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More employees visiting social networks at work

More employees visiting social networks at work

Although several companies are regulating social networking sites, employees are finding ways around the blocks of security, according to a new survey by Trend Micro.

The survey included 1600 users in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, found the world of social networking at work increased by 19 per cent in 2008 to 24 percent in 2010. The largest increase in social networking in the workplace over the past two years has been found among users in the United Kingdom, which had an increase of 6 percent, and Germany with an increase of 10 percent.

“Social networking is an extremely important tool for both personal and professional relationship-building. And while most companies’ concerns about social networks in the central office in the loss of employee productivity, they can not understand is that many social networking sites are built on technologies interactive give unlimited opportunities for cybercriminals exploit end users, stealing personal identities and professional, and corrupt corporate networks from malicious software, “said David Perry, global director of education for Trend Micro.

“With the right security solutions and guidelines for social networking implemented, there is no reason why companies choose to allow their employees the opportunity to visit these sites should be too exposed to these risks.”

Excluding Japan, there were no major differences between users and small businesses from large companies, but the investigation revealed laptop users are much more likely than users to visit the local sites social networking. Overall, the use of social networks through laptops rose 8 percent from 2008 to 2010. In the U.S., it rose 10 percent and in Germany, up 14 percent.

In 2010, 29 percent of laptop users, compared to 18 per cent of desktop users surveyed said they visited these sites at work. In Japan, 2010, employees of small businesses were much more likely than large companies to visit social networking sites – 21 percent of small firms compared to 7 percent of large companies.

For all countries surveyed in 2010, users of phones that can connect to the Internet outside the corporate network are more likely to share confidential information via instant messaging, e-mail and social applications that media which are always connected to the corporate network.

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Lindsay Lohan’s courtroom drama is Web sensation

Lindsay Lohan's courtroom drama is Web sensation

Video of Lindsay Lohan’s jail and rehab sentence draws millions of online viewers.

Lindsay Lohan’s star power can’t be relied upon to draw large audiences to TV or movie screens any more, but the computer screen? That’s a different story.

Her last starring role, 2007’s “I Know Who Killed Me” grossed just $7.5 million. And Lohan doesn’t bring any added ratings to a scripted television show — her guest appearance on “Ugly Betty” did nothing to bolster viewership. But Lindsay Lohan’s personal life is an entirely different story: Her appearance in court on Tuesday, during which she was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in treatment, drew 2.3 million viewers streaming live on

To put this in perspective of how many viewers 2.3 million viewers actually is, that’s about the same amount of people who tuned in last year to watch the series finale of “Battlestar Galactica.” “Galactica” has been nominated for Emmys and is one of the most popular sci-fi shows of the last ten years; Lindsay Lohan missed a court-ordered alcohol class. Somewhere, Starbuck is rolling over in her grave.

Lindsay Lohan's courtroom drama is Web sensation

It’s pretty cliche to call Lohan’s life a soap opera. Then again, she does get better ratings than some soap operas. Perhaps that’s the secret to channeling Lohan’s potential for television ratings is to have someone follow her around all day and film whatever it is that she does.

Yes, people pretty much already do this, but at least she could get paid for it. To compare: Lindsay Lohan at court (2.3 million on TMZ) pulled in better numbers than the average ratings for soap opera staple “One Life to Live” (2.2 million on ABC) and about equal to that of “As the World Turns” (2.3 million on CBS), “General Hospital” (2.4 million on ABC) and “All My Children” (2.4 million on ABC). Take away the overhead costs for the average soap opera, and Lohan, on her own, is a bona fide daytime hit.

When it comes to direct comparisons to other events streamed on the Internet, Lohan’s online viewership numbers slayed Tiger Woods’ Ustream viewership but could not quite compare to the King of Pop’s. Tiger Woods’s press conference. to apologize for his infidelity only drew 680,000 on Ustream but Michael Jackson’s funeral drew 4.6 million Ustream viewers.

Movie-wise, Lohan is next due to appear in a supporting role for Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete,” due out in September. (A role, by the way, that the filmmakers seem to want to distance themselves from — she was recently trimmed out of the “Machete” trailer.) Lindsay is also set to star as the title character of adult star Linda Lovelace in 2011′s “Lovelace.” Lohan has only appeared in one film that has ever grossed more than $100 million domestically in her career, “Freaky Friday” in 2003, and has not appeared in a film that grossed over $50 million domestically since “Herbie: Fully Loaded” in 2005.

