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Funding your own small business without a loan

Funding your own small business without a loan

You may be one of the many people who choose to start a small business each year. You might just want to be able to work from home, be more available to your family, or just be able to get away from a boss peering over your shoulder everyday. Whatever your reason is, you most likely need some money to get you started.

If your business idea is small enough, it is possible to get it off the ground without having to get a loan. This is a much better, and easier, route to go in the long run. Funding your own business without a loan rids you of the need to pay this money back when your business gets off the ground. You will most likely agree that it’s much nicer when you get to actually KEEP your profit.

A lot of small businesses can be started by simply saving the money you need for supplies. For example, if you are interested in beginning a gift basket business, the first thing you are going to need is baskets, and lots of them. You can find these in many places, but if you happen to live near a basket factory, you can buy a lot of them for a bulk price. As these will be an ongoing need for your business, it is impossible to buy too many of them.

Decide what sort of baskets you will specialize in, and buy enough supplies to make a reasonable number of those baskets. Use your printer to make flyers for advertising in shops and anywhere else that allows flyers to be posted. At first, you can simply use your existing telephone for business calls, so you don’t have to pay for a second line. Take the money you start receiving for the baskets you sell and reinvest into the business. Branch out and start making custom baskets.

While that is only one example of how this can be done, there are many other small businesses that do not require a loan to start. If you are more eager to get your business up and running, it is possible to take on a partner, or an investor. Either of these options should be entered into only with people who share your dream or vision, or it will simply not work because your business will never be truly yours.

Think seriously about what you want to accomplish with your business and go from there. Plan for your venture and make a list of everything you need in order to begin it. It might just be easier than you think to keep banks out of the picture.

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8 ways to make money with no money

8 ways to make money with no money

You don’t always need money to make money. If you’ve stumbled upon this site, chances are you’re looking for ways to make money without dishing out any cash.

Well, the good news is that I’m not about to sell you a get rich quick scheme. What I’m going to show you are ten ways that you can earn some money which don’t require you to outlay much cash.

1. Start a flyer distribution run

Businesses looking for a cheap way to advertise will often resort to flyers placed in letterboxes of nearby dwellings.

While this market is often dominated by large marketing distribution companies, you can edge in on their turf.

Visit some local businesses and offer your services at a competitive rate. A good rate seems to be $20 per thousand for the average suburb.

You’ll need to walk quickly and drum up some work from several businesses to make it worthwhile financially.

Offer a written 100% deliver-ability guarantee to sweeten the deal.

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20-somethings create their own jobs

20-somethings create their own jobs

In today’s economy, you can’t just wait around for someone to hire you, say young entrepreneurs.

Five years ago, after graduating from New York University with a film degree and thousands of dollars in student loans, Scott Gerber moved back in with his parents on Staten Island. He then took out more loans to start a new-media and technology company, but he didn’t have a clear market in mind; the company went belly up in 2006.

“It made me feel demoralized and humiliated,” he says. “I wondered if this was really what post-collegiate life was supposed to be like. Did I do something wrong? The answers weren’t apparent to me.”

Still in debt, Mr. Gerber considered his career options. His mother kept encouraging him to get a “real” job, the kind that comes with an office and a boss. But, using the last $700 in his bank account, he decided to start another company instead.

With the new company, called Sizzle It, Mr. Gerber vowed to find a niche, reduce overhead and generally be more frugal. The company, which specializes in short promotional videos, was profitable the first year, he says.

Mr. Gerber, now 27, isn’t a millionaire, but he’s paid off his loans and doesn’t have to live with his parents (he rents an apartment in Hoboken, N.J.). And he thinks his experience can help other young people who face a daunting unemployment rate.

In October, Mr. Gerber started the Young Entrepreneur Council “to create a shift from a résumé-driven society to one where people create their own jobs,” he says. “The jobs are going to come from the entrepreneurial level.”

