Azimut 88: A Mission Impossible for Designers

Azimut 88: A Mission Impossible for Designers

Take a masterpiece and try to improve it. A tough challenge, practically a mission impossible for the Azimut designers who redesigned the new 88. While maintaining its untouchable profile and its 55-square-meter flybridge, a veritable terrace on the sea, and therefore without altering other strong points like the asymmetric windows in the hull, the magical areas like the 10 square meters of the cockpit, the service dinette and the enormous galley space, the changes that add further value to this model are basically two: the layout of the lower deck and the decor.

The first involved moving the bathroom in the master cabin toward the stern, thereby creating a buffer that isolates the master cabin from the engine room even more. The new layout also made it possible to modify the stairs, which now have a more discreet access into the suite. To port, in full light, a breakfast zone was created, with two armchairs and a table. Corresponding to the opposite window is the vanity. The wardrobes are built into the walls and have a slightly larger storage volume.

Azimut 88: A Mission Impossible for Designers

The second layout change can be seen in the saloon, where the changed characteristics of the stairs going down to the master cabin made it possible to position the day bathroom longitudinally, with a resulting gain of space for the dining area.

The decor stands out immediately. All the forms have been changed. The architect Salvagni, who designed the interiors, transformed the shapes by softening corners and creating curves. Breaks in continuity between ceilings and walls are seen everywhere. The system of portals that separate the rooms become a new loop system that invites passage through the softness of the rounded forms. Also in the master cabin the rotundities of the new decor are repeated, seen in a wraparound headboard that includes the bedside tables.

Another instance of particularly interesting design is represented by the slits for opening the wardrobes: they design a soft shape, an invitation to open and enter into the comfort of one’s clothes. There is no lack for mirrored surfaces, which further augment the sensation of space.

Azimut 88: A Mission Impossible for Designers

Azimut 88 Characteristics

Length overall (incl. pulpit) 26.80 m (88′)
Beam at main section 6.40 m (20′ 11″)
Draft (incl. props at full load) 1.80 m (5′ 10″)
Displacement (at full load) 85 t
Engines 2x1825mHP (1341kw) CAT C32 ACERT V12
Maximum speed (at half load) 30 knots
Cruising speed (at half load) 27 knots
Fuel capacity 9.000 l (2.377 US Gls)
Water capacity 1.300 l (343.4 US Gls)
Cabins 4 + 1 crew
Berths 8 + 3 crew
Head compartments 5 + 1 crew

Azimut 60: More Privacy, More Comfort

Azimut 60: More Privacy, More Comfort

An 18-meter flybridge yacht that is sure to give satisfaction to itsx owners thanks to a great level of comfort and a separation of crew and guests that is typical of the biggest boats. A privacy made possible by a large crew cabin with two beds and access from the swim platform. The layout of this cabin is modular and changes (two twin beds, either separate or adjacent) depending on whether or not the Seakeeper is mounted.

Externally the 60 reprises the new elements of the flybridge collection, with the characteristic innovative fin on the deckhouse that joins in the play of curved lines of the windows and makes the boat’s profile unique even from a distance. Also on the flybridge – very spaciously proportioned – we find a glass insert on the outer part of the roll bar.

Azimut 60: More Privacy, More Comfort

Azimut 60: More Privacy, More Comfort

The interiors faithfully interpret the new tendency of Azimut flybridges, which favor light contrasts, with honey-tinted oak and cream-colored valances. Just beyond the glass door, to starboard, where the sofas are usually placed, a furniture unit has been designed to hold the retractable video screen also. The galley, equipped with anti-roll structures and shock-absorbing drawers, is on the main deck in a raised position, directly serving the dinette.

The lower deck has three cabins. The full-beam, full-height master cabin is amidships, with two large windows in three vertical segments that put the owner couple in direct, continuous contact with the seascape. A living area, located along the starboard bulwark near the window, competes for the role of protagonist with the large double bed placed at 45 degrees on the opposite side. The VIP cabin is forward, equipped with a double bed and horizontal windows, while a third cabin hosts guests with two twin beds, a large wardrobe and cabinets for a comfortable stay on board.

Spyker C12 Zagato: All-new design elements inspired by Formula 1

Spyker C12 Zagato: All-new design elements inspired by Formula 1

The Spyker C12 Zagato is the second production car from the Dutch automobile manufacturer Spyker. The C12 Zagato is an all-aluminium, mid-engine/rear-drive exotic luxury sportscar.

The Milanese design house Zagato co-designed the model. The C12 Zagato featured all-new design elements inspired by Formula 1. Though the exterior styling is somewhat of a departure from the C8, retained features include: scissor doors, interior styling, and general aviation theme. The C12 Zagato is powered by a 6.0 L W12 engine sourced from VW Group (the same engine as featured in the Audi A8 and Volkswagen Phaeton).

