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Things guys don’t want women to lie about

Things guys don’t want women to lie about

Feigning interest in favorite activities just to land a date will likely lead to disappointment.

Guys want genuine women in their lives. They want to know who you are and what you’re about right from the start. Women don’t want their guy to change mid-relationship, and guys want the same thing from a partner. Knowing this, I’ve compiled a list of the top nine things that my male listeners and readers feel should never, ever be fake about you:

1. Share interests of your man

Women often feign interest in activities they would never normally do to get to the first date with a man and keep things moving along once they see each other. Do not go crazy for his favorite football team, develop a love of rafting or suddenly feel like Ethiopian food if these things are simply not true of your character. It will eventually see through or be greatly disappointed when he did not get the outdoorsy woman he has always dreamed of a time you tired. A man prefers to admit from the start that you try something new just because of him to act like you absolutely love something you totally hate your life.

2. Friendships with other men

Do not act like your friends are purely platonic guy when you actually dated (or hung) in the past with some of them. The guys understand that you can be friends after the romance ends, but they really want to know whether or not the bill that you had lunch with every day is just a buddy at work or an old flame . Your friend does not know another guy you intimate details without their knowledge. Be honest about what area of ​​your life is key in how he chooses to interact with them and whether or not he will accept your friendship with these men.

Things guys don’t want women to lie about

3. What do you want out of the relationship

Be clear about what you love. Do not tell her you want something relaxing when you know you have already planned the wedding in your head. Do not say you want to move when you are juggling 10 other guys on the side. He wants to know what is the purpose of your game of seduction so he can decide whether to continue to play along. In addition, the relaxation in a relationship does not guarantee that you will get something deeper down the road with him if you change your mind.

4. Your opinion about his circle of friends

Do not act like you like her friends and family when you do not really. The men were caught in this trap many times in the belief that their wife was comfortable around – and even enjoyed spending time with – their inner circle, only to discover months later that she was really unhappy. He much preferred that you have been honest about why people love being around you and those you do not like. Many relationships are lost when an annoying friend or family member is still there. Let him know your true feelings about his circle so he can make adjustments to make you more comfortable.

5. Your overall look

Men love a beautiful woman, if she is full of natural or glamorous. However, most believe that you should be just as amazing to 6 hours you have been to dinner the night before. The men the magic of makeup, heels and even Spanx – but they want the “natural” you are just as captivating. In addition, they want you to be as confident and sexy without all the accessories you are with them.

6. What are the goals you want to achieve in the future

Do not approach him as a girl’s career high, and then once you move in together or get married, decide to stop working to stay home all the time. Men like to think they know what type of partner, you will be on the road, and if you are secretly hidden a passion for work abroad, becoming a soccer mom, or dig a few degrees warmer, it needs to know this so that it can take a more informed decision about your overall relationship compatibility. The truth is, it has a picture of family life “ideal” in his mind – as you do.

7. Your desires in the bedroom

Some women get all the “big” in the room at the beginning of the relationship to calm after a man is hooked. Men think that the way a sexual relationship begins where it should stay, and if you play around and pretend to be something you’re really not in order to obtain a ring, it will be devastated. Be your true self in the room and you have a better chance to build a lasting relationship.

8. What you find attractive about him

Why are you interested? Why are you here? If you are interested in him only because he is a wonderful lover, tell him that. If you are only interested in him because he is powerful and effective, be honest about it, too. Most men (and women) know their strengths and weaknesses. He’ll know what really see in him and will be greatly surprised if your actions and your words in line with his thoughts. Bottom line, he wants to know what attracted you in the first place so it can maintain and keep your interest over time.

9. Your romantic history

Be clear about your past relationships and romance. He wants to know who should be aware of who you most evil, that one is “one that got away” and you have to deal with on a regular basis because of things like children , a job or a family member. Men do not want to be surprised by your former lovers, and they also want to try to avoid doing things that let you down or hurt you in the past with men.

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Why men don’t call for a second date

Why men don't call for a second date

Surprisingly, he may have enjoyed date No. 1 as much as you did — and that’s the problem.

