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Kristen Stewart talks about her sexuality and LGBT movement

Kristen Stewart talks about her sexuality and LGBT movement

Kristen Stewart doesn’t need to put a label on her sexuality to know who she is.

The Café Society actress Kristen Stewart opens up about why she chooses to remain vague about her sexual orientation in the debut issue of Variety Magazine’s new redesigned format.

“Me not defining it right now is the whole basis of what I’m about,” she tells the mag. “If you don’t get it, I don’t have time for you.”

The actress, 26, says she’s been inspired by the way young people are able to love and view each other without labels.

“There’s acceptance that’s become really rampant and cool,” she said. “You don’t have to immediately know how to define yourself.”

Though she admits she struggled with the pressure to put a label on her herself while growing up, Stewart says she now believes in the idea of sexual fluidity.

Kristen Stewart talks about her sexuality and LGBT movement

“I had to have some answer about who I was. I felt this weird responsibility, because I didn’t want to seem fearful. But nothing seemed appropriate,” she explained. “So I was like ‘F—, how do I define that? I’m not going to.”

And while she says the LGBT movement is “so important” and something she wants to be involved in, she’s careful not to send the wrong message to people who might be struggling with their own sexuality.

“I didn’t want to be this example: it’s so easy,” she explains. “I don’t want it to seem like it was stupid for them to have a hard time.”

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Kristen Stewart discusses Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Kristen Stewart discusses Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

In LA for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 press day – the next-to-last film of the franchise – Stewart talked about having to shoot two films at once, the wedding scene, playing a pregnant newlywed, Bella’s journey, projects outside of the Twilight universe, and her next big project: Snow White and the Huntsman.

Director Bill Condon talked about you having a schizophrenic life while making this movie, playing a virgin in the morning, a vampire in the afternoon, and delivering a baby in the evening. Can you talk about that experience?

Kristen Stewart: “Shooting two movies at the same time completely out of sequence, it wasn’t something that initially we were concerned about, keeping sequences in tact scheduling-wise. It was like, ‘Okay, we’ll work on this part and we’ll work on this part.’ It really was everywhere within each day, like Bill said. I think what that gave me is that she’s thinking, like, she’s always either looking into the future and thinking about what she’s going to achieve – and ultimately in this movie she does get everything she wants – or she’s sort of feeling bad about things. Jacob, for instance. Her family. She’s very much in her own head.”

“Basically what I’m saying is that being able to play a vampire, a human, a woman who’s pregnant, a woman who about to get married, literally sometimes within the same day or sometimes within the same week – who knows – actually helped me remind me…everything felt more important to me and more relevant to me. Everything felt very close. So, I think if we did it more systematically, it just wouldn’t have been the same. Everything was happening all at once and it was so sort of overwhelming that it was good. It gives you that energy every day.”

Bella has become such a mythological pop culture character, but how does she compare to playing Snow White?

Kristen Stewart: “I guess the only actual comparison, or I guess that a million could be drawn, but the one thing that sticks out in my mind is that they really are both in different ways matriarchs, very strong matriarchs that need to find that position. You see the whole process, but they’re so different.”

“Them both being icons, Snow White, I didn’t grow up on fairy tales. I know everyone says that the reason that this thing is so cool is that we’ve all grown up with these stories and it’s a retelling. I’m like, ‘Nah, not really. I didn’t.’ I also didn’t grow up with Twilight. So, for me, these things are sort of being put on these characters. Right as I think, ‘Wow, this is important,’ everyone goes, ‘That’s important.’ It’s like, ‘Okay, cool.’ So, I’ve gotten really lucky. I didn’t know going into either of these things necessarily, or I mean, I know Snow White obviously more so than Twilight was expected to be important to people because they know it.”
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Kristen Stewart talks about graphic ‘Twilight’ birth scene

Kristen Stewart talks about graphic ‘Twilight’ birth scene

Kristen Stewart has now walked down the aisle in a dream wedding dress and had Bella’s dream honeymoon in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. But off-screen, Kristen says she still doesn’t exactly feel like a “grown up.”

The 21-year-old star talked to Parade.com about her highly anticipated love scene with Robert Pattinson and how Bella and Edward “hated each other” for the first time.

On the sure-to-be-shocking birth scene.

“It’s PG-13, but it’s pretty graphic and bloody. If it is too much for somebody who is younger, than discretion should definitely be used by parents. But it should be impactful, it should be scary. You have a story about somebody who has been fighting for what she believes in. Bella is going, ‘I’ll die for my baby, I’ll do anything for it.’ I hope it doesn’t scare people, but on the other hand, I hope it does.”

On the love scene the world is waiting for.

“The bed stuff was a little bit technical and weird. Every time I was off-camera, I was making goofy faces at Rob to make him laugh. I couldn’t take it seriously. I had fun when we got romantic in the water though. It felt very spontaneous.”

Kristen Stewart talks about graphic ‘Twilight’ birth scene

On her big walk down the aisle.

“I was so transcendentally weird that day. It was one of the last things that we shot in the movie, and I felt it all coming to an end. I was uber-aware; my nerves were so close to the surface of my skin. I had all of these beats in my head laid out about what I was going to do in those scenes. Like, I knew that there was a moment where you’re supposed to swell and glow. It was intense. The morning we were filming the wedding, I let all the others go to work without me. I stayed in my bedroom by myself and I did not go to set with everyone else. I tried to have the experience of what I would feel before the wedding and what I felt when it happened for real, and I think it came across. I felt good that day.”

