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Diana Garcia Career Milestones

Diana Garcia Career Milestones

Born: Diana Garcia
Birth Date: January 16th, 1982
Birth Place: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Mexican actress and model Diana Garcia is one of the host of “Big Boutique In The City: Mexico City”, in the episode she takes us to her favorite shopping destinations in the city.

Diana Garcia was born on January 16, 1982 in Monterrey, where she studied Communication. Her film debut came at the hands of Gerardo Naranjo in the film “Dramamex” which despite being an independent film got placed in various film festivals.

Diana García’s first feature for Canana, the executive producers of Sin Nombre, was Gerardo Naranjo’s Drama/Mex, which world-premiered at the 2006 Cannes International Film Festival.

Ms. García has since starred in several features. Among them are Jieho Lee’s The Air I Breathe, opposite Brendan Fraser and Emile Hirsch; Casey Kelly’s The Bracelet of Bordeaux; Issa López’ Casi divas; Rudy Joffroy’s El Camino del diablo; Francisco Laresgoiti’s Villaparaiso; Jorge Ramírez Suárez’ Amar; and Rafael Lara’s Labios rojos.

Diana Garcia Career Milestones

The Mexican-born actress has also starred in several short films, commercials, and music videos; and was the host of the television programs Big Boutique in the City and Adelantadas en el mundial, the latter of which aired on the Fox Life Channel.

El primer largometraje de Canana (productores ejecutivos de Sin Nombre) en que protagonizó Diana García era Drama/Mex, que tuvo su estreno mundial en 2006 al Festival de Cannes.

Desde entonces, Srta. García ha protagonizado varios largometrajes, incluso The Air I Breathe de Jieho Lee (con el co-protagonismo de Brendan Fraser y Emile Hirsch), The Bracelet of Bordeaux de Casey Kelly, Casi divas de Issa Lopez, El camino del diablo de Rudy Joffroy, Villaparaiso de Francisco Laresgotti, Amar de Jorge Ramírez Suarez, y Labios Rojos de Rafael Lara.

La actriz mexicana también ha protagonizado varios cortometrajes, anuncios y video musicales; también era presentadora de los programas Big Boutique in the City y Adelantadas en el mundial, el segundo fue emitido por el Fox Life Channel.

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