Six myths about single people

Six myths about single people

Unmarried guys aren’t commitment-phobes, and single women aren’t clingy, a big survey finds.

Rule 1: Approach single men with fresh eyes

Somehow, this new study could be subtitled: “In defense of the American single male.” Simple guy, who long ago acquired a set-up for the commitment-phobic and romantic, jaded, are obviously misunderstood. The survey shows clearly: do not buy into these myths. Men fall in love faster, are more willing to have children for the first time (24% vs. 15%), and when it comes to love, feel just as intensely as women. The most surprising thing about men can be this: “More men than women would marry a partner, they were not sexually attracted to,” says anthropologist Helen Fisher renowned biological. Shared interests and the family are more important.”

Rule 2: Stop thinking that single women are sticky and dependent

Many single men who fear that women will threaten their independence sticky. Guess what? Study results reveal that – every age group – women in a relationship are more likely than men to hold tight to their own interests, personal space, bank accounts, regular evenings with their girlfriends, and separate vacations . So relax, folks. It seems that we are the ones who should worry about being too needy.

Rule 3: Join the crowd and expand your dating pool

Prejudice is in decline and single dates are more open to different races and religions. A relatively small percentage of men (20%) and women (29%) consider it “very important” or a “must have” to find someone who shares their ethnic origins, even as fewer men (17%) and women (28%) are particularly looking for partners who share their religious beliefs. “Being part of the future,” says Dr. Fisher. “It is clear that others toss their ideas past the right partner.” For many singles, knowing that the tides turn can free you to broaden your pool of prospects, too.

Rule 4: Whoa, slow down! Do not rush to judgments about your date

I have nothing against the lucky few who have known love at first sight. But what about the rest of us who are not immediately shot by Cupid’s arrow? We are used to release a first date and knows no fireworks on July 4th, we are told we should have. Research suggests that success comes if you’re not so quick to throw in the towel. So why not slow down time and give your next date a second chance? “Perhaps the most important finding is that 35% of these people fell in love with someone they do not interest them first,” says Fisher. In this subset of people, “rose from 71% in the attraction through long conversations, common interests, or both.”

Rule 5: Embrace dating as you get older

The conventional wisdom is that the success and pleasure are dating like a milk carton. They come with an expiration date. According to this new study, only 65 + the ratio of the highest level of happiness over the last 12 months combined with less stress in their single status. So relax, be simple, older, and dating. It appears that your love life on the road is better than you think.

Article 6: Disavow obsolete dating obstacles

Remember all the traditional reasons why you were not supposed to date someone? It is not present. It’s not that. The results indicate that single people are increasingly denying what were once considered romantic obstacles.

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