Esha Deol is confident about her performance

Esha Deol is confident about her performance

She is the beautiful and lovely daughter of superstars Hema and Dharmendra. She has the charming looks of her mother and the bold and daring mettle of her father. This is a lethal combination and she is here to take over the film industry by storm.

Though her debut movie Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche did not do well at the box office but she has not given up hope. Two of her movies Kya Dil Ne Kaha with Tusshar Kapoor and Na Tum Jaano Na Hum with Hritik Roshan is all set to hit the silver screen and though nervous Esha is confident about her performance in these movies. Find out more about this talented actress.

Are you disappointed that your debut film didn’t do well at the box office?

Well I am sad but not disappointed because I know that I have worked hard and our entire crew has worked hard. But if it didn’t do well then what can be done. Maybe the audience expected more and maybe I couldn’t live up to their expectations but I have learnt a lot and I have definitely grown as an actress. I have worked hard in my debut film Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche and am continuing to do so in my other films too. So I know the key to success is hard work, there is no shortcut. I can only do my best and hope people like and accept me.

Esha Deol is confident about her performance

Tell me about Na Tum Jaano Na Hum?

I can’t give away the story line but it is about finding your soul mate; it is about dreaming and believing in love. It is a journey played by destiny. It is a love triangle and has pathos, laughter and tears. It is all about finding your love and in the search discovering yourself. The story line is very interesting and the audience will love it.

There are talks of the film being based on the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan starrer “You’ve Got Mail”. Is that true?

Absolutely not. It is infact based on the real life story of the director Arjun Sabloks parents. It goes like this that his father used to write letters to his mom and that way their romance grew and ultimately they got married.

How was it like working with Hritik Roshan?

Working with Hrithik was fun as he is hard working while shooting is on and keeps everyone in splits after work. He is an excellent actor, very sincere and dedicated and also very friendly and co-operative.

Esha Deol is confident about her performance

Did you always know you would become an actress one day?

Yes. I had not told anyone that I nursed this intense desire to become an actress. I had thought about other professions but acting somehow always topped the list. Though my parents were busy working, mom made sure I never neglected my studies and was involved in extra curricular activities in school. Then there was dancing, which I absolutely loved. I will continue to dance on stage whenever I get the opportunity. This is something I will not give up. So when I was busy doing all this I started getting offers for films and when mom asked me I quickly said yes. Of course she was surprised, as I had never even had a chat with her about it.

Wasn’t your dad hesitant about your decision to join films?

Yes initially he was very much hesitant and he was reluctant to allow me but then I told mom that it is her duty to convince papa. I think now he is adjusting to the fact that acting is in my blood.

What about your sister, Ahana?

She is obviously very excited and happy for me. She finds my co-stars very cute. On the other hand, she also has small fights with me. She complains that I don’t spend enough time with her any more. Earlier, I spent all my time with her but, now, I spend so much time in rehearsals and all that. But this is a passing phase and, overall, she is very excited.

Esha Deol is confident about her performance

Coming back to your films did you take any formal training in acting?

Yes I did! I joined Kishore Namit’s classes for acting. I learnt my Hindi diction that I’m very bad at from Veena Mehta. Since I had learnt Odissi Nritya in childhood I didn’t have to take any dancing classes. But I find this Hindi jhatak-matak a little difficult. That’s why, everyday, I practise for at least three hours. I hope I’ll be able to adjust to that also. And whether it be Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi once you are well versed with any of them you become an expert in dance rhythms and taals. I love to dance!

Do you want to act with some specific director or do some specific role?

I don’t know about that. Frankly speaking, my mom decides whom I’ll work with. I have no clue about all this. It will take a lot of experience before I can decide these things on my own.

People are talking a lot about the extent to which your mother controls your career.

Let them talk. I do not care. Yes, my mom is very much involved with my career, what is wrong with that? She cares for me and I want her to be with me at this point in time. I need her advice and she gives it. She helps me with making decisions, choosing films, roles and scripts. She improves my acting with helpful tips and takes care of me. I have not got a secretary so she deals with the producers, allots my dates. I wanted her guidance because she is so experienced that she knows exactly what to do and when. I am glad my mom is there with me to help me in my decisions.

Coming back to movies tell us something about your film with Tusshar Kya Dil Ne Kaha.

This movie has a very interesting story. It is inspired from a Telugu blockbuster Swayamwaram. Tusshar and I are in love. He is born and brought up abroad but comes back to India. But the story takes a twist when he refuses to amrry me despite there being any problems from either of our family. Well rest you have to see to find out what happens.

Tell me something about your character in the film.

My role in this film is very much similar to the real me. This girl is a catch between the modern and the traditional. She is a tomboy and knows her mind yet believes in marriage and not in live in relationships. So this conflict is interesting to play.

How was it working with Tusshar?

Well he is cute. Full of masti. I had a great time working with him.

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