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Every second chance begins with a first step.
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Channing Tatum - Step Up 01Step Up (2006)
Directed by: Anne Fletcher
Screenplay by: Duane Adler, Melissa Rosenberg
Cast: Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Mario, Drew Sidora, Rachel Griffiths
Release Date: August 11th, 2006
Running Time: 98 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic elements, brief violence and innuendo.
Box Office: $65,328,121 (US total)
Studio: Touchstone Pictures
Everyone deserves a chance to follow their dreams, but some people only get one shot. Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) is a rebel from the wrong side of Baltimore's tracks – and the only thing that stands between him and an unfulfilled life are his dreams of one day making it out of there. Nora (Jenna Dewan) is a privileged ballet dancer attending Baltimore's ultra-elite Maryland School of the Arts -- and the only thing standing in the way of her obviously brilliant future is finding a great dance partner for her senior showcase.

When trouble with the law lands Tyler with a community service gig at Maryland School of the Arts, he arrives as an angry outsider, until his skills as a gifted street dancer draw Nora's attention. Now, as sparks fly between them, both on and off stage, Tyler realizes he has just one performance to prove that he can step up to a life far larger than he ever imagined. Featuring the directorial debut of leading choreographer Anne Fletcher, the film also stars R&B superstar Mario, Drew Sidora as well as rap legend Heavy D, Damaine Radcliff, De'Shawn Washington and Academy Award® nominee and Golden Globe winner Rachel Griffiths.

He’s a defiant rebel from the wrong side of Baltimore’s tracks. She’s a privileged dancer from an elite performing-arts school. Their worlds couldn’t be more different, but when their fates collide, the sparks between them fly, igniting an exhilarating hip-hop-fueled fairy tale about making your one shot at an improbable dream come true. Featuring an exciting cast of multitalented young newcomers, STEP UP is a gritty story of transcendence driven by music and dance.

Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) has grown up all his life on the rough streets of the city, and he knows he’s unlikely to ever make it out of there. But after a brush with the law lands Tyler with a community-service gig at the city’s Maryland School of the Arts, everything changes. That’s when he meets Nora (Jenna Dewan), the school’s prima ballerina, an alluring diva who is desperately searching for someone to replace her injured partner before the school’s all-important Senior Showcase.

Spying Tyler’s moves, Nora can’t help but notice he’s got a raw but natural gift. She decides to take a chance on Tyler, but as they begin to train, the tension between them, and their polar-opposite backgrounds, skyrockets. The only thing standing between Tyler and the void are his dreams of making it off the streets -- and the only thing standing in the way of Nora’s obviously brilliant future is the Senior Showcase. Now, with everything on the line, Tyler will have just one performance to prove to Nora, and to himself, that he can step up to a life far larger than he ever imagined.

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