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How you’ll find your next job in recession time

How you'll find your next job in recession time

Most job seekers have the best chance of finding a job through friends and contacts, given that nearly one third of external hires were found through referrals, despite the multitude of ways for companies to find job applicants. This suggests that, despite millions of CVs drawn across the Web during the past two years, the time for job seekers could be better spent knocking their friends for occasions where they work.

Online sites for job search are fully aware of this dilemma, the search for employment has changed considerably online, but hiring still relies on old relationships, they are finding new ways to allow both methods.

You can find your next job with a school friend who lost a long time with you reconnected on Facebook. In job search site, a partner of U.S. News, job seekers can connect to their Facebook accounts and allow Simply Hired access to details of work history profiles of friends. ” The site then lists all your friends and their employers. Click on their employers, and you will see all job openings currently listed on Simply Hired.

You can send a message to a friend directly over the opening. The site also shows that companies employ the largest number of your friends, cities that friends are more likely to live in, and employment in companies that you indicated a preference in your Facebook profile. Simply Hired is not the only search engine offering a chance to find a job through friends Facebook has a Facebook application that allows users to watch the openings where their friends work.

“The basic idea here is that the world when you look in the offline and you start a job search, you usually go to a number of friends and say,” Do you know of any major companies? Are there good jobs in your company that you know? “Said Simply Hired CEO Gautam Godhwani. “That was how much of the recruitment was done in the past. … And I think that is what you see here, you are seeing Simply Hired take what has always been a very efficient process offline and upload. “Simply Hired earlier launched an application for LinkedIn that allow users to check if they have connections to employers that they are interested in.

Integration with Facebook may not be meaningful in the early years of the site where it was largely the domain of college students who were there to socialize. Today, with nearly half a billion users, Facebook is the personal mark for turf professionals and middle-aged Generation Y will-and-comers. It is a place where businesses all new products and track job applicants. Despite all the controversy privacy, most users still choose to include personal stories and working details on their profiles. “I think we are entering a new era of job search is much, much more personalized,” Godhwani said. “The foundation said that today’s users have much more information about themselves Online. ”

The company has followed the debate about privacy, Godhwani said. On the one hand, integration Simply Hired leaves no trace on your profile so your Facebook friends do not know what you are looking for a job. Therefore, the objective of privacy for most users is the control and integration of Simply Hired is opt-in only.

Accessibility is an area of ongoing development among search engines work. Job Search Site is currently awaiting approval of an application for Apple iPad would allow users to search for jobs, create job alerts and job Email to similar functions Friends of those applications LinkUp smartphones, but it is much easier to apply for jobs directly on the IPAD, Thanks to its size. The goal is to transform LinkUp as unemployed transform-“regardless of their usage patterns and behaviors and their adoption of technology,” says managing director Toby Dayton.

LinkUp has found that users spend between 10 and 11 minutes, on average, its smart phone applications, “said Dayton. They are seeking employment who are not likely to be at home, near a computer. Instead, the mobile application allows people to seek employment anywhere, anytime, “When people see a company or brand and something triggers an idea in their head,” said Dayton.

They could be at a party where they met someone who works for a company interested in. They can do a job search immediately, then save the search for later. “Ideally, the application enables people to improve their research and think more thoroughly about the type of jobs and careers they want, the type of companies they want to work for the types of roles and responsibilities that will bring satisfaction in their lives, “says Dayton.

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Kristen Stewart isn’t a Twitter fan

Kristen Stewart isn’t a Twitter fan

Kristen Stewart hides her hair inside a black beanie as she heads to her flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles on early Friday morning (May 28). The 20-year-old actress, who wore a Simdog zipper tank, recently chatted with Flaunt magazine about her strong dislike for the social networking game.

Kristen shared, “He [a fan] was nice. He didn’t ask for a picture. That’s good, because then they go and Twitter them and then the paparazzi know where I am and they drive to my location and it gets crazy. Twitter ***** me over every day of my life. Because people go, ‘I’m sitting next to Kristen Stewart right now’ and then they show up. I see people on their phones and I just want to take these cookies and throw them. It’s like ‘Get off your ****** phone and get a life!’ It’s so annoying.”

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