Let me ask you something: Are you the kind of girl who calls her ex on the phone all the time? Do you type him emails or send text messages all through the day? Do you try to make him pity you? If you are trying this kind of things, I suggest you stop doing that! Seriously, if you want to get a clue on how to get your ex boyfriend back, then you should stop doing this and take a different approach.

Well, how can I get my ex boyfriend back then? Try implementing this method instead:

You have to take an entirely different approach here. For starters you should consider breaking off contact right now, and focus on yourself right now. During this time without contact between you and your ex, you will have the opportunity to focus on exploring ways to improve your own personal life, instead of keeping thinking about the relational problems that you had with your ex. Of course this will be a challenging time, and you will require discipline to prevent yourself from returning to your old ways.

One of the greatest benefits of doing this for a while, is that your ex boyfriend will surely notice a change in how he is feeling about the situation. Because you are no longer pursuing him, you will become more mysterious to him in lots of ways. He doesn’t know what you’re feeling or what you are doing with your time. That will give your ex a good reason to actually start missing you, and let’s be honest, how could he miss you before when you were smothering him constantly?

The motivation behind this method is the following: If you want to fix a breakup it’s smarter to work WITH human impulses instead of trying to battle them. If you are one of those girls who wonder “how to get my boyfriend back”, I hope you now got a basic idea about how you can avoid the most common mistakes. If you make sure you use basic rules, you will be able to restore the balance in your personal life, and give your ex boyfriend the necessary space to remember the feelings of love he had for you in the beginning of your relationship.

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Taylor Swift apologizing to Taylor Lautner in song?

Taylor Swift apologizing to Taylor Lautner in song?

The tale of the two Taylors began in love and ended in friendship – or so the story goes. But it looks like the brief romance between Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner may have not ended so smoothly.

The pair were rumored to be dating last December after meeting on the set of Valentine’s Day, although sources claim the romance was overblown and not serious. The two amicably parted ways soon after, but in Swift’s new song, the ballad “Back to December,” she appears to be telling Lautner that she’s sorry.

“So this is me swallowing my pride, Standing in front of you saying I’m sorry for that night,” Swift, 20, sings.

“It addresses a first for me,” Swift tells E! News. “I’ve never apologized to someone in a song before … The person I wrote this song for deserves this. This is about a person who was incredible to me – perfect to me in a relationship – and I was careless with him.”

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