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Leslie Bibb talks about role in Amazon’s new Salem Rogers pilot

Leslie Bibb talks about role In Amazon's new Salem Rogers pilot

Leslie Bibb, one-time Popular girl to talk about her comedic role in Amazon’s hot new pilot, “Salem Rogers”. The conversation became much less rigid, with the actress dishing her secrets to keeping any love hot, teaching me how to throw shade like Naomi Campbell, and powerfully explaining why she’s hopeful this new show makes waves for women.

So you’re in a new Amazon pilot, “Salem Rogers”, opposite Rachel Dratch. It’s amazing.

I know! I read that script and told the writers, “I am your girl!” I play a one-time supermodel who returns from rehab to, once again, take on the fashion world. Lots of people call Salem “mean and rude,” but I don’t think of it that way. She has gumption, she doesn’t care what any one thinks about her.

And Rachel Dratch is your co-star?!

Yes, we’ve been friends for years. She plays Salem’s ex-assistant. It’s funny, they’re both like half human beings caught in arrested development. When they come together, they make one hell of a whole human being.

Every star needs an assistant, I guess. Any funny stories?

I have a celebrity friend who told me a story about how she was pissed at her boyfriend and ran a car into his house. “What?! Who did you call,” I asked. “My assistant,” she said. Assistants in Hollywood see the craziest things!

Leslie Bibb talks about role In Amazon's new Salem Rogers pilot

You were once a top model. Any crazy stories from behind the scenes?

So, Oprah, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Molly Sims helped me become a model. And four years later, there was a Versace show I was cast in. I remember one girl, who wasn’t even like a big supermodel, was being so mean to me. And out of nowehere Naomi Campbell looked over at me and said “you’re the one we chose!” She asked how I was doing, and I told her ‘that girl was being really mean to me.’ And she just turned to her and f****ing told that girl off. Then, like nothing happened, she walked down the runway steps like a gazelle. She was perfect.

One skill you learned from being a model that’s helped you in Hollywood?

Well, I learned that though you’ll mostly hear “no,” you have to keep going and never take anything personally. But I also learned at 16, from living in New York to Italy and Japan by myself, how important it is to be responsible and show up. You have to hustle, and show up to make it.

Ever want to take anything from the set of Salem Rogers?

There are Jimmy Choo gladiator heels in the first scene. And I remember telling the crew that they were “everything to me. That in my soul, I know this is what Salem should be wearing.” And that’s what’s great about being an actress vs. a model. You don’t question what people put you in as a model. As an actress you have say about your character, about their personalities, and even their outfits. As a model, you shut up and you take the walk…it’s beautiful, but it’s not you.

What are you most excited about if your pilot gets picked up by Amazon?

Well, aside from there being so much to mine with my character, I’m excited to see the writer’s room. The writer, Lindsey Vaillancourt, is a woman and the idea of bucking the trend in Hollywood and having a room full of women writers would be incredible. So many men write for women, and it’s fine, but just imagine the possibilities.

So how do we vote?

Head to Amazon, watch the pilot, and favorably review! Amazon will choose the pilot with the most interactions to pick up!

And, finally, you’ve been dating Sam Rockwell forever. What are the 3 things that make a love last?

  1. Communication
  2. Hot Sex
  3. Make each other laugh

Said like a top model, no?

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