It’s the number-one question women have about dating. Does this scenario sound familiar? You have a great time with Mr. First Date. Not a so-so, marginal, you-can-sort-of-understand-why-it-didn’t work-out time. No, this was clearly fun that was had by all.

He says he’ll call you, but when the phone doesn’t ring, you think, “OK, maybe it’s too soon to hear from him.” One week later without a text, tweet, email, or call, and you wonder what you did wrong. Why did he disappear after the date that apparently only you thought was great?

You imagine dozens of reasons why he didn’t call you back. His phone fell into a pond. He lost his memory in an accident. The telephone company is on strike and no one can get through.

Yes, there could be dozens of bizarre turns of events that left him unable to contact you. But that’s probably not the case. To end the suspense, I spoke to men to uncover and share (in their words) some of the most common reasons they don’t call women back after that first date.

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10 ways to tell if he’s a keeper

10 ways to tell if he's a keeper

If your man uses friends and family as a constant crutch, it can signal a red flag in the relationship.

Relationship success is based on two people standing in coupledom free from outside influence. My listeners and readers are often challenged to meet new people who have a “pack mentality” when it comes to relationships. If the new person does not fit into the “package” (parents, friends, colleagues, etc.) or comply with its rules, the outsider often quickly dumped – which means there are potentially great relationships do not even get a chance to grow. Below are 10 ways to tell whether he is his own guy:

1. He is fine socializing on your own

A man who is able to be out of town without anyone else is his own guy. If you think that all movies, dinner, escape weekend, company party or sporting event is about how many friends he can throw into the mix, be warned – he certainly needs the relationship buffers, so he need not to focus too much attention on you.

2. He shows a healthy family separation

Definitely go for a guy who has got a fantastic relationship with his family, but make sure he sees them realistic. One of the keys to being a fully formed adult is being able to balance the love for your family of origin with your own views on how you plan to make things better for your own family. Is he open about some of his family’s fault? Is he able to distinguish between the ways in which his family does things and the way he chooses to do them? See his conversations and interactions with his family for clues.

3. He is willing to try unfamiliar social situations

This one is great! Is he open to trying things with you that may not necessarily be “his” thing? We all step into the relationships with our basic profile of what we think is funny or interesting set in our minds. Test athlete a bit by suggesting a museum visit or tasting date; offer finance guy a chance to go to a big indie concert; invite the artist to accompany you to a larger company event. If he is willing to give something a try for you, so clearly he is a guy who goes against the tide and are up to taking chances, regardless of what others might think.

4. He needs no advice to help him make life decisions

Is he able to make major life decisions without a selection value help? There will be a million times in a relationship where you are going to need to hear clearly from him what he thinks. You must be sure that what he gives you his true thoughts and opinions and not what his best buddy thinks.

5. He is an information / opinion junkie
Are you ever surprised at what he thinks about a hot news topic, or a big new TV show? Has he ever sort of sway from the expected response when discussing current events together? If yes, he is a keeper. This is a clear sign that he is willing to research and form their own views on his world – he is his own guy.

6. He shows off his softer side when you are together

Do you guys have your own magic against the world? Is he willing to get sappy or silly with you in an attempt to show his interest or love for you? Then this is a guy not afraid to let his softer yourself shine and be vulnerable around you, no matter what others may think. His goal is to impress and mesmerize you instead of worrying about violating any “man code.”

7. He knows that work is work … and when to stop looking clock

We all want a partner who wants to move forward and succeed, but he is able to still be your guy, while climbing the career ladder? Is he able to put work aside to talk to you during the day or an evening out with you after a hard day at the office? Does he value his relationships with people as much as his connection to his BlackBerry? What you should be looking for well rounded guy – he values ​​doing well in his career, but also know that there are far more alive than being in the office late every night.

8. He knows that, in relationships, compromise is key

A person who is able to see all sides of any argument and make any compromise is a relationship gift! Does he give you time to state your case? Does he occasionally comes over to your side of thinking? Is he able to respectfully hold its own ground when you disagree? These are indicators of a man who is afraid to be who he is, but it is clearly realize that the world does not need to feel the same way as he does.

