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Esha is confident about her performance
She is the beautiful and lovely daughter of superstars Hema and Dharmendra. She has the charming looks of her mother and the bold and daring mettle of her father. This is a lethal combination and she is here to take over the film industry by storm.
Though her debut movie Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche did not do well at the box office but she has not given up hope. Two of her movies Kya Dil Ne Kaha with Tusshar Kapoor and Na Tum Jaano Na Hum with Hritik Roshan is all set to hit the silver screen and though nervous Esha is confident about her performance in these movies. Find out more about this talented actress.
Are you disappointed that your debut film didn't do well at the box office?
Well I am sad but not disappointed because I know that I have worked hard and our entire crew has worked hard. But if it didn't do well then what can be done. Maybe the audience expected more and maybe I couldn't live up to their expectations but I have learnt a lot and I have definitely grown as an actress. I have worked hard in my debut film Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche and am continuing to do so in my other films too. So I know the key to success is hard work, there is no shortcut. I can only do my best and hope people like and accept me. Read More
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Where is Esha Deol?
There are bound to be rumours when someone like Esha Deol, who has been in the film industry for a long time and also comes from a filmi background, suddenly disappears for almost six months. Esha's prolonged absence has set tongues wagging in the Hindi film industry. A source close to Esha said, "She's not doing much currently as most of her films have been shelved. She hasn't been seen around for a long time and everyone is clueless about what she has been doing."
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'Just being 'sexy' can't take you too far…
She might be a dashing Deol, but Hema Malini and Dharmendra’s daughter hasn’t used the ‘D’ tag to her advantage. Gifted with Dad’s charisma and Mom’s elegance, she flaunts a daunting attitude that she calls her very own. Esha Deol’s own style. She doesn’t twitch an eyelid while paying someone a compliment, even if it’s herself she’s talking about. At the same time, she fields criticism like she guards the basket in her favourite game: basketball. Ask her about the sexy Sushmita Sen and she says, “I wish I had some scenes with her in ‘Main Aisa Hi Hoon’.
Sadly, I don’t have any. I missed an opportunity to work with her in ‘Vaastu Shastra’ - I didn’t do the film due to date problems. I think Sush is amazing. She’s so hot, and she’s like this absolute diva! I love the way she carries herself, too.” Interesting...after all, one rarely gets a chance to hear one actress going gung-ho about another.
Her rapport with her male co-stars (and, yes, she’s had share of link-ups, too) is like that between back-patting buddies. In fact, given her penchant for sports and her new passion for exercise, her co-stars treat her like ‘one of the boys’. But strangely, Esha has no problems with that. “I love games and sports. As I child, I used to be tomboyish, too. I hit it off very well with my co-actors, so naturally they treat me like one of them. Zayed, Vivek, John... we’ve all had a blast together! Doesn’t it make work so much more fun?” quips the gal. Read More
Career Milestones
Esha was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and given the full name of Esha Dharmendra Deol. The name 'Esha' comes from the Upanishads and is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning "the divine beloved". She has a younger sister named Ahana. She is the half-sister of actors Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. She is part Punjabi and part Tamil and speaks Tamil with her mother and sister.
She has the Gayatri Mantra and a symbol of the yoga asana Scorpio in a sunburst tattooed on her back and a scorpion with a small red heart on her left breast. She is passionate about football and plays the midfielder position. She was captain of her school football team, represented her college in handball at the state level and was selected for the Indian national woman's football team.
Esha Deol's film career began with Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche for which she won three awards. She released several unsuccessful films in 2003. In 2004 she played a French teacher in Aayutha Ezhuthu. She went on to repeat the role in the Hindi remake Yuva. Read More

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