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Deborah Harry, as the cultured music appreciator can remember, fronted the late 70's / early 80's band Blondie.  One can surely recall chart-topping hits such "Heart of Glass," "The Tide Is High," "Rapture," and "Call Me." There is, however, much about this punk icon that is virtually unknown to the general public. While she is most universally recognized for her role in the music group Blondie, Debbie has also achieved individual status as a lyricist, solo artist and jazz vocalist.

Simultaneously, she has re-enforced her acting career, with roles in films such as "Videodrome," "Hairspray," "Tales From the Darkside Movie," "Heavy," and "Six Ways to Sunday," as well as other movie cameo and television acting roles.  She seeks challenges in every artistic arena and is known for her willingness to experiment.  Deb even participated in a few scinamatic videogames, including one for Sega (available also for PC) called "Doubleswitch"

She loves her Manhattan home, and makes her appearances at the many artistic exhibits and "happenings" in NYC.  She regularly performs in charity events and benefits, is often included in photography and art exhibits, has done interpretive and poetic readings - she has even done runway modeling for designers like Patricia Fields, Matsuda and Anna Sui!  One of her most recent activities include reuniting and touring with former Blondie members Chris Stein, Jimmy Destri, and Clem Burke for an album entitled "No Exit" which will be out February 1999.

But, enough "information"...  there are quite a few amazing Web sites that provide the most recent news and upcoming events related to Debbie (see links below).  *This* brief page (which, admittedly doesn't get updated enough) is just meant to be a personal tribute to Debbie, to show my appreciation and my gratitude to the one who has been my inspiration - to the woman who owns my heart ...

For, in addition to her claiming many legendary achievements, Debbie is also what one might call - a genuinely nice person, and she has been an excellent mentor to me. A truly gorgeous individual - both inside and out...
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