9. He lives in a diverse world

We live in a very diverse society today, where the views, beliefs and backgrounds, the entire map. Check your husband’s friends and his interests. Does he seem to challenge themselves by stepping out into the world, or is he kind of stays in the safe zone with the same old, same old he is known forever? If your husband have different friends and interests, so he’s probably arrogant enough to not just repeat what the popular perception about the way things are, but rather, he is busy creating its own, more informed opinion based on his personal real world experiences.

10. He’s your guy, not just a male stereotype
Much the same way that we as women get a mental picture of what the perfect partner, girlfriend or wife should be – men also carry an internal image that defines what their role in a relationship should be, too. Is he willing to be the guy you need, or is he seems to be following the typical “girlfriend” script? For example: You tell him you hate flowers, but he continues to buy them for you. Or, in conversations about the future, tell you whom you plan to balance a great job of raising children, and he seems to steer the conversation back to you to stay home. These are examples of a man who is more interested in following traditional gender roles than do things to work with you specifically. Look for a guy who really listens to you and is willing to bend to ensure that you both get the best out of your relationship.

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Should you stay friends with your ex?

Should you stay friends with your ex?

In our age of social media, it can be easier than ever to stay in touch with your ex, long after you break up. Heck, I still regularly converse with guys I dated back in high school over Facebook. But what about a real life friendship with an ex from not so long ago? After all, you still have a lot in common — and still travel in the same circles, meaning you’re going to run into him regardless. Is it okay to stay friends? Or are you just setting yourself up for future disaster?

“Running in the same circles and having things in common does not always equate with friendship,” they say. “Remain amicable whenever possible but re-define the relationship so there is no confusion about how you will interact. We recommend staying away from intimate encounters and sharing personal information to avoid any confusion or bad feelings.”

And that means setting boundaries from the beginning so you’ll be sure to retain a healthy friendship and resist the temptation to backslide into that unhealthy relationship.

“Be friendly but not transparent to avoid any sense of false intimacy,” they suggest. “Maintain a distant relationship and stay away from late night phone calls, excessive communication, or cute texting. Avoid anything you used to do when you were a couple.”

Of course once you start dating someone new, expect a wrench to be thrown in the so-called friendship. Especially if your new significant other starts feeling threatened–and you start feeling divided loyalties.

“Your new loyalty is to your current relationship so it’s important to respect your new partner’s wishes,” insist Pescosolido and Brosh. “If they are feeling insecure than maybe it’s time to check in on the appropriateness of your relationship with your ex. If you’re doing it right, a new significant other shouldn’t feel threatened (unless they are extremely insecure). Your ex should understand.”

But what if it’s you who’s feeling threatened, by your ex’s new girl? And you find you can’t stop feeling those pangs of jealousy every time he chooses her over you?

“That’s a trigger and a big red flag that you need to get some professional help to move on,” say the Divorce Detox founders. “You might also want to consider the possibility that you are keeping your ex in your life because you still have hope of a reconciliation. A new partner is a sign that he has moved on….and you should, too. Keep this information to yourself and get professional help. This is your problem, not his.”

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4 simple steps to meeting someone

4 simple steps to meeting someone

You know the type: the average-looking guy who can meet someone new while out buying light bulbs, or the rather plain Jane who comes home from a dental appointment with the name and number of a potential suitor. We set out to discover just what makes these people so adept at meeting others so you can try their best pick-up tips. Here are the four steps to follow when you see someone you’d like to meet and get to know better.

Step 1: Smile and wave

Don’t be afraid to use gestures that say, “I’d like to chat with you” — whether that means a smile, a nod, a wave or just eyebrows raised in expectation. Laura Lewis, 27, from River Falls, WI, recently spent much of her lunch hour in a long line at a bank. But instead of getting annoyed, she got a number from the cute guy standing behind her. “We were checking each other out the whole time we stood there,” she explains, “and just as I finished at the teller, I gave him a big, big smile. He gave me a cute little ‘hi there’ wave, so I busied myself rearranging my wallet until he was free to talk.”