For the C12 Zagato, Spyker Cars have tuned the W12 to produce 500-bhp. The engine is mated to a five-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters. Although the nomenclature suggests otherwise, the C12 Zagato is not based upon the C12 LaTurbie prototype. The Spyker C12 Zagato is priced at EUR 495,000 (approximately USD $740,000 or £450,000), and Spyker plan to produce only 24 copies.

The C12 Zagato develops 368 kW (493 hp) and 610 N•m (450 lb•ft) from the specially-tuned W12 engine. With a KERB weight of 1,480 kg (3,263 lb), the Spyker will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, and then on to a top speed of 195 mph. Braking is accomplished by steel ventilated discs and features anti-lock braking. The automatic five-speed gearbox features a torque-converter in lieu of a clutch. Spyker say the move from manual gearboxes as seen in the Spyker C8 is as per customer request, and the new Aileron model will feature a ZF automatic gearbox similar to that of the C12 Zagato.

Puredistance combines classic and modern design

Puredistance combines classic and modern design

Puredistance Master Perfumes are among the most exclusive perfumes in the world. Elegant fragrances made by Master Perfumers in London & New York. Timeless & Truly Exclusive.

Puredistance is an independent company that offers a truly exclusive collection of Master Perfumes created in London & New York by renowned Master Perfumers. Customers can choose between three elegant and timelessly beautiful fragrances (Pure Perfume Extrait) and various accessories that harmoniously combine classic & modern design. Exclusivity is at the heart of the company. Worldwide Puredistance is only available at a limited amount of luxury stores and perfumeries.

Puredistance I is the first creation of the Puredistance company settled in the heart of Vienna (Austria). Only Vienna seamlessly fits the philosophy of the Puredistance concept. Vienna is the city of elegance and pureness, it also has for many centuries been a center of art, notably the world famous Wiener Werkstätte (Wiener Werkstätte was a production community of visual artists, it was founded in 1903. by the artists Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser). The Wiener Werkstätte style is characterized by pure lines and minimal decoration.

The concept of a perfume spray hidden inside a pure Crystal Column was envisioned by Sender Sinot. Puredistance I was created by Annie Buzantian from Firmenich, NY. She considers it her favorite perfume and personal Masterpiece. The composition is sophisticated floriental with the fresh opening, warm floral heart and the soft base.

The perfume opens as top note with a fresh, ozone-tangerine blossom blend with a hint of cassis, complemented with neroli bigarade and crisp watery nuances. The heart of the fragrance warms to a sophisticated, modern blend of magnolia, rose wardia & jasmine; parmenthia & natural mimosa, before finally settling softly into the rich classical notes of sweet amber, vetiver and white musk.

The perfume extract contains 32 % perfume oil.

This limited edition Crystal Masterpiece is available as:

A Crystal & 24 carat Gold version – 2048 pieces (2750 Euro retail)

A Crystal & high-grade Steel version – 4824 pieces (1750 Euro retail)

The separately available refill, a 17.5 ml. perfume spray (165 Euro)

Please read more in the article “Puredistance – idea of absolute beauty”

BeoVision 12: Sight and sound to stimulate your senses

BeoVision 12: Sight and sound to stimulate your senses

BeoVision 12 combines elegant design, superior sound and outstanding picture quality to create a cinematic experience to delight the entire family. Every detail of BeoVision 12 has been carefully and painstakingly developed to deliver superior performance. The result is that everyday activities like watching TV, listening to music, viewing a film, become entertainment events.

BeoVision 12 is a breathtaking, 65-inch television, with an ultra-slim plasma screen and 3D capabilities. The first thing you’ll notice about BeoVision 12 is that although it is impressive in size, it actually appears thinner than it is. This seeming weightlessness is achieved through a unique optical illusion. Notice how the two profiles of the television bend inward, forming a V-shape.

The section facing the viewer has a natural aluminium colour, while the section facing the wall is seen in anodised black. The result is that you see something more slender than reality. BeoVision 12 literally floats on the wall, quite a feat considering its significant size. And that’s just the beginning.

65 Inches of Discretion

Every detail on BeoVision 12 contributes to its discreet, slim appearance. From the frame itself, to the speakers and controls, we’ve left no stone unturned in our quest to make 65 inches as light as air.

Picture Perfection

BeoVision 12 incorporates the latest plasma technology in order to give you and your family an experience to remember, every time you turn it on.

