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Antoine Fuqua Interview
As the Romans prepare to leave Britain, Artorius and his knights are given one last, extremely dangerous mission before they can go home - to rescue a nobleman and his family from behind enemy lines.
Along the way they also rescue the brave and beautiful Guinevere and she desperately tries to convince them that they are all that stands between the native Britons and certain death at the hands of the invading, savage Saxons.

Dakota Fanning - Generic Interview
Whilst chatting to Dakota Fanning, it's sometimes possible to forget that she is just 11 years old.
After all, an incredible CV which includes TV commercials, television, her award winning film debut alongside Sean Penn in I Am Sam, starring with Rees Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama and Denzel Washington in Man on Fire and now playing Tom Cruise's daughter in the much anticipated summer blockbuster from Steven Spielberg, War of the Worlds, would be a justifiable source of pride for an actress three times her age.

King Arthur Interview
The rolling, emerald green hills around Ballymore Eustace in County Kildare are rarely troubled with anything more noisy than a tractor back firing or a couple of sheep dogs barking at the livestock. Today, though, is different.

Behind the Scenes of "War of the Worlds"
Rick Carter and Doug Chiang on the Aliens, Red Weeds, & Spielberg's Vision
The environment of this “War of the Worlds” has been described as hyper-real.
Rick Carter - The idea of this version of “War of the Worlds” is that it really takes place in our world. So it's not as though we've created a new world that the aliens come into. It's our world so that starting in New Jersey on the East Coast, in Newark, first of all, that reflects a little bit of the Orson Welles version. But it's really about sort of setting it somewhere that we think we recognize in any of the movies that we've might have seen over the last years, or even just real life.

George A Romero's
Land of the Dead Interview
Arv Grewal
Production Designer
. Can you give us your name and your history?
. My name is Arv Grewal and this is my first production design job. Arv Grewal I've worked on K-19: The Widowmaker, Finding Forrester, Exit Wounds, and The Pacifier. I've also worked on SpiderSpider, CrashCrash, and EXistenZ, all with David Cronenberg. I've been assistant or art director on all of these and a variety of others.

George A Romero's
Land of the Dead Interview
Asia Argento (Slack)
. Did the fact that your father Dario Argento co-produced George A. Romero's landmark Dawn of the Dead (1978) have any influence on you being cast in Land of the Dead?
. Not at all, although Dario was thrilled I was going to be in it. I first met George when I was 14 years old. He and my father co-directed the Edgar Allan Poe anthology movie Two Evil Eyes (1990) in George's hometown of Pittsburgh. I met Tom Savini, the special effects and make-up star, at that time as well.

Clive Owen Interview
On camera, as King Arthur, Clive Owen faced the “mission from hell” to use his own phrase. Off screen there were plenty of challenges, too.
First there was the tricky business of learning to ride a horse from scratch to a level where Clive could master and control the unpredictable sometimes jittery animal during crucial, but noisy, battle scenes - not easy.
Then there was `Knight School' where Clive and his Knights -  including Ioan Gruffudd as Lancelot, Ray Winstone as Bors, Hugh Dancy as Galahad - learned the art of sword fighting, archery, and practiced yet more horse riding from dawn to dusk  and beyond, every day for two weeks. And all this was before they had  shot one single frame.

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