How to practice it: Even though it may seem bold, smiling at strangers is the top way to let them know it’s safe to break through. Try it on everyone and anyone: the bored workers at the post office, a harried mother in front of you at the checkout aisle, or even the toddler sitting in her cart. As you get used to being a smiler, you’ll start doing it naturally — including at the people you most want to meet.

Step 2: Be the one who speaks first

Anyone can talk back to someone, but real people-meeters know the trick is starting a chat out of the blue. Susan RoAne, author of How to Create Your Own Luck and What Do I Say Next?, says the secret lies in seeing the world around you as full of opportunities to talk versus waiting to be addressed by someone else.

How to do it: In order to break the ice with people you want to date, it helps to start with people you’d normally never speak to — say, the married guy in another department at work or a grandma at the bus stop. Since you’re not worried about whether they’ll shoot you down, you can truly be yourself and get used to talking to perfect strangers. “You have to get comfortable doing it, or you’ll hesitate when you see someone in particular who you want to talk to,” says RoAne. “If you have to think about what to say or feel self-conscious, you’ll hesitate and the moment will be gone.”

Step 3: Work your chit-chat charm

OK, what the heck should you talk about? The experts advise finding something that you two share — that could easily be something in your environment, like the weather or the huge new billboard that went up across the street. Or it could be something in the world around you, like a big verdict that was announced on the news earlier in the day or the fact that the next day is officially the longest day of the year.

How to practice it: Work on having an opinion or asking for the other person’s view of things rather than just throwing a remark out there. So if you’re in the cereal aisle, don’t mutter to yourself, “Wow, expensive…” Turn to the object of your affection and say, “Wow, can you believe it? Almost six dollars for this! Is it just this brand or are they all so pricey?” Similarly, if you’re in line for lunch and the folks behind the deli counter are taking their time, don’t just say, “Gee, this line is moving so slowly.” Instead, try to get some playful banter going by saying, “I’ll bet you a little bag of chips that we’re not out of here by 1 p.m.” The idea is to open the door to a chat rather than just tossing out an observation.

Step 4: Then… stop talking!

Bill Keith, 29, from Hudson, OH, has a knack for charming everyone around him. He says his secret is knowing when to stop yapping and start listening. “People aren’t used to having other people really listen to them, so that’s how I win a lot of people over,” he says. So whether he’s remarking about an old Madonna song that just came on the supermarket muzak (which is how he met his best friend) or asking someone at Starbucks which shaker has cocoa and which has cinnamon and whether really makes a difference, Keith opens the door to a chat and then shuts his mouth. His new acquaintance walks away feeling connected since Keith lavished on some personal attention.

How to practice it: Next time you start a conversation, make an effort to ask the person you’re chatting with at least three questions before making another observation of your own. That will get you in the groove of letting the other person open up to you… and it shows your level of appreciation for what someone else has to say. And when people feel appreciated, chances are, they’ll want to continue that conversation.

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Six myths about single people

Six myths about single people

Unmarried guys aren’t commitment-phobes, and single women aren’t clingy, a big survey finds.

Rule 1: Approach single men with fresh eyes

Somehow, this new study could be subtitled: “In defense of the American single male.” Simple guy, who long ago acquired a set-up for the commitment-phobic and romantic, jaded, are obviously misunderstood. The survey shows clearly: do not buy into these myths. Men fall in love faster, are more willing to have children for the first time (24% vs. 15%), and when it comes to love, feel just as intensely as women. The most surprising thing about men can be this: “More men than women would marry a partner, they were not sexually attracted to,” says anthropologist Helen Fisher renowned biological. Shared interests and the family are more important.”

Rule 2: Stop thinking that single women are sticky and dependent

Many single men who fear that women will threaten their independence sticky. Guess what? Study results reveal that – every age group – women in a relationship are more likely than men to hold tight to their own interests, personal space, bank accounts, regular evenings with their girlfriends, and separate vacations . So relax, folks. It seems that we are the ones who should worry about being too needy.

