The Sweetest Thing Rolling Stone Cover

The Sweetest Thing Rolling Stone Cover

The Sweetest Thing is a 2002 American film farce directed by Roger Kumble and written by Nancy Pimental, who based the characters on herself and friend Kate Walsh. It starred Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, Christina Applegate, Thomas Jane, and Jason Bateman.

Christina Walters and Courtney Rockcliffe, all-around party girls, attempt to ease their roommate Jane Burns’ relationship-induced depression by taking her on a girls’ night out. During that evening Christina meets Peter Donahue (Thomas Jane) and falls for him. Peter is preparing to get married, though she and Courtney mistakenly believe it is Peter’s brother (Jason Bateman) who is going to walk down the aisle.

Courtney decides to help her friend re-connect with Peter, and the two embark on a hazard-prone trip from San Francisco to Somerset, where the wedding is scheduled. Christina’s hopes are dashed, however, when the girls arrive at the church only to discover that Peter is the groom. Nevertheless, Peter’s wedding soon falls apart when both he and his bride (Parker Posey) confess to each other at the altar that while they love each other, they’re not “in love” and marriage just isn’t the right step.

A few months go by, and Christina still laments her missed opportunity with Peter, while both Courtney and Jane have each found new relationships of their own. After a night of clubbing, the girls come home to find Peter curled-up and asleep on the doorstep. He tells Christina that the marriage didn’t go through, and after an awkward start, the two begin a relationship that culminates in marriage.

The Sweetest Thing – 2002

Directed by: Roger Kumble
Starring: Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Selma Blair, Thomas Jane, Jason Bateman
Screenplay by: Nancy Pimental
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Release Date: April 12, 2002
Box Office: $68,696,770 (US Domestic)

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