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The Recession Is Killing Romance

The Recession Is Killing Romance

In light of the recession, long working hours and a lack of cash are killing romance in British households, according to a new study released today, with 45% of Brits admitting that work leaves them too tired to go on dates and a whopping 64% claiming it was too expensive to do regularly.

The study, commissioned to mark the DVD and Blu-ray release of Date Night, revealed that whilst a huge 80% of couples believed dating to be an important part of a relationship, in reality one in ten admitted they only went on dates for birthdays or anniversaries whilst a shocking 12% claimed they hadn’t been on a single date with their partner in the last year.

Long-term relationships suffer the most with 45% of those surveyed revealing their relationship had lost its spark and a whopping 71% admitting that dating took more of a backseat the longer they had been together.

Dating is also a source of tension between couples with one in five arguing over what to do and where to go. Women were revealed as the biggest instigator of date nights, with 61% admitting they took the lead in organising them, whilst men went against type, admitting they would rather spend their Friday nights with their partner than out with the lads.

Relationship expert Julie Peasgood states: “I’m a great believer in couples still going on dates to keep the romance alive or to inject some energy back into a relationship.

“If financial or other constraints make this difficult, there are ways to creatively get round it, although what happens in Date Night is maybe a bit too radical for most of us! It’s a really funny film though, and a great source of inspiration!”

Attitudes to dating remain fairly traditional with two thirds stating that chivalrous acts such as holding doors open for women is an important trait in a man. Of those surveyed, 67% also agreed that the man should pay for the first date whilst 74% of male respondents described themselves as chivalrous.

Date Night stars comedy heavyweights Tina Fey (30 Rock, Baby Mama) and Steve Carell (The 40 year Old Virgin, Anchorman) as married couple Claire and Phil Foster who’s attempt at a glamourous and romantic evening unexpectedly turns into something more thrilling and dangerous!

The film is being released on the 13th September by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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