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Shay Mitchell’s Ed-inspired outfit is just plain cool

Shay Mitchell's Ed-inspired outfit is just plain cool

Js on my feet, Js on my feet, Js on my feet… so get like me.”

Miley Cyrus’ “23” is the perfect anthem for Shay Mitchell’s latest actress off-duty outfit. Is it possible for her to look any cooler while being crazy-cozy? Don’t think so. That’s what makes this look so appealing.

It’s most likely been a while since you rocked a hoodie in public (because of their I-just-don’t-care-anymore nature), but it’s time to lengthen that hemline and reconsider. Whether it’s an oversized sweatshirt you found in the men’s section or one that was purposely made into a dress, throw a denim jacket over top (those are SO hot right now), a pair of Air Jordans on your feet and call it a day.

It’s the ideal combination of style and (insane) comfort…you can’t really get more effortless than that. So, enjoy our interpretation of the ballin’ ensemble!

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Where’s Miley Cyrus Been?

Where's Miley Cyrus Been?

The star, who is turning 19, may be keeping a low profile, but she has been busy.

Miley Cyrus used to be the teen queen. Between “Hannah Montana” and an extremely successful music career, Miley was on top of the world — and not a day went by where we didn’t see a photo or a headline about the Disney darling. But in the past year, the “Party in the U.S.A.” singer has kept a rather low profile. Why isn’t she ever photographed on the red carpet anymore, or shopping at Urban Outfitters? In honor of her 19th birthday, let’s take a look back at what Miley’s been up to.

The tough times for Miley began when her parents — Billy Ray and Tish — announced they were divorcing in October 2010. Upset by her parents’ split, Miley started acting out, wearing skimpy clothing and partying a lot. Despite her family angst, Miley put on a good show for her European fans at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid, Spain.

Fortunately, Miley’s parents announced they were no longer getting divorced in March, and after her films wrapped, Miley shifted gears and in April kicked off her Gypsy Heart Tour in South America. But in between gigs, the singer managed to fit in a little fun in the sun along the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She also got her sixth tattoo! While the tattoo artist couldn’t reveal exactly what he inked on her right wrist, he did share that Miley asked him to design something that would remind her of a “safe place.”

Where's Miley Cyrus Been?

A red hot Miley then took her show Down Under! In June, she kicked off the Australian leg of her tour in front of 13,000 fans — including her Aussie boyfriend Liam Hemsworth — at the Brisbane Entertainment Center.

But during her concert in Melbourne, Miley got a little freaked out when an excited fan ran across the stage during her performance of “The Climb” and tackled her. “I’ve never been so thankful for my crazy fans,” the ever professional Miley joked upon returning to the stage to finish her set.

When she returned to the U.S., Miley got back to chillin’ with her boyfriend Liam, whose career is booming. Not only is the 21-year-old actor starring in the widely-anticipated “The Hunger Games,” but he’s also landed roles in “The Expendables 2” and “Arabian Nights.”

In August, Miley did come out of hiding to serve as a presenter at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in a “wild” Roberto Cavalli dress. We’ve missed her on the red carpet this year!

A couple of months later, Miley was all smiles after making her second trip to Haiti with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. The singer helped distribute hearing aids to more than 400 Haitians. “After I went on my first mission to Haiti with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, I felt so drawn to helping others hear for the first time and immediately wanted to look for another chance to go back and help again,” Miley said in a statement. “This second mission to Haiti was just as impactful to me as the first one. I grew up around music and couldn’t imagine what it would be like for my siblings and me, if we couldn’t hear the magic of music. It’s had such an influence on my life, that I just want everyone to enjoy sound as it was intended.”

A little over a week later, Miley was back in La La Land shopping for pillows with her mom Tish. We presume she was decorating her new $3.9 million home in Studio City, California. The 5,173-square-foot house reportedly has five bedrooms, seven baths, and 10 parking spaces!

