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Amanda Seyfried Career Milestones

Amanda Seyfried Career Milestones

Born: Amanda Michelle Seyfried
Date of Birth: 3 December 1985
Birth Place: Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
Height: 5′ 2½” (1,59 m)

Amanda Seyfried was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to Ann (Sander), an occupational therapist, and Jack Seyfried, a pharmacist. She is of German, and some English and Scots-Irish, ancestry. She began modeling when she was 11, and acted in high school productions as well as taking singing lessons. She landed a recurring role in the long-running US soap opera As the World Turns (1956) when she was just age 15.

More soap work followed as she completed her schooling and had already secured a place at Fordham University when she was offered a role in the Tina Fey-penned teen hit Kötü kizlar (2004). She deferred her university education to complete the film. More TV work followed, raising her profile across America, while her appearances in Mamma Mia! (2008) and Kiz ve kurt (2011) helped establish her international fame.

With her notable roles in film and television, Amanda Seyfried has quickly captured the attention of audiences and established herself as a breakout star. Seyfried is currently in production on the Fox Atomic film Jennifer’s Body, written by Diablo Cody (Juno) and directed by Karyn Kusama. Seyfried will star as Needy, who is best friends with Jennifer (Megan Fox), a possessed cheerleader who turns into a killer.

Amanda Seyfried Career Milestones

Most recently, Seyfried has received critical praise for her starring role in HBO’s Golden Globe Award-nominated drama Big Love. She stars as Sarah Henrickson, the eldest teenage daughter of Bill (Bill Paxton) and Barb Hendrickson (Jeanne Tripplehorn), who struggles with growing up in a polygamist family. Big Love is returning for its third season in 2008.

The Pennsylvania native started her career with modeling at the age of 11. Seyfried soon turned to acting and landed her first contract role as Lucy Montgomery on As the World Turns in 2000. In 2002, All My Children signed her to the contract role of Joni Stafford.

Amanda Seyfried’s television credits include a heart-wrenching performance of a rape victim in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; a role as the girlfriend of an ill young man in House; Justice, in which she played a young woman who accidentally kills an older man whom she’d been dating and is successfully defended by Victor Garber’s character; and a role in the Veronica Mars pilot.

Her breakthrough role was in Mean Girls, the Lorne Michaels-Tina Fey- Paramount Pictures hit in the spring of 2004, in which Seyfried co-starred with Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. They won the Best On-Screen Team Award at the MTV Movie Awards that year.

In 2005, she starred in Nine Lives, which screened at the Sundance Film Festival to great acclaim. Written and directed by Rodrigo García, the film also starred Sissy Spacek, Glenn Close, Holly Hunter, Robin Wright Penn and Dakota Fanning.

In 2006, Seyfried appeared in Alpha Dog, directed by Nick Cassavetes and starring Justin Timberlake, Sharon Stone, Emile Hirsch and Bruce Willis. Also in 2006, she starred in American Gun with Donald Sutherland, Forest Whitaker and Marcia Gay Harden.

Seyfried currently divides her time between Los Angeles and New York.

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Megan Fox: My husband Is my soul mate

Megan Fox: My husband Is my soul mate

Hollywood couples are notorious for quickie marriages, but Megan Fox doesn’t see herself and hubby Brian Austin Green becoming a statistic. “I truly feel like he’s my soul mate,” Fox, 25, tells Cosmopolitan magazine of Green, 38, whom she married in June, 2010. “I don’t want to sound corny or cliché, but I do believe we are destined to live this part of our lives together.”

Admitting she and the actor “have had obstacles” in the past, Fox goes on to say that when she first met the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star, she didn’t know who he was because she was too young when the show aired.

“The first time I saw him, I got butterflies,” she recalls. “And the first time he casually touched me? There was so much electricity.”

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Megan Fox cloned in bizarre commercial

Megan Fox cloned in bizarre commercial

The actress hawks an unexpected product in a racy Brazilian ad campaign.

