"All my life this is what I've wanted, what I've dreamed about ..."
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Avril Lavigne's Dark Side
Despite more than ten years difference in age, fellow Canadians Chantal Kreviazuk and Avril Lavigne formed a relationship of mutual respect and sisterhood -- and become songwriting partners -- after they met last summer. More

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She's Punk Princess
It's tough being the new kid in school. As soon as you arrive, all eyes are on you, scrutinizing your look, your dress and your haircut. Everything you've ever been up to this point is inappropriate — the new crowd has already formed strong opinions based on this first impression. As the newest addition to the MTV News team, I know the atmosphere.
So must Avril. Since emerging on the pop scene, this brash 17-year-old has given off a first impression that split her audience into two factions: those who view her as a strong-willed wild child and those who think she's a poser and a major-label product.
"She's not just some chick who follows the whole pop scene and preppy thing," one fan wrote to our You Tell Us forum. "She sticks to her own image of herself and doesn't wear a lot of slutty clothes, unlike some of her peers," opined another.
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