Pregnancy and Weight Gain

Pregnancy and Weight Gain

Having a baby is a wonderful event that should not be hindered too much by worrying about weight gain, although it is a good idea to keep it in check and not gain too many extra fat pounds. Some weight gain during pregnancy is, of course, perfectly normal. But there are things you can do to keep from gaining too much.

Obviously it’s important to eat enough, but being pregnant is not a free ticket to eat too much. I think portion control should still be exercised along with those pre-natal vitamin things your supposed to take.

The women I have know that got in really good shape after having a baby were in really good shape to begin with and also didn’t gain very much during pregnancy. There is the facility within your goals to ‘maintain current weight’, which will give you a calorie quota to ‘keep yourself as you are’. My advice is to see your doctor, and ask his/her advice on calorie intake throughout pregnancy.

Nutrition is critical to the developing baby. Certain nutrients are responsible for each system. For example, folic acid aids in the healthy development of the neurological system and protein directly effects brain growth. That is why women are advised to begin taking pre-natal vitamins before they even try to get pregnant. If you are depriving yourself of necessary nutrition – your developing baby will suffer.

This does not mean you should be a glutton or eat chocolate ice cream every night (that was my downfall). But it does mean being smart about what you eat. Your Obstetrician can give you recommendations for healthy caloric intake and it might be wise to meet for a pre-pregnancy consultation.

Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Make sure you complete your food diary in full and learn from it. Look at where your calories are coming from, learn about your eating habits. This knowledge will give you the power to make changes. You can have treats – work everything into your daily calorie quota. Try to be as active as possible – all exercise/activity burns off additional calories and allows for any indulgence.

Try not to repeat the situation of being sick after eating. Input the food into your diary – you know where you are. You can lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. Enjoy your baby and just get back to the basics.

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