Identifying Signs of Infidelity

Identifying Signs of Infidelity

Signs of infidelity are numerous and while men and women typically handle deception in different ways, they share many of the same suspicious behavior or activities when engaged in unfaithful activities. So what should you look for if you are worried that your partner is being unfaithful?

The more obvious signs include:

— A pattern of frequent absences from home for a myriad of reasons: shopping, business trips, working late, trips to places where the partner is “out of reach”

— Unexplained bills, high phone bills or secret credit cards

— Secrecy – hiding phone calls, hiding computer usage, hiding money, deleting texts and phone call histories quickly

— Partner comes home in different clothing than they went out
Partner comes home smelling of another man or woman’s cologne or perfume

— Partner tells ridiculous or tall tales as a way to explain absences or overspending

— Your partner is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease

— Sex life – it’s not the frequency or quality you should watch out for, but the actions. Has your partner learned new moves lately? They may have come from sleeping with someone else, though that isn’t always the case. Don’t discount a sudden increase or decrease in sex, but interest may decrease long before an affair starts.

— Less emotional intimacy – If your partner used to talk a lot and suddenly the talking dies down, the talking could be still going on–with someone else.

— Sudden interest in exercising or tanning

— Not wearing a wedding ring

— Being at home less

— Spends more time on appearance than usual

— Immediately showers after getting home

— Someone tells you they saw your partner out with someone else

Covering up a choice

More often than not, when you are lying about something, you will say too much by way of covering up a choice. For example, the cheater may go on a vacation or business trip alone, but his / her meal expense at a restaurant is more than any one-person can eat.

So the person tells the story of knocking a server and spilling a tray of food, then continues to elaborate saying he / she spilled the food of a family of four, so the partner paid their food bill by way of apology. Yet the food bill is not enough to cover food for four plus his or her meal as well.

This is the danger of lying. If a story sounds suspicious or unusual or with far too many slapstick details, it is a warning sign that they are covering up behavior or interaction they don’t want you to know about.

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