When she’s not nesting, Miley’s also been spending lots of quality time with her main squeeze Liam. Although her dad Billy Ray announced in July that she’d be working on a fourth studio album, Miley’s clearly taking a break. But we guess she deserves one since she’s been working since age 12. Do you think the former “Hannah Montana” star will rise again in 2012? Or has she been dethroned by Selena Gomez?

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Tiffany and Debbie Gibson talk about maturing Miley

Tiffany and Debbie Gibson talk about maturing Miley

Ex-pop rivals Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were opposing views on Miley Cyrus bold new image.

Miley Cyrus New adult has developed a support fee – and someone who was the teen idol before the road below. In an interview with U.S. Weekly, ’80s pop star Tiffany defended Hannah Montana’s risque new image. Seventeen years old, Cyrus has been criticized for behavior that feel good is not worthy of a teenager who is not yet reached the legal age to vote.

The Group “in the U.S.A.” singer most recently fired for wearing a skimpy body of the Much Music Awards in June, where she performed her new single “can not be tamed.” And the tight black leather pants she wore to a concert last week MTV can not be won her fans in the Department of modesty.

The video of “tamed”, was himself called to be like Miley too risqué “Britain’s Got Talent” look. During the show, the triple threat teen rigged a torrid kiss with a backup dancer.

Asked about the young singers of today, Tiffany stuck for Miley, which she feels in the running for viability in a market defined by pop-stars-as-sex-symbols. Tiffany believes Cyrus retired to the more mature image “appropriate”, and attributed that partly to the advice of parents of young performers. About Billy Ray and Cindy, Tiffany said: “It’s really important base you have around you. Thank you very much. ”

80 ex-rival Tiffany, Debbie Gibson has a different view on the new Miley adult. Debbie, who met the young star, praised the talent and attitude of Cyrus down-to-earth, but the image described as “a bit too much too quickly.” The ‘Electric Youth’ singer feels it There is nothing wrong with kissing the child, and wants Miley understand that before it is too late.

But Debbie – who prefers to be called Deborah now, thank you very much – all grown up now, along with former enemy pop-chart, Tiffany. The two made an appearance at San Diego Comic Con last weekend to promote their upcoming film “Mega Gataroid vs. Python” – a sci-fi mutant attack on a snake. In “Python”, Debbie and Tiffany repel monsters as a pair of women in Florida who are once again caught up in the rivalry.

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Miley Cyrus skips US on new world tour

Miley Cyrus skips U.S .on new world tour

The former “Hannah Montana” star reveals she’s feeling a lack of love in the United States.

Miley Cyrus’ biggest post-Hannah Montana hit came with her summer anthem “Party in the U.S.A.,” but these days Miley needs to go outside the States to get her kicks. Namely, Europe, Australia, and anywhere else that isn’t her native country. Currently in the midst of a successful world tour, Miley revealed to the AP that even though she’s getting standing ovations in countries that don’t primarily speak English, she’s feeling a lack of love in the United States — to the point that she’s not sure whether to plan a trek for her fans here.

“I just think right now America has gotten to a place where I don’t know if they want me to tour or not,” Cyrus said. “Right now I just want to go to the places where I am getting the most love and Australia and South America have done that for me. Kind of going to the places where I get the most love. Don’t want to go anywhere where I don’t feel completely comfortable with it.”

However, Miley’s decision not to tour the States probably has to do less with not feeling the love and more to do with ticket sales: Since the arrival of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the old guard of Disney stars — Miley, Demi Lovato, and the Jonas Brothers — have seen their popularity diminish significantly. Miley may still be a paparazzi fixture, but like Lindsay Lohan, cameras and tabloids are more concerned with whom she’s dating or what she is (or isn’t) wearing than what she is up to career-wise…

The tabloid scrutiny over the past year about her family’s personal lives has also given the Cyrus clan a nice reprieve. “I think it’s good, especially when you go on the road. You have to make sure everyone is happy before you start traveling, you’re away,” Cyrus added. “My family is good. They are stoked for tour. As long as I’m happy they are happy.” So while Miley is happy these days, unfortunately her American fans are not.

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Miley Cyrus throws 18th-birthday bash

Miley Cyrus throws 18th-birthday bash

Two nights before her actual birthday, the singer parties at a Hollywood nightclub.

