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8 ways to make money with no money

8 ways to make money with no money

You don’t always need money to make money. If you’ve stumbled upon this site, chances are you’re looking for ways to make money without dishing out any cash.

Well, the good news is that I’m not about to sell you a get rich quick scheme. What I’m going to show you are ten ways that you can earn some money which don’t require you to outlay much cash.

1. Start a flyer distribution run

Businesses looking for a cheap way to advertise will often resort to flyers placed in letterboxes of nearby dwellings.

While this market is often dominated by large marketing distribution companies, you can edge in on their turf.

Visit some local businesses and offer your services at a competitive rate. A good rate seems to be $20 per thousand for the average suburb.

You’ll need to walk quickly and drum up some work from several businesses to make it worthwhile financially.

Offer a written 100% deliver-ability guarantee to sweeten the deal.

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