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Losing weight quickly: beware of damaged muscle

Losing weight quickly: beware of damaged muscle

Ideally at a low calorie diet, we try to preserve muscle and lose body fat. The healthiest way to lose weight is slowly at up to 2 lbs per week. You must know that first couple of days of a diet and exercise program you lose about 80% of that in water weight and about 15% fat and another 5% muscle (muscle is your metabolism, that burns energy throughout the day, even at rest).

So as not to lose too much muscle, it is often advisable to enrich the diet protein. What is less known is that the type and quality of proteins are essential for preserving muscle mass. “We must compensate with protein but for this to work, you must eat protein with high biological value of essential amino acids,” say the dietians. “Without it, patients are not only their muscles melt, their silhouettes become brittle and less toned. And they do little more many sports as is often the case, they are also subject to disease dangerous, sarcopenia, we put it on hold. 

This disease creates a change in the muscle tissue and a reduction in the number of muscle fibers resulting in a loss of strength and a major functional impact. Deregulation of protein synthesis is comparable with the effect of a real anorexia or malnutrition on the body.

For every 5 pounds of fat you lose you will lose one pound of muscle, that is how the body works. By the time you get down to your weight goal you will still more then likely have a slightly high body fat percentage because you lost a lot of your muscle mass, and your ability to burn calories has dropped about 50% causing you to yo yo your weight back up to what you started at and more then likely increase to even more. The best way to lose weight and keep it off for a life time is to make a lifestyle change, everyone these days wants everything now, and don’t understand that its not about now, its about tomorrow.

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