Amosu iPad 2 with 360 Swarovski stones

Amosu iPad 2 with 360 Swarovski stones

Let walk far away from CES 2012 for a second! We need to refresh our mind with something different. How about this one, a gold edition of Apple iPad 2? I knew iPad 2 is no longer a hot thing to be discussed. Do not get wrong, maybe you are not an Apple fan boy, but it is from Amosu.

Every time someone hear about Amosu, it’s common feel so excited to talk it. It might be because everyone could not afford to buy their products. Anyway, this time Amosu reconstructed the Apple logo using pure silver and adding the 360 Swarovski stones on it. Surely, it dazzles the glamorous and luxurious into your eyes, more, it placed in middle of 24-carat gold casing. In short, Amosu has succeed in turning the original Apple iPad 2 64GB into something that could change every woman heart.

Amosu iPad 2 64GB Gold Edition with Swarovski Apple logo is available now in MSRP 2,800 GBP. Like always, Amosu could personalize the device with other option according to your request.

Vanessa Hudgens returns with a new look

Vanessa Hudgens returns with a new look

Vanessa Hudgens has been quite the chameleon lately. Switching from grungy gym bunny to sultry seductress at the VMAs and back again, there are clearly many sides to the Sucker Punch star. And her latest look, channeling baggy chic in Studio City seems to indicate that the actress is feeling like some chill-out time.

Wearing a long dark skirt and a fringed orange vest, Vanessa was obviously in the mood for something less constricting than the leggings which have been her item of choice recently. She didn’t even appear to be wearing a bra, but she managed to get away with the always-risky decision, even sporting a cool leather beaded necklace.

Vanessa wasn’t wearing much makeup on under her huge sunnies, but the natural look suited the fresh faced star. She also accessoised with some chunky gold rings, and purple nail varnish to add a further splash of colour. The 22 year old had popped into Mareka Organic Food with some friends to pick up a few nutritious bites.

The healthy choice was most likely part of her new slimming regime, which she has embarked on to lose the extra pounds she gained for her role in upcoming independent movie, Gimme Shelter.

Vanessa has been combining a healthy diet with regular exercise to regain her usually svelte frame. She has been spotted carting her yoga mat to class, and also went for a hike with her teenage sister Stella yesterday. The actress appears to have regained some of her confidence after struggling with the short hair cut she had for Gimme Shelter.

Fashion and Hollywood Glamor

Fashion and Hollywood Glamor

Significant historical changes in the status of movie stars have paralleled decisive technological, economic, and social changes that have affected the American film industry as a whole, such as the coming of sound, the Great Depression, and the rise and fall of movie attendance. The contractual terms and salaries for movie stars have also been affected by the same factors.

In the highly competitive and expanding market that existed between 1910 and 1920, the most popular silent-movie stars eventually obtained contractual terms that equalled and possibly exceeded their individual contributions to box-office success, and some of them also became involved in film production themselves, although the development of sound and its demand for experienced stage and radio performers ended the careers of many silent film stars.

Those working during the early 1930s, when movie attendance declined and industry power was concentrated in the hands of a few studios, were placed in a poor bargaining position, and studios began exercising near autocratic control over the star system.

The fashion image most associated with the 1930s – a decade of Depression, unemployment, fascism and the approach of war – is probably the glamorous Hollywood pale satin evening gown, a bias-cut creation slithering to the floor, lowbacked and clinging to the thighs.

This ambiguous garment did not look very different from a nightdress, and managed to appear both sultry and languid – chic and upper-class in the pages of Vogue or trampishly sexual when worn by Jean Harlow.

The revolution wrought by sound had given rise to a new galaxy of stars and introduced new types of pictures. Many of the familiar figures of the movie world continued in the talkies their success in silent films; a few staged remarkable come-backs after a period of eclipse while they adapted themselves to an unfamiliar technique. Actors and actresses of the legitimate stage, who had often scorned the pantomime of the silent film, made their hopeful way to California in droves, and a good many of them remained. Singers and dancers, for whom the talkies represented an entirely new opportunity, were suddenly in great demand. In a whirl of expanding energy, Hollywood exploited all the means at its disposal to reach the still broader market for popular entertainment now opening up.

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Lindsay Lohan’s hippie-style flub

Lindsay Lohan's hippie-style flub

The star steps out in a doily-like white minidress paired with an enormous purple-fringed purse.

Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of fashion flubs over the years, but it seems like her sense of style is getting worse by the minute. The other day, the former “Freaky Friday” star unleashed her inner hippie by donning a doily-like Broderie Anglais mini dress while out and about in New York. Damaged locks, unflattering cheetah-print flats, and a monstrous, fringed handbag completed her catastrophic look.

Justin Bieber gets two Hebrew tattoos

Justin Bieber gets two Hebrew tattoos

A phrase in Hebrew inked on the teen superstar’s rib cage is revealed in a photo of him on vacation.

Perhaps having adjusted to the idea of Justin Bieber dating Selena Gomez, Bieber obsessives have found something new to fixate on while Bieber vacations in Hawaii with Gomez.