Rule 3: Join the crowd and expand your dating pool

Prejudice is in decline and single dates are more open to different races and religions. A relatively small percentage of men (20%) and women (29%) consider it “very important” or a “must have” to find someone who shares their ethnic origins, even as fewer men (17%) and women (28%) are particularly looking for partners who share their religious beliefs. “Being part of the future,” says Dr. Fisher. “It is clear that others toss their ideas past the right partner.” For many singles, knowing that the tides turn can free you to broaden your pool of prospects, too.

Rule 4: Whoa, slow down! Do not rush to judgments about your date

I have nothing against the lucky few who have known love at first sight. But what about the rest of us who are not immediately shot by Cupid’s arrow? We are used to release a first date and knows no fireworks on July 4th, we are told we should have. Research suggests that success comes if you’re not so quick to throw in the towel. So why not slow down time and give your next date a second chance? “Perhaps the most important finding is that 35% of these people fell in love with someone they do not interest them first,” says Fisher. In this subset of people, “rose from 71% in the attraction through long conversations, common interests, or both.”

Rule 5: Embrace dating as you get older

The conventional wisdom is that the success and pleasure are dating like a milk carton. They come with an expiration date. According to this new study, only 65 + the ratio of the highest level of happiness over the last 12 months combined with less stress in their single status. So relax, be simple, older, and dating. It appears that your love life on the road is better than you think.

Article 6: Disavow obsolete dating obstacles

Remember all the traditional reasons why you were not supposed to date someone? It is not present. It’s not that. The results indicate that single people are increasingly denying what were once considered romantic obstacles.

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What men notice about women first

What men notice about women first

Some 44% of guys surveyed see one trait before anything else — and it’s not what you think.

Dating costs plenty of dough, no doubt about it. But when it comes to spending your hard-earned cash, where should you invest it in order to get the most mileage when it comes to dating?

In other words, before hitting the meet-and-greet scene next weekend, what’s really going to make you more attractive to the opposite sex — and what’s a waste of your dating dollars? Before you max out a credit card trying to win your date’s affections (or convince someone you’re hot), check out these interesting tidbits we dug up for more budget-conscious men and women. Because when it comes to putting your best flirting foot forward, it doesn’t always have to be about your shoes!

1. Men say that having gorgeous hair trumps a curvy figure.

Trying to decide between a pre-date trip to the salon or Victoria’s Secret, ladies? Go for the fab hair option. According to a recent survey conducted by Pantene, 60% of men surveyed would rather date a woman with great hair than noticeable curves — and 74% of them said they notice a woman because of her hair. In fact, a full 44% of male respondents said that hair was the first thing they notice about a woman… even before her clothes (26%), legs (25%) and makeup (4%).

Most of the men who took Pantene’s poll also said they’d be more likely to approach a woman at a bar with great hair than one who was wearing a low-cut shirt. This is great news, since monthly hair upkeep is more of a necessity than sexy lingerie if you’re a woman who’s on a budget. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear sassy underwear if you’ve got it — but when change is tight (like in this tanked economy), it’s good to know that a well-timed mane flip can still make you a main attraction.

2. Guys find pink or red lips more alluring than the sexiest pair of stilettos.

Should you invest in a pair of high heels, or that new Chanel red lipstick? If you’re forced to choose just one of these items, research shows that rouged lips are a better bet. In a recent Match.com survey of over 24,000 men and women, 88% of respondents said their date’s laugh made a bigger impression on a first date; only 12% picked shoes (there goes that perfect excuse for buying a new pair of Manolo Blahniks, right?).

Add a pop of red to that smiling and laughing mouth, and your attractiveness spikes even more, according to a study from the University of Manchester published in the UK’s Daily Mail. Researchers tracked the eye movements of 50 men and discovered that that in the 10 seconds after meeting a woman for the first time, the average guy will spend more than half of his time gazing at her mouth. If she’s applied lipstick, he’ll find it even more difficult to look away: a dash of pink can hold his attention for 6.7 seconds, while red keeps him fixated for 7.3 seconds.

