How to appear more authoritative

How to appear more authoritative

These eight tips will help you exude confidence at work and in your daily life.

Whether it’s your self-insured or the best friend to always respect that collects colleague, some people seem to have a natural air of authority. But it can feel like a quality that you’re either born with it or not, this type of boldness is actually an attitude that you can learn to project. From dressing the part to the electronic label adequate control, the following simple behavior can help you exude confidence in every situation-read to learn.

Get up when you are on the phone.

This may sound silly, but to get up from your chair when you are on a call, whether it is important to your insurance provider or a potential employer – can help make your voice more authoritative. “Your voice is closely related to your body and the physical,” says Susan Berkley, author of Talking to influence and President of the Company great voice. “When you’re standing and gesticulating, you’ll have more energy if you sit, relax in your chair. You yourself are pumping up physical and he’ll come through your voice. “Moreover, she noted that when we stand up, you breathe more fully, enhancing the power of our voices.

Avoid turning statements into questions.

“It drives me crazy when I’m in a cafe and a woman passes a command that looks like a question”? I want a latte, “said Ginny Clarke, career coach and author of career planning. “Have you or do you want a latte?” By allowing the tone of your voice to reach the end of a sentence, you are unwittingly undermining your own authority in dealing with your tax questions. ” Tell someone what you think, “Clarke said,” do not ask them. ” She said that we often do in mundane circumstances, such as when ordering food or to answer simple questions. To overcome this habit, she recommends keeping the three “D” to mind. Be decisive, final and deliberate “and never answer a question with a question,” she adds, “If you need clarification, lead with a statement like:”. . Let me make sure you understand that if you ask…

Dress the part.

Dressing for success does not necessarily mean putting on a costume. Instead, make a note of what everyone is wearing, and imitate their style in a way put-together. If the dress code at work is pants and a button-down shirt, some invest in a separate look and you will be part of the culture desk. “Dressing conservative for reasons of respect for you will seem out of touch with what the organization needs, and can automatically undermine your authority,” says Dawn Chandler, a professor of HR and career management at California Polytechnic State University. Photo: Siri Stafford / Thinkstock

Make eye contact.

You need to do a presentation to a room full of people or negotiate a better deal on a car repair, eye contact is essential. As Antoinette Kuritz, a publicist in San Diego, notes, when you are so focused on what you say or do can be easy to converse with people without really looking at them. “To deduce eye contact that you have to say is important and that the person to whom you say it is also important,” says Clarke. “People will remember you when they feel that you actually saw and paid attention to them.”

Pause before hitting Send.

Before pulling out a hasty reply to an e-mail from your boss, wait a few minutes to see what other information you can gather. Accessibility constant is the norm these days, but a quick response simply recognizing that you got the message, not a real thoughtful response to his question is not how to command respect. “Instead of sending five emails that do not talk much, stop and gather good information so that you can provide a more considered response.” Even better: If necessary, the head of his office to discuss its investigation, or ask your own questions. By showing in person you seem to be quietly confident that if you send a stream of emails.

Make yourself visible at meetings.

When it comes to command authority, “have high support,” said Clarke. “You want to stand out as often as possible.” This means that when someone comes up to talk with you at your desk or standing, if any, during the meetings. “Pointing at the appointed time, once all chairs are taken, you will be forced to stand, which automatically gives you a greater presence in the room and your stature will subtly connote authority. “Being so visible, you can also be called to question or the first point, which can work in your favor.

Do not drive with a disclaimer.

According to Clarke, women tend to pepper their ideas with disclaimers and excuses like “I do not know if it will work, but …” or “This might not be what you thought, but …” In Instead of giving your audience a reason to forget what can be a great idea, it has no trial at all and let them decide what they think. You’ll be surprised how many people will trust you if you trust yourself. In situations that require caution, Clarke recommended to do so after you said your fact or opinion, for example, “I do not think we should move forward with this project, unless of I’m not sure the latest data that suggests otherwise. ”

Manage the expectations of your boss.

Think promising to tackle this giant pile expense by 17 hours, despite having no experience with accounting, you will love your boss? Offering to take on work that is outside your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise will not impress anyone, especially when you turn in a less-than-stellar final. On the other hand, avoiding projects like the plague will not impress your superiors or as being a team player is essential for career development. If you are prompted to do so (or if you want to volunteer for) something you know you can not manage alone, be honest about your limitations, advises Mr Clarke. “Say something like,” I am always ready to learn, but this project could take me a little longer and I may need some additional resources. “People will respect you more to be honest, rather than taking the assignment, turning in late and flubbing. “In addition, you will be able to manage the expectations of your team while giving you a shot just to complete the work.

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