Who cares if it’s old-fashioned love?

“What I really love about this particular film is that the director, Bill Condon, was not afraid of people calling it corny. If you’re going to do a real romance, you should feel the heart of it and not be ashamed of it. It’s so not hard to stomach, but it’s so romantic and traditional. I’m into that. I like that.”

On Bella and Edward “hating each other.”

“They’re in love, but Edward and Bella are at complete odds in this story. For the first time, you actually feel like they kind of hate each other. I played a moment that was so wrong-feeling to me, it so betrayed everything that I’ve played up until this point. I hated Edward. I truly looked at him like, ‘You better steer clear and stay away from me.’ Bella turns into a feral animal. She’s protective. She’s a mother. It’s stronger than anything she’s ever felt.”

On playing a mother.

“I don’t think it’s so far-fetched for someone my age to be having a child. Oddly, circumstances lined up so that one of my best friends in the world just had a baby. I definitely related to the maternal aspect of Bella very strongly, especially because it’s really the main subject of the movie.”

On facing the end.

“It’s weird that we are not waiting to go back and do another one, but at the same time, it feels finished. It’s sad and it’s not sad. You sort of have to put yourself into those moments and realize that you should appreciate that they are going by. It’s just time to move on, but I’m sure I’ll talk about Twilight for the rest of my career.”

Those public appearances are getting easier.

“When it comes to acting, I’ve always been pretty solid and together ever since I was 10 years old on a film set. Doing interviews was hard, but now I’m more able to speak freely about things that affect me. I think before I was just a little bit caught up in expressing things that were, like, so important to me with 500 people that I didn’t know listening. And then more so, the millions of people out there who’d see me. It’s not about growing up. I think as you get older you just change.”

Going out can be hard to do.

“It’s weird, sometimes I can become very reclusive. Sometimes I’m like, ‘Oh, I can’t deal with anything right now, I cannot see anybody.’ Like the idea of going into a 7-11 and having someone look into your face, you are like, ‘Agghh!’ You are just so sort of like, ‘Oh God, they are probably taking in like every little thing.’”

What’s ahead.

“I still love to write. I’ve been working a lot, so I haven’t moved to Sydney, Australia, like I’ve talked about. I had huge aspirations to go to school and I lost them. I’m not a very rigid person, so I don’t have good self-discipline, to be honest. I have to be forced to do things. But it’s OK. I’m so happy and truly challenged, and those were my aspirations as a kid. I’m all good with where I am, I think.”

The legacy.

“Twilight has made people realize that there’s a huge desire, a huge hunger, for more female-targeted projects. Other than that, I think fans will look back and probably still hold on to the story. I can’t imagine that the fans that we see show up at Comic-Con in 10 years aren’t going to be fans. They’ll still definitely remember why they loved it.”

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Kristen Stewart talks about ‘Breaking Dawn’ and other projects

Kristen Stewart talks about 'Breaking Dawn' and other projects

You know this character so well, what’s it like to take him through this big change when she becomes a vampire herself?

I felt good. It was really weird. It was a long process of two films at the same time, as if they are one. You shoot, of course, out of order and you keep going back and forth between speakers, vampires and dead human Bella. There are so many different versions of Bella in this area, it’s crazy. It was a strange experience walking on the set the first time I played a scene as a vampire because I looked all around me do all the time. I sound so lame, but vampire Bella is really my favorite character, she is very representative of a matriarch.

She is very intuitive about a psychic level and no one ever recognizes, which is interesting. Maybe it says something about Stephenie she does not get the respect of all his f..king amazing qualities. And it is also one of the things that appealed to me, so it’s not a strike at the, it’s something I like about it. And I think it’s nice to finally see her get what she wants. This is probably the best thing, though it seems simple and indulgent, which is why the F – king thing is criticized all the time. It’s nice to see people be happy. And she really, if I played it right is born to be where she is.

You’re shooting Snow White and the Huntsman right now imagine that Snow White as the warrior princess. What is his fighting style perfect?

Not to trivialize everything, but it’s hard to play an action hero, who is also the most compassionate person on earth. You can not hate. You embody bleeding hearts, so how the F..k you’re doing an action film like this? It is sort of the last shred of hope for his country. It has this ethereal, spiritual connection to his people, she feels a real difference and it’s like we do not really empathize. I had some of – king eye-opening experience on this film. I think that to really take care of something is not right to put you in this aesthetically and then going, “Oh my god, I feel so bad for them.”

It’s really not to think of yourself at all. The way you fight, then you must buy something that you hurt people. Basically, I am fighting against evil, and I fight against the worst motherf..kers-and that’s fine that they are being killed. It’s anxiety. It is literally f..king’s anxiety. It takes absolutely no pleasure in hurting anything. I’m exhausted right now and I thought: “The fight is of things to come, maybe that will not be so bad.” And then I realized that they will probably be my most emotional scenes because I’m killing people and I’m Snow White. This is a very f..king cool way to approach a film where so many people die. Not that I am critical of violent movies, I love them, in general, but it’s nice to do it that way.

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