According to the study, fuller pouts were the overall preference, though the appeal of thin-lipped women increased by 40% when lipstick was applied — but when the ladies went completely bare, men tired of looking at their mouths after only 2.2 seconds. So regardless of your lip type, it pays to paint your pucker on date night.

3. Women looking for real relationships are more impressed by traditional love tokens than an expensive ride.

Guys like cars, sure — but are women equally impressed by them? It seems that if you’re a man who’s looking for the real thing, then you’re ultimately better off sinking your cash into thoughtful gestures (i.e., dinners, flowers, etc.) than those flashy wheels to get the girl of your dreams. A study of over 1,000 men conducted by researchers from Rice University, the University of Texas-San Antonio (UTSA), and the University of Minnesota revealed that being in possession of a Porsche did make a man more desirable to women than owning a non-luxury car, such as a Honda Civic. However, the attraction ended there.

While women found men showing off a flashy product (like a brightly colored sports car) to be more attractive when it came to dating, that same trait didn’t make men more desirable as marriage partners or for long-term committed relationships, the study’s authors explained. In fact, they found that women inferred from men’s flashy spending that they were only interested in having casual hook-ups with their dates. So if you’re looking for something more than a fling, don’t worry what you’re chauffeuring your cutie around in — focus on making her feel special instead.

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Ruining the first date is easy to do

Ruining the first date is easy to do

So you’ve convinced a woman to go out with you. After so much careful progress and planning, the last thing you need is to screw up on the first date. Although meeting a woman one-on-one can be nerve-wracking, a man only has one chance to make a good first impression. Ruining the first date is easy to do, but if you listen to at least a few of these warnings, you might just make it through the end of the date.

Arriving late

Showing up late is probably one of the biggest mistakes there are for a first date. It just starts the first date out on the completely wrong foot and shows your date that you’re not very considerate. On the other hand, arriving early might give you the advantage of being able to see your date before she sees you.

Being too nervous

A woman understands that you may be a little nervous on a first date, but trying to calm your nerves by ordering too many alcoholic beverages can be disastrous. A woman doesn’t want to kiss a man who’s passed out, and she definitely doesn’t want to have to carry you out of the restaurant. Keep your drinking to a minimum and don’t get drunk and definitely don’t try to get your date intoxicated.

Choosing the wrong venue

Certain types of venues are not appropriate for first dates. When considering good dating ideas, women want something that’s not too cheap, but also not too expensive. Taking your date out to a fast food joint tells her that you’re cheap and that you really don’t care to impress her and might end the date early.

 Talking about your past dates

Talking about your ex, your past experiences with your baby momma’s, or how your last girlfriend did you wrong, and most of all…talking about sex will definitely make your date feel uncomfortable…and could get you slapped!

Pretending to be someone you’re not

A sure way to ruin a first date is to act like someone you are not. You don’t have to be a macho, alpha male guy all the time. On the other hand, you don’t have to be a needy wuss who lets a woman run all over you. Plain and simple–just be yourself. If you and your date aren’t compatible, just accept it and move on.

Being too aggressive

Doing things like being too overly aggressive and touchy-feely with your date can put her off, especially being that you just met. Most women don’t like to be touched on the first date, so don’t start rubbing her leg or start tracing little light circles on her back with your fingers, telling her that you want to see her naked unless, of course, she tells you that she’s completely comfortable with it. Show a woman you are interested by keeping your hands off.

Discussing your money problems

Although the economy is tough for nearly everyone right now, it’s best to avoid a conversation about your lack of funds with a woman you’d like to take home. Although she may not judge you negatively for being broke, a woman wants to feel that she (and the bill) will be taken care of if she sticks with you.

Answering your cell phone

Regularly answering cell phone calls (especially from other women) while you are out together with your lady is a big no-no. A woman wants to feel that she’s the full focus of your attention and will feel insulted and disrespected that you would take these calls right in front of her–especially if she already has told you that it bothers her.