Most girls celebrating their 18th birthday would probably throw a fit if their mom decided to crash their party. But when the girl is Miley Cyrus, mom isn’t just welcome, she’s part of the main event.

Walking the red carpet at last night’s American Music Awards, Cyrus told “Access Hollywood” that her plans for later in the evening — a birthday party at Hollywood club Trousdale — centered on her and mom Tish.

“I’m going out dancing later — we rented out a space so all my friends can come,” she said. “Me and my mom actually have choreography for the night later — everyone loves when we dance in unison… so it’s going to be good.”

No word on what song this “choreography” was for, but, considering recent events, we’re going to guess “Single Ladies.”

And Tish wasn’t the only adult who celebrated with Miley. Demi Moore showed up (with daughter Rumer) to strike some poses with her co-star. As for Cyrus’ birthday party attire, well… let’s just say it was more revealing than the floor-length frock she sported during her AMA performance earlier in the evening. Oh, Miley. She can’t be tamed… she’s just being Miley… it’s her party in the USA… so many Cyrus-isms could work here.

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Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan step out in tatters

Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan step out in tatters

Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan abandon good style in ripped-to-shreds leggings and jeans.

Miley Cyrus in Paris

Miley Cyrus was recently spotted sporting this eyesore of an ensemble upon exiting her hotel in Paris. We’ll let the teen queen’s barely-there daisy dukes slide, but her tattered tights are absolutely tragic.

Lindsay Lohan back in Los Angeles

Speaking of awfully frayed outfits, former jailbird Lindsay Lohan scurried back to her car following a sushi lunch in Los Angeles with her overworked lawyer in decaying denim and her signature scowl.

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Young Hollywood embraces hippie style

Young Hollywood embraces hippie style

Whether she likes it or not, Nicole Richie has become the poster child for boho chic. Inspired by the flower child styles of the late 1960s, it’s fairly easy to capture the earthy, free-spirited look, which is an eclectic mix of hippie, ethnic, and vintage elements. While the style has become synonymous with many other celebs such as the Olsen twins and Sienna Miller, nobody seems to rock it better than Richie. Even while pregnant, the former “Simple Life” star managed to incorporate Bohemian bits into her maternity wardrobe. She simply glowed in her vibrant flowing frocks and pretty headbands.

Now, the groovy fashions are being embraced by a new generation of stars who are attempting to put their spin on a fairly old trend. Let’s see how they compare to Ms. Richie.

Although Miley Cyrus was born about 23 years after Woodstock, she definitely digs hippie chic. From maxi dresses to big boho bags to suede boots, she even has a habit of flashing peace signs at the paparazzi.

Vanessa Hudgens, 21, also considers herself to be somewhat of a hippie chick. As far back as 2007, the “High School Musical” starlet described her personal style to Seventeen as being Bohemian. “I love earthy tones, I love funky things,” she said. “I love it when I see things that are different and funky. That’s really what inspires me.” More recently, the actress, who is often snapped wearing floppy hats, noted that her style alternates between “Bohemian chic” and “rocker chic.”

While Vanessa’s former Disney co-star, Ashley Tisdale, isn’t necessarily known for her flower child flair, she likes to experiment. The 25-year-old told Nylon in April that her style is “all over the place. It’s different every day.” We found a photo of the “Hellcats” actress out and about in LA on an afternoon when she must have been feeling groovy. Love her embroidered peasant top and the funky fringe bag!

Although “Transformers” hottie Isabel Lucas admits she’s a little bit “quirky” when it comes to her style and everything else, she is a nature girl at heart. She told Details that she likes to hike in LA’s Griffith Park because of the “energy of the trees and air,” so it’s no surprise the 25-year-old Aussie has a hippie vibe going on in her closet. From headbands to eyelet shirts like the one in this photo, the free-spirited style really works for her.

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The Last Song Fun Facts

The Last Song Fun Facts

Which Came First? “The Last Song” marks the first time Nicholas Sparks has written a screenplay before he completed the novel. The book, which is Sparks’ longest novel ever, debuted as #1 on both the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists.