Some paparazzi shots of a shirtless Bieber have revealed that the 17-year-old pop star is sporting what appear to be two tattoos: one on his waist — a tiny bird’s head — and one on his ribcage — the word “Yeshua,” or Jesus, written in Hebrew, according to The Daily.

While we don’t know the intentions behind Bieber’s tattoo, he did visit Israel in April, where he ranted on Twitter about how the paparazzi wouldn’t give him the time or space to properly engage with the holy sites.

He has also led a backstage Hebrew prayer before a concert recently, as seen in this video. Though Bieber is not yet 18, in several U.S. states minors can receive tattoos as long as they have parental consent.

Maria Sharapova dons Eiffel Tower-inspired dress

Maria Sharapova dons Eiffel Tower-inspired dress

The tennis star picks the French Open to debut a frock subtly designed with the landmark in mind.

Maria Sharapova chose an appropriate place to debut her new Eiffel Tower-inspired dress. The Russian tennis star opened play at the 2011 French Open wearing a new, canary-yellow Nike dress designed with Paris’ most famous landmark in mind.

Sharapova cruised to an easy 6-3, 6-0 victory in her first-round match over Mirjana Lucic while wearing the new garment, which features stitching meant to evoke the iron lattice design of the tower that dominates the Parisian skyline.

The 24-year-old Russian entered Paris as the No. 7 seed and was fresh off the biggest clay court victory of her career in Rome, a win which made her one of the favorites at Roland Garros. With a solid performance against Lucic, she did nothing to alter expectations.

In the early rounds, at least, the dress was the showcase. Nike says it’s lightweight and breathable, features a diamond shape in the back for flexibility (also a nod to Sharapova’s recent engagement?) and a two-layered skirt or jersey and mesh to help movement. It’s the best look Sharapova has had at a major in years. There’s something about the yellow against the red clay that pops.

Emma Watson models her new clothing line

Emma Watson models her new clothing line

Emma Watson strikes a pose for her third collection with British honest-trade mark People Tree, and the Harry Potter starlet says of her new line, “We took care to design a really wearable collection that truly celebrates the traditional skills of People Tree’s Honest Trade groups around the world.”

The collection will officially launch on February 28, but it’s available online starting today. We took a peek at some of the apparel, and we have to say, there’s some excellent finds!

Blake Lively goes on spending spree

Blake Lively goes on spending spree

Blake Lively buys 40 pairs of very pricey shoes even though she could probably get them for free.

Being a fashion icon isn’t all red carpets and cover shoots. There’s time and effort involved, sweat and tears, etc. Blake Lively — Vogue’s “Best Dressed” cover girl who famously claimed she doesn’t have a stylist — spent over four hours at Christian Louboutin’s invite-only sample sale in New York last week looking through the inventory. She tried on all sorts of shoes and boots “while surrounded by towers of shoeboxes,” a detail which befits Lively somehow.

But while the experience of navigating through a crowded retail space and trying lots of stuff on may sound familiar, that sort of nightmare, for us non-Livelys, typically results in the purchase of one, maybe two, items. Or you text a picture of the shirt in question to your friend and you get a text back that says “Eh :-/” and you decide not to get anything.

But things are different when you’re Blake Lively. The “Gossip Girl” star emerged from the sale four hours later (probably looking effortlessly fresh and smelling like cotton candy) with more than 40 pairs of Louboutins, which could have cost up to $2,000 a pair. Forty. (Which as a recent Vogue Best Dressed Special Edition cover girl, she might have been able to get for free.)

“I have sisters, so I’m getting gifts for them and for friends,” she explained. “Of course, I got quite a few for myself, too.”

This is the difference between Blake Lively and the world’s mortals. She can snare 40 shoes without a second thought. We wouldn’t even be able to fit half that many in our one-bedroom apartment.

Lady Gaga discusses her “meat” VMA outfit

Lady Gaga discusses her "meat" VMA outfit

“I never thought I’d be asking Cher to hold my meat purse.”

That was Lady Gaga’s unusual opening statement when she stepped onstage at MTV’s Video Music Awards Sunday to receive her Video of the Year award from pop legend Cher.

After arriving at the ceremony in a dress from the late designer Alexander McQueen’s final collection and then changing into a weighty, architectural gown and spiky crown by Giorgio Armani, Gaga turned heads (and we’d have to imagine noses) in her final outfit, a Franc Fernandez dress (plus boots, hat, and purse) cut together from what appeared to be slabs of raw meat. The outfit echoed the controversial meat bikini she recently wore for the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan.

After the show, in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Gaga tried to explain that the dress was a political statement. Discussing how she’d been escorted to the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles by members of the U.S. military who had been discharged from the service due to the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, Lady Gaga said: “It is a devastation to me that I know my fans who are gay … feel like they have governmental oppression on them. That’s actually why I wore the meat tonight.”

Beyoncé’s wildest hairstyles

Beyoncé's wildest hairstyles

Beyonce Knowles has had many looks over the years, from a frizzy mane to braids and beyond.

Beyonce’s mirror apparently has two faces: Beyonce Knowles and Sasha Fierce. In honor of the singer’s 29th birthday, InStyle takes a look at the many styles the pop star has rocked through the years.