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Beauty Q&A
Lots of shampoos say they have "natural" ingredients. Which ones are good for my hair?
Here are some popular ingredients used in hair products and what they do for your hair:
. Balsam conditions scalp and has healing and soothing antiseptic qualities.
. Chamomile increases shine and brings out natural highlights.
. Cucumber and sea kelp nourish skin and supply vitamins A, B complex, C, and E.

Fight the Freshman
Attention all incoming college freshmen - this is your first test: You've just finished a history paper that you've been slaving over for the last five hours. Your eyes ache and you never want to see a typewriter again.
What do you do next?

New Beauty Sensations
Okay, so how come Uma looks so good? She enhances her fair features with one earth tone for eyelids, cheeks, and lips. Basic beauty.

Personal Fitness
Okay, I admit it. I do work out almost everyday. And no, I'm not crazy. I'm just really interested in feeling distressed and looking streamlined in my clothes.

Divorce: The Nature of Marriage
It is vitally important in considering marriage, particularly as it bears upon the subject of divorce, that the significance of its twofold aspect should be appreciated, namely, its static or institutional character, and its dynamic nature as a phase of human relations. Read More

Model Moods / Beauty
One of the nicest things about being a model (besides having a bigger allowance) is getting the chance to act out different roles. Here, Samantha Emmerling shows us four of her favorite fantasy looks

Beauty by Bobbi
Meet one of New York's hottest makeup artists, Bobbi Brown, as she reveals her best-kept beauty secrets and gives tips for all you future makeup pros out there

Red My Lips
My lipstick makes those lost in a sea of pinks just a shade envious

Danger zones: top hazards to your health
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, teenagers are the only group in the United States whose rate of death has increased since 1960. In fact, the death rate for teenagers is 11 percent higher than it was twenty years ago, whereas the rate for people over forty-five has gone down.

beauty, health, fitness & family
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