Jessica Biel recalls her wild youth

Jessica Biel recalls her wild youth

When Jessica Biel was a teenager, she put her entire cast of “7th Heaven” through the ringer, including the wholesome show’s producer, Aaron Spelling. “I cut my hair super short and dyed it blonde,” the “New Years Eve” actress says in the April issue of W magazine. “I had to apologize to Aaron Spelling for doing that. He wasn’t happy.”

But changing up her hair proved to just be the tip of the raging hormone iceberg. In March 2000, Biel appeared topless on the cover of Gear magazine, which sent “7th Heaven” producers into a tizzy because the actress was under 18 when the photos were taken. The show later took legal action against the magazine, and Biel later said she regretted that poor decision. Around the same time, “a really obnoxious friend sent a stripper to the set” for her birthday, she also tells W. “I had to apologize for that, too. The show was all about family values, and they took that position seriously. I was always apologizing.”

Growing up in Colorado, Biel, now 30, was nothing like her current sexy self in her late teens. She describes her parents as “outdoorsy mountain people” who expected their children (Biel has a younger brother, Justin) to be the same. “My father would always say, ‘Go out and don’t come back until you have something to show me.’ Which meant he wanted me to come back with a scraped knee or an injury. When I went out to play, I felt like I’d better get hurt.” Despite the tomboy behavior, Justin Timberlake’s fiancee says she still indulged her girly side by playing with dolls. “But it was always, ‘Let’s play sex with Barbies!’ My Barbies were usually naked. Once, I took their heads off, cut their hair, drew on their short, spiky hair with some markers, then stuck the heads on Christmas lights. Every year, we’d string our tree with those Barbie heads. It looked demonic.”

Biel gets to revisit her physical side in her upcoming sci-fi action flick, “Total Recall,” in which she has a butt-kicking girl-on-girl battle with Kate Beckinsale. Although neither actress is a stranger to fight scenes on the big screen, Biel says the two were extra cautious with each other. “Kate and I usually fight men in movies, and when you knock into a man, he doesn’t care,” she explains. “But every two seconds, Kate and I were saying, ‘I’m so sorry — are you okay?’ We were both so nervous about fighting another woman. Which is strange, because I have no problem fighting with a guy … Our fight scene isn’t overtly sexy: just two trained fighters who happen to be women kicking the s–t out of each other.”

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