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Things you may not know about Justin Bieber

Things you may not know about Justin Bieber

Although he is barely 16 years, Justin Bieber has done amazing in his young life. He conquered the charts record, became a sensation on the Internet without precedent, and claimed the heart of seemingly every pre-teen on the planet. This weekend, the child prodigy and his hair styled pop seems perfectly to conquer the box office and with his concert film in 3D “Justin Bieber. Never Say Never” To mark the occasion of its total world domination possible, we’ve compiled some facts you might not know about Bieb.

– Bieber was born on March 1, 1994. He shares his birthday with the composer Ke $ ha, Roger Daltry, Frederic Chopin, Harry Belafonte, and Lorenzo de Medici.

– In 2007, Justin Bieber entered a talent show in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, and came in second. When his mother posted her performance on YouTube, it got the attention of producer Scooter Braun. Fame and fortune soon followed. No word on what happened to the guy who won the talent show.

– Clip of Justin Bieber “Baby” is the most viewed video on YouTube, pointing, as of this writing, at 457, 701,649 views. It’s more than the population of the United States and Russia combined. At 914,000, it is also more “disliked” video on YouTube.

– The net worth of Justin Bieber is approximately $ 65.5 million (and that is bound to go in the months to come). With so much money he could buy about seven Faberge eggs, six 24-carat solid gold toilet, or for a stay of 29 years in the most expensive room at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

– Justin signature hair style, which was called The Swoop, The Shag, fringe, or simply The Bieber, inspired a generation of teenagers to hide the eyes of their shots. Vanessa Price, the designer who invented his signature “do, claims that the hair of the teen pop star is” like silk.”

– Justin Bieber would use up to 3% of Twitter traffic at any given time. According Klout.com, measuring such things, has more influence Biebster line that Obama and the Dalai Lama.

– The Biebster paved with Obama three times in the past year and a half. He sang his mega-hit “Christmas in Washington” special and was invited to the White House Correspondents dinner date with Kim Kardashian.

– Justin Bieber sells its own brand of nail polish by OPI Nicole. The line, called “One Less Lonely Girl” collection was inspired by the pipes of the pop idol. Prized Possession Shades include Purple, Blue + Me, and Step 2 Beat of My Heart (which includes sequins heart-shaped).

– Bieber would have terrified of elevators.

– Justin Bieber is currently 5 ‘3 “tall. You would need 240,252 Justin Bieber stacked on each other to reach the Moon. But it takes only one to reach the stars.

Justin Bieber also open. Really. In the video below, exclusive to Yahoo, he talks about shaving loser who show talent, and his upcoming concert movie.

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