“Transformers” star Megan Fox is the latest Hollywood celeb to make a little extra cash appearing in a foreign commercial. And surprise: This one isn’t even embarrassing! (Well, it’s definitely less embarrassing than, “Jonah Hex.”

Following the lead of fellow foreign pitchmen Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Aniston, Fox puts her sex appeal to work in this ad for Brazilian foreign-language school CCAA. A pair of teen boys wash up on a remote island after a plane crash, only to be greeted by the very alluring Ms. Fox. She welcomes them to “Megan Fox Island,” where clones of Megan frolic together in paradise. Every Brazilian boy’s dream, right?

But alas, the teens are stopped short when they can’t communicate with Megan — because they can’t speak English. (Guess she’s not interested in the international language of love.) Annoyed, the starlet banishes the boys back to the sea, where they arrive on another, less enticing island: Mike Tyson Island, where clones of the boxing champ (in a nice cameo) preside over a bleak, savage wasteland.

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Megan Fox: “People roll their eyes when I talk about my husband”

Megan Fox: "People roll their eyes when I talk about my husband"

When Megan Fox wed Brian Austin Green in June, it was the culmination of a relationship (with a brief 2009 split) that stretched back to 2004. Still, Megan Fox says she gets scrutinized for being a bride at age 24. (Green is 36.) “When I talk about my husband, I feel as if people roll their eyes,” the actress tells Elle in its October issue.

“It’s like when you’re 16 and order a martini, and the waiter says, ‘Do you think I’m stupid?'” she jokes. “They can’t grasp that I’m old enough to be married.”

Fox and Green tied the knot in a super-intimate, hush-hush ceremony on a Hawaiian beach June 24. Kassius, Green’s 8-year-old son with ex Vanessa Marcil, was present for the ceremony.

Earlier this year, then-engaged Fox told UsMagazine.com: “We are just even more committed to each other and we always have been. I am more in love with him now than I was in the beginning.”

The October issue of Elle — its 25th anniversary issue, featuring 25 women under 25 — hits stands September 21.

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Megan Fox says she chose to leave Transformers 3

Megan Fox says she chose to leave Transformers 3

Megan Fox says she wasn’t dropped from “Transformers 3.” Earlier reports said the studio had decided not to renew Fox’s option. It was reported earlier Wednesday (May 19) that the actress, who starred in the first two installments of the franchise, wouldn’t be cast in the third picture, set to shoot this summer. Paramount confirmed to MTV News that the studio didn’t renew Fox’s option.

Now, Fox is saying it was she who opted out. “Megan Fox will not be starring in ‘Transformers 3,’ ” reps for the actress, 24, told People magazine. “It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

Fox and Michael Bay famously exchanged heated words around the release of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” last summer, with the actress comparing the director to Hitler and the director saying the actress “still has a lot of growing up to do.”

Despite their contentious relationship, the pair seemed set to reunite this summer for a third “Transformers” flick. But Deadline.com broke the story earlier today that Paramount had declined to pick up Fox’s contractual option for “Transformers 3” and that giving star Shia LaBeouf a “new love interest makes more sense for the story,” according to an unnamed source.

Fox’s next project, “Jonah Hex,” will be released June 18; it’s an action film also starring Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Will Arnett. “Transformers 3” is set to hit theaters July 2011.

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Megan Fox as Red Sonja

Megan Fox as Red Sonja

According to the news in newspaper Pajiba, Rose McGowan replaced with Megan Fox and the shootings of the film started.

Director Douglas Aarniokoski ‘Red Sonja’ is considering for the role at first, but Rose McGowan to sign another film on the Canon, he said the plan changed. Megan Fox will play Red Sonja as half witch and half sexy warrior.

The film’s plot: One more time with his family to avenge a bitter young girl with mystical powers to become the world’s most dangerous female warrior…

Red Sonja, directed by Douglas Aarniokoski will be released in America in 2010.

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