Restaurants and Meals in Amsterdam
Restaurants serving the Hollandsche Koffietafel in Amsterdam
A large percentage of the restaurants in Amsterdam include a "koffietafel" on their lunch-time menu, even when they specialize in hot meals. It's rarely difficult, therefore, to find a "koffietafel," and it's also good to remember that a koffietafel is an unusually inexpensive lunch to have. Typical of what you'll receive and pay is the koffietafel served at the moderately-priced V.A.M.I. Restaurant, 171 Kalverstraat, in the heart of the shopping section of Amsterdam, for an enormous koffietafel lunch, including a hot meat croquette and milk or coffee. Another koffietafel-serving place? Try the huge Ruteck's Restaurant, 11 Rembrandtsplein (which is not to be confused with the smaller self-service Ruteck's at 2 Rembrandtsplein), where the kof-fietafel is referred to by its alternate name, a "twaalfuurtje" (a 12 o'clock bread-lunch), and consists of three pieces of bread, a roll, ham, roast beef, cheese, a currant leaf, a "tid-bit of Italian salad," and a choice of coffee, tea or milk.
Alternately still, Ruteck's offers a "Brabantse koffietafel", which includes all the above items plus an egg, an extra slice of bread, fruit for dessert, and a second glass of coffee or milk.
For an even swankier koffietafel, try the one served at the quiet, genteel Formosa Tearoom, 15 Spui (about 20 yards from the Kalverstraat), or the variety of the restaurant at the American Hotel, overlooking the Leidseplein, which offers (from noon to 2 only): an assortment of white, rye, brown and gingerbread, a roll, a bun, rusks and butter, cold meat, a "Ravigote sauce shell" with salad or a hot croquette, Gouda cheese, jam, coffee, tea, milk or chocolate! For a cheaper kometafel, try the one at the restaurant of the Nederlandse Vrouwen-club (Netherlands' Women's Club), 580 Keizersgracht; and for still a final koffietafel, go to the restaurant of Gerzon's Department Store, at 72 Kalverstraat, will bring you the works! And by the way, you eat the koffietafel with a fork and knife.
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