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The Dream King Cries Wolf
Angelina Jolie has been set to star, Variety reported.
Neil Gaiman, who is co-writing the screenplay for Robert Zemeckis' upcoming computer-animated movie based on Beowulf, wrote in his online blog that the film will differ from the epic Anglo-Saxon poem. Read details
Angelina Jolie Hits Washington DC to Promote Salt
Angelina Jolie has been in the national capital during the weekend, promoting his new spy thriller, Salt (July 23). Just a year ago, she managed to avoid the paps and observers as she turned in the Washington DC area.
Chase scenes for the movie, which opens July 23, were filmed with barricades holding hundreds of fans and photographers at a distance just out of camera view. Jolie plays the title role, CIA agent Evelyn Salt, who goes on the track after accusations that she is a sleeper agent in Russia.
"Salt and I did the same thing," she laughs. "Just trying to keep their heads down and go from there."
In an interview Saturday, she also said recent remarks that he intended to leave the scene one day. Jolie, 35, said she has no plans to retire.
"I want to be very busy. I am a little excited. I do not sit well, "she said. "In the years to come, not that I'm retiring. There will simply fewer films at one time.
"And I do other things. I live in Africa for six months and fly planes. I see what there is to it. And artistically, I'm sure there's something else to do. "
Salt is her first film since 2008 Changeling and the birth of her twins, Knox and Vivienne, who turn 2 today. Be a mother of six years with Brad Pitt and a return to Gunslinging fistfighting - often hung on the side of a building or jumping from a balcony on a stone floor - more difficult than expected. Read More
Eastwood directs Angelina
Clint Eastwood directs Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich in a provocative thriller based on actual events: Changeling. In the film, Christine Collins' (Jolie) prayers are met when her kidnapped son is returned.  But amidst the frenzy of the photo-op reunion, she realizes this child is not hers. Facing corrupt police and a skeptical public, she desperately hunts for answers, only to be confronted by a truth that will change her forever.
Los Angeles, 1928: On a Saturday morning in a working-class suburb, Christine said goodbye to her son, Walter, and left for work. When she came home, she discovered he had vanished. A fruitless search ensues, and months later, a boy claiming to be the nine-year-old is returned. Dazed by the swirl of cops, reporters and her conflicted emotions, Christine allows him to stay overnight. Read More
Angelina Jolie Talks:
I've got my Tomb Raider guns - and I'm not afraid to use them!
Angelina Jolie has revealed she owns real versions of the guns she toted in the movie Tomb Raider - and she and partner Brad Pitt wouldn't be afraid to use them. The actress, who is rumoured to have given birth to twin girls Isla and Amelie, says she and Pitt keep a firearm in their house to protect themselves and their expanding brood...
A solid gold pendant nestles in the plunging neckline of Angelina Jolie's black dress.
Forgive me if this is the first thing I notice when she rises to greet me.
But it leaps out because itís no ordinary bauble; it has the unmistakable shape of a machine gun.
Apparently it was made by a jeweller based on a drawing by her son, Maddox, and given to her as a Mother's Day present by her partner, Brad Pitt.
I suppose I'm mostly taken aback because of our situation; Jolie is very pregnant, with twins expected any day now, and we are in the rarefied surroundings of a suite in the Carlton hotel in Cannes.
It's old-school luxury: yellow Provençal wallpaper, a salmon-pink sofa upon which Jolie perches and a matching chair for me. Read More
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Angelina Jolie in A Mighty Heart
Angelina Jolie plays Mariane Pearl, widow of the Wall Street Journal reporter, who was murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002 while researching a story on the links between "shoe bomber" Richard Reid and Islamic spiritual leader Sheikh Mubarak Gilani. Mariane was pregnant with their child when her husband was kidnapped.
The film is based on the 2003 book A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband Danny Pearl, by Mariane Pearl.
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