Popular Culture

Vintage Coca Cola Art Print

Vintage Coca Cola Art Print

16 in. x 20 in.

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The ways in which society may amuse itself around, in any country and at any time, an exceptional opportunity for the display of wealth and the assertion of social importance. Thorstein Veblen has graphically demonstrated this conscious or unconscious motivation in many forms of recreation. It is clearly evident throughout American social history. The worthy citizens of eighteenth-century Philadelphia vied with each other in the magnificence of their banquets, loading their tables with massive silver plate and serving such a choice selection of imported wines that the visiting John Adams stood amazed at the “sinful feasts.”

The planters of Virginia rode to hounds in close imitation of the English country squires whose social status they sought to emulate in every possible way. Merchants of New York and Boston were already aspiring to yachts in the 1850’s, their sons to membership in the exclusive boating clubs, while all the fashionable world sought out Saratoga or Newport as a step upward on the social ladder.


The Gilded Age of American Civilization
The Pleasures of Vacation Touring
Rise of the Sports
Art and Escapism
Popular Culture and Leisure
Popular Culture & Social Change
Hollywood and Cultural Imperialism

1900 – 1914: The Consumer Society

Learning to Buy
The Culture of Consumption
Evolution of Department Store
The Social Atmosphere
Luxury and Severity
Poirot and Avant-Garde Fashion

Entertainment in the City
The Press and City Life
The Origins of the Skycraper
The Rise of Advertising
Foundation of Hollywood
First Movie Theaters
Early European Film
The First Hollywood Stars
Ragtime and Dance

Sports: The British Inheritance
British School Sports Tradition
International Sporting Events
Women and Sports
The Rise of Football

1914 – 1929 The Modernist World

Celebrity and Modern Life
The Advertisement Era
Radio, Television and Media
BBC vs. American Culture
Two New Magazines
Sports and Mass Media
The Obsession with Records
Suzanne Lenglen and Others

The Jazz Age
Paul Whiteman Enters…
Prohibition and the Jazz Age
Jazz: I Was Born with Music in Me
Jazz, Blues and Black Audience
White Popular Music
The New Woman and the 20’s
Chanel Creations
Fashion and Modernity

Cathedrals of Pleasure
The Rise of Hollywood
European Cinema
The Coming of Sound
Russian Revolutionary Cinema
The Success of Griffith and Aitken

Asti Cinzano, c.1910 Art Print

Asti Cinzano, c.1910 Art Print
Leonetto Cappiello
23 in. x 36 in.

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1929 – 1945 The Glamor Years

Streamlined Style
Modern Industrial Buildings
Modern Technology and Its Efficiency in 1930s
Fashion and Hollywood Glamor
Filmic Images of Women
Makeup & Cosmetics: Woman Movie Stars as Role Models
Word Jazz

Crooners and Swing
Wall Street Crash
Bing Crosby’s Sweet Music
Radio Music and Dance Halls
V for Victory

The Studio System
The Dominance of the Big Five
Morals of the American Movies
Gone With the Wind and Romance
Gangster Movies
National Film Traditions
Nationalism in the Cinema
Film and War Propaganda
Soviet and Nazi Cinema

Sports and Nationalism
Depression Era and Sports
Alternatives to Conventional Sports
The Nazi Olympics

1945 – 1960 The Suburban Dream

Style and the Home
Christian Dior: The New Look
Fashion, Film Noir and Romance
Evolution of Fashion Styles
The Reappearance of Youth Fashions
Design for the Nuclear Family
The Promotion of Lifestyle
1950’s Cars: Dream Machines
Fashion Illustration
Beatniks Generation
Advertising for Men
Japanese Design in the 1950’s

The Emergence of the Teenager
Discovering the Teenagers
Alan Freed: A Record Consultant
Melody Maker and Rhythm & Blues
The Birth of Rock’n Roll and Arrival of Elvis Presley
Jukeboxes and Top 40 Programs

Screens, Large and Small
Hollywood and the Cold War
Switching on to Television
TV Dramas and Variety Shows
3D, CinemaScope, Technicolor
Cinema’s Heroes and Families
Drive-in Cinemas
Film Outside Hollywood
Marilyn, The Dream Woman

Philips Autoradio Art Print

Philips Autoradio Art Print

20 in. x 28 in.

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1960 – 1973 The Revolution of Youth

The Swinging Sixties
Fashion for the Youth
Paris and London Effects
Fashion and Counter-Culture
Design and Ephemerality
Fashion Photographers
The “Good Design” Movement
The Alternative Design

The Networks and the New Wave
Hollywood Faces Disaster
The New Youth Audience
Art Cinema and the New Wave
Television in the Sixties
Vietnam: Bringing War Home
American Television and the Wider World

Sports and the Third World
Sports Behind the Iron Curtain
The Politicization of Sports
Munich and the Olympic Boycotts
Sports and the Media
Pele and Muhammad Ali

Music Can Change the World
The Folk Revival
The Protest Movement
Popular Culture in Britain and Radio Luxembourg
Here Comes Beatlemania!
British Beat Conquers the World
California Dreamin’
Rocking Round the World
Soul and Tamla Motown
Rock Festivals: Woodstock, Live Aid and More…

Special Features

Vaudeville and Music Hall
The First Stars
The Challenge of the Air
The New York World’s Fair
The Picture Palace
Marilyn: The Dream Woman
Sporting Superstars
Rock Festivals
The Royal Family and the Media
The Light Fantastic
Mickey Mouse
Coca-Cola: The Real Thing