Drink plenty of water when you feel hungry

Drink plenty of water when you feel hungry

For many people drinking a lot of water is a useful tool to help them eat fewer calories or get more exercise. If this is not true for you then you will see no benefit from drinking more water.
I would suggest that when you feel hungry that you try having a drink. Your body can not tell the difference between feelings for hunger and thirst.

If you’re feeling more hungry than usual, try to fill up on healthy, low calorie things like fruit and vegetables. I think a lot of people concentrate on drinking water because it is a lot easier than eating less or exercising. Unless you are drinking gallons a day it will certainly not hurt anything. Water is one of the few things you can indulge in as much as you want without any negative effect.

Water is a lot like air. Both are absolutely vital for your body to function properly. Your body assumes both are readily obtainable and does not hoard either or try to get you to excessively consume when they are available to make up for times when they will be scarce. If you need more air you breathe harder, if you need more water you get thirsty. Just because air is vital does not mean you need to constantly try to breathe more air. Just because water is vital does not mean you will see benefits by drinking massive quantities of water.

Drink plenty of water when you feel hungry

I think drinking lots of water helps people lose fat if, and only if:

1 – They are drinking water instead of regular soda, juice, beer, milk or some other high calorie beverage. This can make a huge difference, particularly for heavy soda drinkers that can regularly drink 600+ Calories worth of soda a day.

2 – Drinking water makes them feel full and eat less at meals.

3 – They can substitute drinking water for having a snack when they are hungry.

Many people find at least one of these items to be true for them. But a lot of us do not and drinking water will not help.

It is normal for most people you size to lose the first 10 or 15 pounds much quicker than the rest of the weight. If this happens to you do not become discouraged. If you are losing weight at 1 or 2 pounds a week you are doing great.

It is the total amount of exercise you get that matters most. If you tire easily you might try something less strenuous like walking (which is how I get most of my exercise) and do it for a longer period of time. Eventually your stamina will build up. I started with a .7 mile walk every night a few years ago.

Now I average about 200 miles a month. This takes a lot time though. Being single I have the time but if you are busy shorter periods of more intense exercise will be just as beneficial and take much less time. From what I have read short periods of more intense exercise will be better for your heart too but picking an exercise program you can stick with forever is more important than anything else.