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Eva Mendes Fact File  

Famous For: Two minutes, no clothes, in Training Day
Infamous For: Two minutes, no clothes, in Training Day
Soundbite: "I want to be considered for a role Gwyneth Paltrow will be up for as well as Salma Hayek"
Useless Fact: She has appeared in music videos for Will Smith and Aerosmith
Personal Quotes
". . . I feel I'll take on the responsibility of showing the world a whole different kind of Latin woman."
"It's fun to be a woman. It's fun to flirt and wear makeup and have boobs."
What we really want to know: Does she have a boyfriend?
Other Facts
Born in Houston but raised in Los Angeles and Miami.
Was a marketing major at California State Northridge where she dropped out to pursue acting.
Is Cuban-American.
Appeared in an American Express credit card commercial which featured the Sheryl Crow song "Soak Up The Sun." [April 2002]
Is writing a book titled "Crazy Leggs Beshee", inspired by her nieces and nephews, that introduces vocabulary, art, history and values through a medium kids understand.
Loves interior designing and would undertake this profession if not acting.
Her hobbies are music, sports (hiking, biking, skiing, and mountain climbing) and interior design.
Graduated from Herbert Hoover High School in Glendale, California.
Vintage Posters
Travel Posters

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