Common myths about weight loss, diet, and nutrition

Common myths about weight loss, diet, and nutrition

When is a lie to an accepted truth? If the lie repeated often enough. It is the oldest and favorite trick of politicians and others who have to win. The diet industry is riddled with myths.

The grapefruit is melt fat

No food has that power. Otherwise, everyone would eat grapefruit. Grapefruit diets simply restrict calories drastically. The weight loss has nothing to do with the citrus itself. And the return to old habits that announces lost pounds.

Carbohydrates are bad for you

First, it was fat, carbohydrates are now the villain. If you try to lose weight, provide a distinction between unhealthy carbohydrates like white sugar and complex carbohydrates like vegetables and whole grain products, the essential vitamins and fiber to help digestion.

Drink plenty of water helps to lose weight

The water creates an effect of satiety and leverages the work of fiber. By itself, the water does not lose weight. But drink at meals to slow the speed at which we eat. Stretching the duration of the meal, it leaves time for signals of satiety to occur. “In addition, water contains no calories, unlike other beverages.

Eating before bedtime is fattening

The timing of eating does not affect energy intake of foods. But in the evening, we often eat food containing less interesting from a nutritional point of view: chips, cookies, chocolate, ice cream … That is where does the extra calories.

The bread is fattening

Well chosen, it appears rather a valuable ally to lose weight. Those whole grains rich in fiber, resulting in long digestion. Sated quickly, so you eat less. An apple contains almost as many calories as a slice of whole wheat bread,. They say as long as it makes you fat? What it slice, however: butter, cheese, pies … Ouch!

The fat is bad for you

Nutrition consultants sent that one to people for years. Now they know better. The truth is that some fats are unhealthy, and some are good – even necessary – for your health.

Light foods helps you lose weight

Admittedly, the products ‘low fat’ are generally reduced in calories, but they sometimes contain more sugar than the original, which partially fills the difference. And we are often motivated to eat too much, just because they are light.

The carob is less calories than chocolate

In itself, it’s true: it contains less protein and fat than cocoa. But beware: The carob products often contain palm oil or coconut oil, rich in saturated fat. In contrast, carob powder is rich in calcium and fiber, contains no caffeine and has a natural taste sweeter than cocoa powder, which can reduce the sugar in recipes.

Eat less and exercise more, it’s the same

Error! Regular exercise accelerates the basic metabolism. So they burn more calories than a sedentary person. The best way to lose weight is to combine a healthy diet with physical activity. Persons who are physically active are also easier to maintain weight loss in long term.

Diet soft drinks help weight loss

There is no single study shows that diet sodas help you lose weight. There is absolutely no data on this subject at all.

Losing weight is simple: a short strict diet, than return to normal

A strict regime puts the body into” survival “, depriving it of essential elements for its proper functioning. It then intensified its function is to store energy from food, which may cause further weight gain after the return to a normal diet.

To lose weight, avoid certain food combinations

This statement is not based on any scientific data. If your digestive enzymes were losing their effectiveness because of the combinations, undigested foods provide less energy than expected, no more. Moreover, the enzymes form an outstanding team, and the mixtures does not scare them.

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Losing weight quickly: beware of damaged muscle

Losing weight quickly: beware of damaged muscle

Ideally at a low calorie diet, we try to preserve muscle and lose body fat. The healthiest way to lose weight is slowly at up to 2 lbs per week. You must know that first couple of days of a diet and exercise program you lose about 80% of that in water weight and about 15% fat and another 5% muscle (muscle is your metabolism, that burns energy throughout the day, even at rest).

So as not to lose too much muscle, it is often advisable to enrich the diet protein. What is less known is that the type and quality of proteins are essential for preserving muscle mass. “We must compensate with protein but for this to work, you must eat protein with high biological value of essential amino acids,” say the dietians. “Without it, patients are not only their muscles melt, their silhouettes become brittle and less toned. And they do little more many sports as is often the case, they are also subject to disease dangerous, sarcopenia, we put it on hold. 