What’s in a Name? Since Sparks was writing the screenplay with Miley Cyrus in mind, he allowed her to choose the name “Ronnie” for her character.

The Boy From Oz All-American boy Will Blakelee is played by an Aussie heartthrob. Liam Hemsworth is already well known in his native Australia as the star of the television series “The Elephant Princess” and “Neighbors,” as well as part of a trio of acting siblings that includes his older brothers Chris and Luke.

A Fine Kettle of Fish The aquarium scene between Ronnie and Will was filmed at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, which houses more aquatic creatures than any other aquarium in the world in tanks containing 8 million gallons of water. Liam Hemsworth was certified in scuba diving especially for the shoot and that really is him – and Miley – in the shark tank.

Back to School Liam Hemsworth’s scuba lessons weren’t the only learning experiences on this film. Miley Cyrus and Greg Kinnear, who both play gifted concert pianists, had never tickled the ivories before. Bobby Coleman and Greg Kinnear studied the art of stain glass window making with a local expert for their “father and son” project, and a former Olympic volleyball player was brought in to coach the actors for their beach scenes.

The Last Song Fun Facts

No Augtographs, Please The crucial scene in which newly-hatched loggerhead turtles make their way into the ocean was originally slated to be done with CGI, but at the last minute, the filmmakers decided to use live turtles. The 24 hatchlings that made their film debut in “The Last Song” arrived on set courtesy of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and were allowed to make their way out to sea. The two-inch long hatchlings will eventually reach three feet in length and weight up to 300 pounds.

“When I Look at You” The song that became central to this story was already scheduled to be released when the filmmakers realized it had all the heartfelt emotion they were looking for. “The Last Song” producer Adam Shankman directed the music video for the song.

Child Star Twelve-year-old Bobby Coleman started acting when he was only five, appearing opposite Oscar nominee Diane Lane in “Must Love Dogs.” In his young career he’s worked with a who’s who of Hollywood luminaries, including Oscar winner Frances McDormand, Jennifer Anniston, Ray Liotta, Michael Keaton, Catherine Keener, Minnie Driver, Joan Cusack and John Cusack.

Is That Who I Think It Is? Miley Cyrus surprised the patrons of the Tybee Island restaurant Stingray’s by dropping by from time to time to serenade them to the accompaniment of her own acoustic guitar.

Home Sweet Home “The Last Song” is set in Nicholas Sparks’ home state of North Carolina, but for the shoot, Tybee Island, near Savannah, Georgia stands in. Tybee means “salt” in the language of the indigenous Euchee people, and there is a large salt marsh on the western side of the island. Two centuries ago, Tybee was a popular hideout for pirates on the run. Today, it is a thriving resort with a picturesque lighthouse that was the tallest structure in America when it was built in 1732.

A House to Remember The filmmakers were able to secure a colonial estate built by one of the first English settlers in Georgia to use as the Blakelee mansion.

How Hot Was It? During some of the volleyball scenes, the sand was so hot, the players had to tape protective coverings to the bottoms of their feet.

The Ultimate Souvenir Greg Kinnear was so impressed by the beauty and workmanship of the stained glass window made for the film, he commissioned one for his own home from the same craftsman.

Old Friends “The Last Song” producer Adam Shankman directed the 2002 film “A Walk to Remember,” based on the Nicholas Sparks bestseller and starring Shane West and Mandy Moore.

Famly Fun Kelly Preston is a friend of the Cyrus family and she joined the cast when Miley Cyrus personally asked her to play Ronnie’s mother. Her daughter Ella was thrilled Kelly agreed to appear in the film, because she’s an avid fan of Cyrus.

Alma Mater More than 25 years ago, Nicholas Sparks and his “The Last Song” co-writer Jeff van Wie were college roommates at the University of Notre Dame where they both were on the track team. They’ve remained friends since then, but van Wie had no idea that Sparks was a successful novelist until spying a fellow traveler at the airport reading one of his old friend’s books.

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