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Following the 1964 release of the Beatles' early records in America and their subsequent appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in February of that year, the Beatles remained the most popular band in the Western world until their breakup in 1970.

Nothing strange about that, as the Fab Four were undoubtedly the most progressive band of that era, and unquestionably the leaders when it came to all things "pop." In other words, where they went, the rest of the world seemed to follow.

What is strange, however, is that the biggest band in the world during the year 1996 was probably...the Beatles, thanks to the release of the three Anthology albums featuring rarities, outtakes and alternate versions of their tunes, as well as a longform Anthology video and DVD release (which originally appeared in a shortened version as an ABC-TV miniseries).

In 1997, many major cities have 24-hour Beatle radio stations, playing nothing but Beatles music, as well as tracks from the individual members' solo years, bootlegs and bootlegs of the bootlegs. These stations have already outlasted similar experimental stations broadcasting nothing but Elvis or Sinatra, even though those artists had significantly longer careers and larger catalogs than the Beatles. Read More

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