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Too much jealousy can destroy your relationship

Too much jealousy can destroy your relationship

So you’ve had a relationship for a long time with your girlfriend and you love her very much, but there’s a problem: she is a very jealous woman. A little jealousy is healthy and shows she cares enough about you to feel a little threatened by an attractive woman.

However, too much jealousy can drive a wedge between the two of you and destroy your relationship. So when does jealousy turn into an attempt to completely control you? Here’s some warning signs.

1. She always keeps tabs on you

She calls you many times a day to see where you are and wants to know who you’re with and what you’re doing. She checks your cell phone bill and call history for any suspicious numbers. She also regularly scans your online search history, checking to see who you’ve been talking with or searching for potential porn. She constantly goes through through your belongings when you’re not around to include your dirty laundry, searching for telephone numbers, women’s lipstick, etc.

2. She gets angry when you look at other women

She assumes that your attracted to everything in a skirt and attempt to limit your exposure to them because she is so afraid is she of losing you. Even when you assure her that you’re only interested in her, she overreacts. Most women get more jealous of the women they look at than the ones you do.

3. She doesn’t like your single friends

Everyone you know is a potential threat to her influence. Because she fears that they can entice you away from her, you come home and are forced to recount every second of your night, who you talked to, and how you could have even imagined going out with the guys. She may even start showing up when you do go out with friends, playing it off as a coincidence when she planned it all along. And now that she’s there, you two might as well spend the evening together. Better yet, why don’t you two just go home right now? Then she might even suggest that you don’t have any friends at all!

4. She constantly accuses you of cheating on her
In her mind, you’re guilty until proven innocent. Even if you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re faithful, she refuses to listen to reason. She may apologize for her suspicions, but expect it to start again very soon.

5. She makes scenes in public

She displays her jealous behavior and makes accusations anytime and anyplace, whether in front of your family, friends, co-workers or out in public. She may even go as far as resorting to violence, slapping you, kicking you under the table, or pinching you every time you do something wrong in her eyes–behaviors which intimidate you to the point you feel that you have to lie all the time to keep her calm.

If your girlfriend displays these signs, she is a control freak. Being overly jealous and insisting that you’re cheating might stem from her own thoughts of cheating. No man should put up with this kind of grief. If your girlfriend exhibits these signs, you may be dealing with a potentially psychotic woman, and it’s time for some serious intervention.

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When you first start dating a woman…

When you first start dating a woman...

So you’ve finally found a woman who really gets your juices flowing and gets you hot at the mere site of her, but how do you increase her desire for you and keep her out of the arms of other men who may have better relationship skills than you do?

As you’re trying to keep the attraction flowing in your relationship, remember to maintain a confident attitude. Women love confidence in a man and displaying a confident self-image will boost her attraction to you.

Your attitude should be that you’re the catch, and you’re doing her a favor by allowing her into your life. You shouldn’t cheat on her, but you should keep contact with other single, sexy women and make lots of female friends. If she knows that you have options and that she might lose you at any time, her desire will be increased and she will work harder to make sure you don’t get away.

When you first start dating a woman, you try very hard to impress her; however, after a while, many men began feeling too comfortable and begin slacking. Women are obsessed with clothing and their own appearance and will quickly switch off their sex drive if you start looking sloppy, so keep yourself up, don’t get complacent about your hygiene and appearance.

Women love to be showered with attention and need to feel wanted. So if you’d like her to stay around for a while, make sure she knows that she still turns you on by charming and complimenting her. Make her feel special and you’ll keep her desire burning hot for you.

Keep in mind that women love challenges and, so make her work a little to be part of your life. Being a challenge to women is a good thing. Don’t allow her to take you for granted, so learn to make yourself less available and more unpredictable. Women always want what they can’t have, so it’s important to keep balance in your relationship by continuing to do masculine things that you like, for example sports and hanging out with your buddies.

Last but not least, don’t allow yourself to become a clingy, approval-seeking doormat who calls her numerous times a day and constantly showers her with gifts. If you smother her and acting insecure, she could start feeling trapped and leave anyway. Remember, insecurity is not attractive to women at all. Using these tips could keep your woman from ever wanting to go anywhere else.

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