The very best recipes for cooking

The very best recipes for cooking

For some years past, the American Housewife has been con­fronted by foreign recipes which did not meet the tastes of her family. Sectional recipes from New England and Southern cooking, while meritorious, did not exactly meet with entire approval. While the sectional idea predominated, the pure American style of cooking was slighted.

It remained for the leading women authorities on cooking from every state in the Union to gather from all sources the very best recipes for cooking, Americanize them and give them a thorough trial. The results have been gratifying and have met with the hearty approval of His Majesty, the American Citizen, probably the best judge of the good things of life in the way of cooking.

Within the covers of this volume will be found recipes for plain as well as fancy culinary indulgences, but throughout runs the American style of cooking so necessary to the vigorous, intelligent race within our shores.

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