Made for Surround Sound

Of course, there’s more to a television than a picture. A true cinematic experience engages all your senses, and offers spectacular sound to complement dazzling images.

Amosu iPad 2 with 360 Swarovski stones

Amosu iPad 2 with 360 Swarovski stones

Let walk far away from CES 2012 for a second! We need to refresh our mind with something different. How about this one, a gold edition of Apple iPad 2? I knew iPad 2 is no longer a hot thing to be discussed. Do not get wrong, maybe you are not an Apple fan boy, but it is from Amosu.

Every time someone hear about Amosu, it’s common feel so excited to talk it. It might be because everyone could not afford to buy their products. Anyway, this time Amosu reconstructed the Apple logo using pure silver and adding the 360 Swarovski stones on it. Surely, it dazzles the glamorous and luxurious into your eyes, more, it placed in middle of 24-carat gold casing. In short, Amosu has succeed in turning the original Apple iPad 2 64GB into something that could change every woman heart.

Amosu iPad 2 64GB Gold Edition with Swarovski Apple logo is available now in MSRP 2,800 GBP. Like always, Amosu could personalize the device with other option according to your request.

Limited Edition Pens for Yuri Gagarin by Montegrappa

Limited Edition Pens for Yuri Gagarin by Montegrappa

Montegrappa is proud to honour one of the greatest heroes of the 20th Century, with a limited edition pen marking the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space. It signalled the start of manned space flight, launching the most exciting period in the history of man’s unquenchable thirst for exploration.

Born on 9 March 1934 in Klushino, Russia, Gagarin was a Soviet Air Forces pilot who, in 1960, after completing the selection process, was chosen with 19 other pilots for the Soviet space program. Gagarin was further selected for an elite training group known as the Sochi Six from which the first cosmonauts of the Vostok programme would be chosen. He became the first human being to journey into outer space when his the Vostok 3KA-3 (Vostok 1) spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961, with a time in space of 1 hour 48 minutes.

Following this momentous flight, Gagarin became a worldwide celebrity, touring widely abroad. Beginning in 1962, Gagarin served as a deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union; he also spent seven years working on designs for a reusable spacecraft. Gagarin achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of the Soviet Air Force on 12 June 1962 and on 6 November 1963, was promoted to Colonel.

Because of his importance as a Soviet hero, and fearing for his safety, officials banned him from participating in further spaceflights. Gagarin had become deputy training director of the Star City cosmonaut training base, later named after him, while re-qualifying as a fighter pilot. On 27 March 1968, with tragic irony and despite the best efforts of Soviet officials to protect him, Gagarin and flight instructor Vladimir Seryogin died when their MiG-15UTI, on a routine training flight, crashed near the town of Kirzhach. Their bodies were cremated and the ashes were buried in the walls of the Kremlin on Red Square.

Originally conceived as part of the new Cosmopolitan collection, the importance of the 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s space flight has elevated the pen to the status of a stand-alone limited edition. The Montegrappa Yuri Gagarin Pen joins the company of other honours including a series of commemorative ruble coins issued by the Soviet Union for the 20th, 30th and 40th anniversaries, his title of Hero of the Soviet Union and the re-naming of the town of Gzhatsk in 1968 as Gagarin.

Montegrappa’s artisans have engraved the barrel with the image of Yuri Gagarin in bas-relief, bordered with an interplanetary motif, while the cap features the coat-of-arms of the USSR. The pocket clip, fitted with a rotating ball at its tip to facilitate smooth insertion to and removal from a pocket, is flanked by reproductions of Moscow’s monument to Yuri Gagarin, completed in 1980 and located in Gagarin’s square. The fountain pen features a built-in piston-fed filling mechanism, providing ink to the two-tone 18K gold nib with ebonite feeder.

Both the roller ball and the fountain pen arrive in presentation boxes, fashioned in wood. The lid of the box is embellished with a metal plaque bearing an engraved image of Yuri Gagarin, with a commemorative message in Cyrillic characters. The box for the fountain pen also includes a complimentary bottle of ink.

To mark the 50 years since Yuri Gagarin’s historic space flight in 1961, Montegrappa will issue the Yuri Gagarin pen in a limited edition consisting of:

• 1961 silver fountain pens
• 1961 silver roller balls
• 50 solid 18K gold fountain pens
• 50 solid 18K gold roller balls

Since 1912, Montegrappa has been manufacturing high-quality writing instruments in the same historic building in Bassano del Grappa, North East Italy.

Blake Lively got carried away by the designer

Blake Lively got carried away by the designer

Some women are lucky enough to afford a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, but “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively got carried away by the designer himself outside his 20th Anniversary Party at Barney’s in New York City on Tuesday.