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Mallika Sherawat is nervous, very nervous

Mallika Sherawat is nervous, very nervous

After hibernating like some Arctic Amazon for a year-and-a-half, Venus is rising out of a self-imposed media exile. While she’s been yawning, the junta’s been yearning – for a ‘fix’ of Mallika’s quotable quotes and leggy doublespreads. On the occasion of her forthcoming film‘Pyaar Ke Side Effects’ that the Monroe-esque beauty decided to talk. It was ‘classique’ Mallika all over again – just more vintage.

It’s been a while. But ask me why I’ve been off media?

“I’d love to say this on record, ‘every actor is expected to butter up columnists and journos, say nice things to them, put on a happy face, give bytes about your life – you’re expected to play along with this template that would help you sell tickets, help the movie. I did just that. When I joined the industry I was very honest and forthright to all reporters. But then what happened? They started putting words in my mouth, started focusing on controversy; so I completely stopped doing that.

I grew sick and tired of these irrelevant questions that had nothing to do with my profession, my acting. To top it, my answers were distorted all the time. That’s when I decided ‘halt’! I went off Press.”

Mallika Sherawat is nervous, very nervous

Maybe somewhere, her image of being this great ‘Quote Queen’ contributed to that? Everyone wanted the better quote, notwithstanding the mood?

“Yes I guess some come from a culture where they sensationalize all and sell all. Money is all that matters; and they stopped taking into consideration all other things. They became extremely insensitive.”

That makes you sensitive?

“Yes, it hurt me a lot. Embarrassed my family. They were so embarrassed by me that they even questioned ‘Mallika what is this we’re reading now?’ There was a time when I’d do anything and everything to get attention and now I spend all day hiding. Just look at the contrast?”

Still, doesn’t that affect your movie promotions?

We hear Subhash Ghai was upset because you didn’t promote his ‘Shaadi Se Pehle’ enough?

“Now what can I say? I did whatever I was asked to do. I stand by all my movies. But there are always ‘side effects’. Which incidentally is the name of my new film, ‘Pyaar Ke Side Effects’ I’m looking forward to.”

Mallika Sherawat is nervous, very nervous

Well, with a hero half her height, Rahul Bose, she should?

“I know. I had a wonderful time working with him. Whenever there was an intimate scene they’d give him a five-inch high stool on which he’d stand for that scene. Rahul is very intelligent. He uses big big words. He’s very intellectual.”

What about John Abraham? There was plenty of steamy talk about the two of you during your shows abroad enough to make Bipasha insecure?

“Look, I never mix business with pleasure. I’ve come to Bollywood to work. There never was an affair, is an affair and there never will be an affair with anyone here. The possibility doesn’t exist of me having a relationship with anyone from Bollywood. The rumours about me dating an Italian might be true but the possibility of me dating anyone from Bollywood doesn’t exist. There was no problem during the shows either. It was great fun. If you have personal issues where you’re working it would be harmful to me. It’s not good business sense. You harm yourself in the long run”

Mallika Sherawat is nervous, very nervous

Mallika Sherawat is nervous, very nervous

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Mallika Sherawat: Boldness has no limit

Mallika Sherawat: Boldness has no limit

Mallika Sherawat is such a girl who never thinks before saying, “I am sexy…, I love the elder people…, I give preference to the people of higher age.” Here there is no limit to boldness. But because of her unique boldness this girl has reached at the top of commercial ratings exceeding those of an actress like the sexy bomb Bipasha Basu. There is no doubt that now Neha Dhupia is competing with her after giving bold shots in her film titled ‘Julie’, but Sherawat is now in the frontline of media after signing the English film ‘The Myth’ with Jackie Chan.

It is a big achievement for any Indian actress to act in a Hollywood film. In this film she plays the role of an Indian princess whom Jackie loves. She says she can recall now how Jackie Chan was taking care of her personally while shooting was going on in Shanghai. Sexy Mallika says Chinese people are hot. In a recent encounter she said that she liked elder people more than the younger ones— what a bold statement! While answering questions, Mallika said that she was concentrating now on maintaining her image of a sexy girl and that she wanted to look sexy every inch

Mallika said that in her next film she is with Dharam Paji! This film is a scandalous comedy in which Dharamji plays the role of a man who is vegetarian at home and non-vegetarian outside. Govind Menon has directed the film. After working with her Dharamji has forgotten Punjabi and now talks in Haryanvi, she claims.

Mallika wants to meet as many people as possible. About Jackie Chan she says he has a great love for Indian women, and he likes her. She also recalls the time when Jackie had come to the Shanghai Airport to receive her. She tells it with proud that the director Stranley has given her the chance to reach more than 175 countries as Hollywood movies reach in 175 countries. But the Indian films reach 14 countries only. She has sought the support of her Indian audience though.

Talking about China, she said that this is a hot country and she enjoyed the charity formula of one racing Championship with Jackie Chan. She regrets that there is not even a single kissing scene in this movie though she would have liked to act bold sexy scenes. She announced that she is ready to give sexy shots and kissing scenes in Hollywood films. And that she wants to receive a kiss. Alas, she doesn’t get one. That much boldness is there in her. Well! Whatever it may be this courage of Mallika needs to be appreciated.

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