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How to become an FBI agent

How to become an FBI agent

Becoming a special agent can start with five types of jobs many people already have.

Since Jimmy Cagney played an agent in the movie 1935 G-Men, the public’s imagination was captured by the FBI. Since then, the emblematic figures as Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs and Mulder and Scully in The X-Files have only fueled the fires.

You probably think that your chances of becoming an FBI agent are almost as likely to become a professional footballer or an astronaut, right? Well, think again. So how can we really become an agent yourself? If you think everything is about how you take a gun and conducting interrogations intense, you’re wrong.

According to the FBI, there are five different entry programs “through which job seekers can be considered for the role of Special Agent. And the surprising news? Some of these trails are anything but rare, special type housing career. In fact, there is a good chance that people of all normal days have what it takes to be a G-Man.

1. Accounting

If you are an accountant, you might not think of you as raw FBI – but the Bureau begs to differ. In fact, if you’re a CPA certified with a bachelor’s degree and at least three years experience in Accounting or equivalent business, the FBI would be very interested in talking with you. That would be an interesting career change, would it not?

2. Information Technology / Information

If you want to inject a bit of intrigue and excitement in your IT career, you might consider working for the FBI. Given that many surveys have changed in the digital world, it is not surprising that the FBI is looking for computer experts. Investigators regularly comb through massive amounts of digital data to find the clue that could solve a seemingly unsolvable crime or prevent a terrorist attack.

The FBI is looking for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or electrical engineering or any degree with a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification or Internetworking Expert (CCIE) certification.

3. Language

Based on the current needs of the Bureau, the mastery of certain language is absolutely essential. With an honors degree in a discipline – more knowledge of Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, and many other languages, you can benefit from this route of entry of the FBI, assuming you can a test of high competence.

So if you’re fluent, you have a chance to put those skills to good use. And you thought the language of your mother made you take were worthless. Find courses and foreign language curriculum now.

4. Law

Another way the FBI is to become a lawyer. You must qualify in obtaining a doctorate from a law school approved. Before attending law school, people tend to earn a bachelor’s degree in a discipline such as English, political science or criminal justice.

5. Diversified

The FBI program enrollment fifth and last may in fact be called “the other” because it covers all fields other than the Board deems appropriate. Are you a psychologist, policeman, scientist or a mathematician? This may be your ticket to become a special agent.

If you are interested in this program, you’ll need an undergraduate degree as a BA or BS plus three years experience of full-time work in your field of expertise. Or for those with a graduate degree, you need two years of professional experience.

So as you can see, today the FBI has come a long way with machine guns and busts bootlegger, and, therefore, is actively seeking a wide range of talent agents and different backgrounds. Chances are, with the right training, you too can join the ranks of the FBI proud.

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Smart careers for intelligent people

Smart careers for intelligent people

Put your brainpower to use in one of these great-paying and challenging fields.

Smart people come in all shapes and sizes. So do smart career choices. A bright NFL quarterback, for example, can read a defense and understand its strengths and weaknesses, all in the blink of an eye. It’s called spatial intelligence, and it’s the same skill that graphic designers use to imagine smart visual solutions that their clients want but can’t articulate.

The bottom line: intelligent people – you know who you are! – are well-suited to certain careers.

These six careers, for example, can be smart options for smart people.

1. Accountant
2. Medical Manager
3. FBI Agent
4. Registered Nurse
5. Computer Systems Administrator
6. Teacher

Keep reading to learn about how you can get into one of these jobs. You’ll be smarter for it…

1 – Accountant

Accountants need to have more than just a knack for numbers. They should also have sound reasoning skills, since the simplest answer is often the right one when dealing with even the most complex calculations.

Education: A quick mind isn’t enough to become an accountant. Formal training matters too. Fortunately, there are plenty of accounting and finance programs that can prepare you for a career as an accountant. A bachelor’s degree is the most common entry-point into the profession.

Average Pay: $67,430

2 – Medical Manager

Health care isn’t just big business; it’s also incredibly complex. As a result, medical managers need a sharp mind and keen business sense to keep up in this ever-evolving industry.

Education: Some medical managers have technical backgrounds, while others are experts in areas like finance or team-building. To qualify for most management roles, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree in an area like health care administration, followed by an MBA.

Average Pay: $90,970
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