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BeoVision 12: Sight and sound to stimulate your senses

BeoVision 12: Sight and sound to stimulate your senses

BeoVision 12 combines elegant design, superior sound and outstanding picture quality to create a cinematic experience to delight the entire family. Every detail of BeoVision 12 has been carefully and painstakingly developed to deliver superior performance. The result is that everyday activities like watching TV, listening to music, viewing a film, become entertainment events.

BeoVision 12 is a breathtaking, 65-inch television, with an ultra-slim plasma screen and 3D capabilities. The first thing you’ll notice about BeoVision 12 is that although it is impressive in size, it actually appears thinner than it is. This seeming weightlessness is achieved through a unique optical illusion. Notice how the two profiles of the television bend inward, forming a V-shape.

The section facing the viewer has a natural aluminium colour, while the section facing the wall is seen in anodised black. The result is that you see something more slender than reality. BeoVision 12 literally floats on the wall, quite a feat considering its significant size. And that’s just the beginning.

65 Inches of Discretion

Every detail on BeoVision 12 contributes to its discreet, slim appearance. From the frame itself, to the speakers and controls, we’ve left no stone unturned in our quest to make 65 inches as light as air.

Picture Perfection

BeoVision 12 incorporates the latest plasma technology in order to give you and your family an experience to remember, every time you turn it on.

Made for Surround Sound

Of course, there’s more to a television than a picture. A true cinematic experience engages all your senses, and offers spectacular sound to complement dazzling images.

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