This disease creates a change in the muscle tissue and a reduction in the number of muscle fibers resulting in a loss of strength and a major functional impact. Deregulation of protein synthesis is comparable with the effect of a real anorexia or malnutrition on the body.

For every 5 pounds of fat you lose you will lose one pound of muscle, that is how the body works. By the time you get down to your weight goal you will still more then likely have a slightly high body fat percentage because you lost a lot of your muscle mass, and your ability to burn calories has dropped about 50% causing you to yo yo your weight back up to what you started at and more then likely increase to even more. The best way to lose weight and keep it off for a life time is to make a lifestyle change, everyone these days wants everything now, and don’t understand that its not about now, its about tomorrow.

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Hollywood stars diet with fruits

Hollywood stars diet with fruits

The Hollywood Diet (which is also called “Beverly Hills Diet” or “fruit diet”) is a slimming fruit diet (including tropical fruit). There are similar diets separated.

It takes its name from the success with Hollywood stars.

Just eat almost exclusively of fruit, preferably tropical, with the exception of bananas.

It is possible to consume other foods as fruit, according to the following conditions:

Wait two hours after ingestion of the last fruit. Only eat one type of food in the day (eg, only meat or fish only). Do not eat commercially prepared products. Eat limited amounts.

Tropical fruits contain an enzyme that facilitates the digestion of proteins, thereby accelerating the process of weight loss.

This diet should be limited in time because of nutritional deficiencies that result (muscle wasting, fatigue…)

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Martin Scorsese and Johnny Depp together for a project 3D

Martin Scorsese and Johnny Depp together for a project 3D

The actor and director working for a family film prior to the antipodes of the universe of New York filmmaker. Scorsese will cross the Atlantic. For his next feature film director embarks on London and Paris, thus abandoning the banks of the Hudson River. But that’s not all. The director also makes 3D. With Johnny Depp (co-producer of the film) Martin Scorsese should adapt the book of Selznik Brian, The invention of Hugo Cabret, thus giving the family entertainment.

To get the filmmaker has surrounded the screenwriter John Logan, to whom we owe such Gladiator, The Aviator or Sweeney Todd. The story of the next Scorsese will focus on Hugo, an orphan of 12 who lives in Paris Gare du 30 years and tries to solve the mystery surrounding a broken robot, thus resuming the work of his father. Regarding the cast, the director has already arrested some names. Chloe Moretz, Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen. The three players will embark on the filming of which all exterior scenes will be shot in Paris. The release date is set for December 9, 2011, according to U.S. magazine Variety.

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Angelina Jolie and Jane Pitt, two moms hens around the little Knox!

Angelina Jolie and Jane Pitt, two moms hens around the little Knox!

While Angelina Jolie is still shooting his next film The Tourist, she takes a few moments of respite to spend time with family. Yesterday, it was with his stepmother, Jane Pitt, and Angelina was quick Knox enjoyed a little peace!

What a beautiful family portrait, is not it? Little Knox is really a sweet mix of her father Brad Pitt and Angelina. While the toddler is going on 2 years, it already seems very awake, but still likes to be in the arms of his mother… or even his grandmother! Jane Pitt, Brad’s mother, also seems very present in the Brangelina clan. What a change for Jolie, who has not really had a family life during his childhood classic!

Although Angelina has already told the press that it tended to favor her adopted children, despite it facing his biological children, this does not prevent him from spending time with each of them! But while Jane and Angelina spend quality time with the little Knox, where his sister Vivienne? Well, at the same time, the poor Knox has recently lost his blanket, so she needs well and his mother and his grandmother to forget the drama!

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‘Dragon,’ ‘Kick-Ass’ dueling for No. 1

'Dragon,' 'Kick-Ass' dueling for No. 1

There was another photo finish at the weekend boxoffice, as a leggy holdover again appeared to outpace a big wide-opener.

DreamWorks Animation’s leggy How to Train Your Dragon fetched an estimated $20 million to top preliminary domestic rankings. The Paramount-distributed 3D adventure piled cumulative coin to $158.6 million through four sessions.

