8 ways to make money with no money

8 ways to make money with no money

You don’t always need money to make money. If you’ve stumbled upon this site, chances are you’re looking for ways to make money without dishing out any cash.

Well, the good news is that I’m not about to sell you a get rich quick scheme. What I’m going to show you are ten ways that you can earn some money which don’t require you to outlay much cash.

1. Start a flyer distribution run

Businesses looking for a cheap way to advertise will often resort to flyers placed in letterboxes of nearby dwellings.

While this market is often dominated by large marketing distribution companies, you can edge in on their turf.

Visit some local businesses and offer your services at a competitive rate. A good rate seems to be $20 per thousand for the average suburb.

You’ll need to walk quickly and drum up some work from several businesses to make it worthwhile financially.

Offer a written 100% deliver-ability guarantee to sweeten the deal.

2. Set up as a ‘green business’ consultant to businesses

Businesses are increasingly looking to do their bit for the environment.

If you have a good knowledge of ‘living green’ you may be able to set yourself up as a consultant, charging a fee for an audit and list of recommendations for businesses.

You will provide advice to businesses on items such as recycling, electricity supply and use and ethical products.

You can even produce a constant stream of revenue by sourcing and supplying things like free trade coffee or arranging recycling of office equipment.

3. Cyber mystery shopping expert

Most of us have purchased products online, why not set yourself up as an expert in online shopping?

You’ll make enquiries and purchase products online, providing retailers a detailed report on how quick they respond, the quality of their emails and communications and areas in which they can improve.

4. Focus group for designers or advertising agencies

Advertising agencies and designers are constantly designing new advertisements and brochures and surprisingly have few people outside of their business to provide feedback and thoughts.

Why not set up a lucrative business as a ‘focus group’ expert?

You’ll take the work from the designer, get the thoughts of a dozen of your friends and family then provide the designer with a written report on the feedback you gathered.

It’s always a nice idea to share a cut of the profits with your buddies so they’ll help you again!

5. Tour operator

Why not set up a special tour to take locals or tourists on?

Know some haunted houses or scary stories? Got a good knowledge of the local wildlife or sites? Know about a local fishing or scenic cycling route?

Sell some tickets, pay for the outgoing items (like a bus, boar or bikes), run the tour and pocket the profits.

6. Online surveys

As crazy as it seems, there are hundreds of online surveys and schemes that will pay you to complete surveys and share your views on all sorts of topics.

Some of them are better than other and many of the more reputable ones may require you to go on a waiting list, so have a good look around.

7. Referral fees

Ever walked by a house that clearly needed painting? Ever spoken with a business owner that needs a good accountant?

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. It’s an opportunity to get yourself a nice, juicy referral fee by linking up buyer and seller.

You’ll need to do a little research, set up a meeting between buyer and seller, arrange a cut of the profits if a sale is made, sit in on the initial meeting and (fingers crossed) pocket your referral fee.

8. Information broker

Even though we live in the information age, it’s more and more difficult to get access to good information.

There’s a goldmine to be made by setting yourself up as an ‘information broker’ gathering difficult to find information for clients (often professionals) and presenting it in an easy to digest report.

You’ll need good computers skills and be willing to do a little ‘detective work’ for some of the juicy information.

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