The council consists of 80-plus business owners across the country, ages 17 to 33. Members include Scott Becker, 23, co-founder of Invite Media, an advertising technology firm recently acquired by a Google unit; Lauren Berger, 26, founder of the Intern Queen, a site that connects college students with internships; Aaron Patzer, the 30-year-old who sold to Intuit for $170 million; and Josh Weinstein, 24, who started, a social networking site that is backed by a PayPal founder.

The council, which has applied for nonprofit status, serves as a help desk and mentoring hotline for individual entrepreneurs. People can also submit questions on subjects like marketing, publicity and technology, and each month a group of council members will answer 30 to 40 of them in business publications like The Wall Street Journal and American Express Open Forum, and on dozens of small business Web sites.

Council members assert that young people can start businesses even if they have little or no money or experience. But whether those start-ups last is another matter. Roughly half of all new businesses fail within the first five years, according to federal data. And the entrepreneurial life is notoriously filled with risks, stresses and sacrifices.

But then again, unemployment is 9.8 percent; Mr. Gerber’s in-box is flooded with e-mails from young people who have sent out hundreds of résumés for corporate jobs and come up empty. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, only 24.4 percent of 2010 graduates who applied for a job had one waiting for them after graduation (up from 19.7 percent in 2009). What do some people have to lose?

THE lesson may be that entrepreneurship can be a viable career path, not a renegade choice — especially since the promise of “Go to college, get good grades and then get a job,” isn’t working the way it once did. The new reality has forced a whole generation to redefine what a stable job is.

“I’ve seen all these people go to Wall Street, and those were supposed to be the good jobs. Now they are out of work,” says Windsor Hanger, 22, who turned down a marketing position at Bloomingdale’s to work on, an online magazine. “It’s not a pure dichotomy anymore that entrepreneurship is risky and other jobs are safe, so why not do what I love?”

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How to make real money on the internet

How to make real money on the internet

The current financial crises means that more and more people want to make money online not only do they want to make money online they usually want to make money fast and often they want to make money for free. Unfortunately there are a lot of unethical marketers out there who are more than happy to take your money and and attempt to deliver on their promise which will offer you fast extra cash online – if you have any sense, or respect for your money you will run a million miles.

Why Internet Marketing Has Such Bad Reputation

Yes you can make money online. First though when you are looking for an opportunity to make money online remember that most people trying to make money online are trying to do it by earning commissions from newbies who are looking to make money online – people like you! Guess which programs get promoted the most? The best programs – sure, that’s the programs with the best commissions of course! Quite a number of current programs have up front charges of around $2000 – the commission is probably about 30-40% – you can see the temptation can’t you?

That is the heart of the problem with the ethics of Internet Marketing – and leads to new people doing one of two things: loosing a lot of money and then quiting the business getting a real bad taste in their mouth – and quitting the business.

I was lucky – first I didn’t have much money so I quit without losing too much cash, just a whole lot of time, which for many people is even more precious. And secondly I found a few good, ethical marketers who taught me how to make money online for real.

Can You Make Real Money Online – Is It All A Scam?

Yes you can make real money – but its not by selling stuff to other people who want to make money. Instead its by selling stuff to people who really want to buy it: real stuff: iPods, e-books on how to meet a girl, where to find a replacement vacuum bag for your model Hoover.

Is it quick and easy to do this? No its not. There is an awful lot of both wrong and mis-information out there. You don’t need a big name blog, or even to be a great writer to make money online. In fact one of the people I know makes 6-figures a year online is an absolutely appalling writer by his own admission. You don’t need to blog regularly, you don’t need lots of readers and you don’t need social networks like twitter and facebook.

What you need is buyers on your site; and your site needs to be focused with providing answer to people searching for an answer to their problem: how do I get rid of ants in the kitchen? how do I get a jammed DVD out of a Panasonic XYZ DVD Player? how to cure acne? Your site needs to provide an answer to your visitor in a manner which will get you paid – be it an eBay or Amazon sale or an e-book or an Adsense ad click.

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