Just a hair off the leader’s pace, Kick-Ass — a relatively inexpensive pickup for Lionsgate — posted a weekend opening less potent than its name yet hardly a kick in the pants for the minimajor. The well-reviewed romp about a band of not-very-super superheroes rung up $19.8 million, landing on the lower end of pre-release expectations.

The No. 1 and 2 positions could change Monday, depending on final data from distributors. Another wide-opener — Sony Screen Gem’s R-rated comedy Death at a Funeral,” with Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence — settled for fourth place with $17 million.

More positively, Fox’s PG-13 comedy Date Night starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey, used a tiny 31% drop from its week-earlier bow to ring up $17.3 million and grab third place in its sophomore session, and a $49.2 million cume. Warner Bros.’ 3D action fantasy Clash of the Titans — which overtook Date Night for No. 1 in the prior weekend’s race to the wire — finished fifth in its third frame with $15.8 million and a $133 million cume.

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Shakira: ‘Promised myself I’d succeed’

Shakira: 'Promised myself I'd succeed'

Shakira has said that her personal drive comes from the fact that she never wanted to live in poverty again.

Shakira, whose father William Mebarak Chadid was declared bankrupt when she was growing up, has revealed that seeing others worse off than her family made her even more determined to succeed in her own life so that she could help others.

The 33-year-old told The Big Issue: “My dad went bankrupt when I was eight years old. I remember the day I realised that pretty much all of the comfort of our lives was gone. We had had very decent lives – two cars, my dad had a successful business and then from one day to the next we lost everything.

“He took me to the park to show me a reality much worse than ours. There were all these barefoot orphaned kids who were sniffing glue. I guess the image stuck in my head. I promised myself, ‘One day I’m going to succeed because there’s no way I’m not having a car again’.

“And I thought, ‘If I ever do it, I’m going to do something about these kids’.”

Shakira kept her promise by setting up a charity when she rose to fame at the age of 18.

She added: “When I had my first big success with Pies Descalzos, the album that made it big in Latin America when I was 18, I decided to establish my first foundation in Colombia.

“Ever since, I’ve been investing all my efforts in education, which have achieved amazing results for kids who live in poverty and conflict or kids who might have been recruited into the guerrillas or drugs cartels. Instead, they’re on their way to college. How can I not believe in this so passionately?”

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Jennifer Lopez Album: Como Ama una Mujer (How a Woman Loves)

Jennifer Lopez Album: Como Ama una Mujer (How a Woman Loves)

Como Ama una Mujer (How a Woman Loves) is the first full Spanish-language album from American singer, actress, dancer, Jennifer Lopez. It officially released on March 27th, 2007. The album was produced by the world’s most renowned Colombian composer in the world, Julio Reyes.

The photoshoot for the album was done on September 4 and September 5 in New York City by photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani. The video for the lead single “Qué Hiciste” was filmed in Las Vegas in October, and was directed by Michael Haussman.

The song “Qué Hiciste” was released to some radio stations in January. The song will be on all radio stations the day the album is released which is March 27th, 2007. 4 tracks on the album feature the strings of the London Symphony Orchestra. Argentine Latin rock singer Fito Páez worked on some tracks of the album, including the first single “Qué Hiciste”. Jennifer recorded in Puerto Rico with producers Luny Tunes and Pharrell on a reggaeton track titled “Te Voy A Querer”.

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Jessica goes bare for Marie Claire

Jessica goes bare for Marie Claire

Jessica Simpson goes back to basics for Marie Claire’s May issue, gracing the cover with zero makeup or Photoshop retouching. Why would anyone expose themselves to that kind of scrutiny, you might ask? For Simpson, it’s all in the name of real beauty.

Following the launch of her VH1 TV show, “The Price of Beauty,” Simpson, who has been frequently pummeled in the press for her weight issues, is now launching a new initiative with Operation Smile called A Beautiful Me to empower women everywhere to appreciate their own beauty.

Though it sounds like the singer has developed quite the thick skin since the “mom jeans” debacle in January 2009 — “I don’t have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business” — the 29-year-old is not completely immune to the pressure in Hollywood to maintain a size zero figure.

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