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Time Interview: Spielberg's Prayer for Peace

Just after finishing his new movie about the aftermath of the massacre at the Munich Olympics, Steven Spielberg talked with Time movie critic Richard Schickel, who collaborated with him on the TV documentary Shooting War, about his reasons for taking on Munich, his anger at the International Olympic Committee and his modest plan for improving Arab-Israeli relations. Full Interview

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Widows give OK to 'Munich'

The widows of two of the 11 Israeli athletes killed in the 1972 Olympic massacre detailed in Steven Spielberg's new film "Munich" say the movie neither dishonors their husbands' memories nor tarnishes their country's image.

Ilana Romano, widow of weightlifter Yosef Romano, and Ankie Spitzer, who was married to fencing coach Andre Spitzer, are the only Israelis in Jerusalem to have seen the film before its official release late next month. The movie opened in the U.S. Friday. Read More

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Catch and Kill Them If You Can

The terrorist act that kicks off Steven Spielberg's "Munich" was seen as it unfolded on television around the world. The Palestinian group Black September invaded the Olympic Village in West Germany in 1972, killed two Israelis and took nine hostages, demanding the release of 234 Palestinian prisoners. All nine were subsequently slaughtered in a shoot-out at the Munich airport. This story was effectively told in the Oscar-winning documentary "One Day in September." Full Article

History Lesson: Munich 72

The Myths and Reality of Munich

After the slaughter of its Olympians, Israel vowed to hunt down the killers. But, says a new book, that's not whom it got.
Golda Meir didn't want to believe the news. The Israeli Prime Minister had heard media reports that West German police had rescued the Israeli Olympic athletes taken hostage by terrorists in Munich. Now Zvi Zamir, head of the Mossad, was phoning from Germany at 3 a.m. to correct that account. "I saw it with my own eyes," he told her. "No one was left alive." Full Article
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