How to lower your monthly cellphone costs

How to lower your monthly cellphone costs

Here are some ways to trim your cellphone costs and save hundreds per year.

You’ve heard the iPhone users of their referral mammoth monthly fee – but it’s not just those with the most stylish smartphones paying a fee.

“The average consumer spends over $ 300 per year,” said Schwark Satyavolu, which helps consumers save on costs. Knocking that many of your tab is not difficult, experts say: You can do this by changing your plan, your operator or how to use your phone.

Change your plan

Setting your current plan is the easiest way to save. You even have to extend or terminate your contract.

Service demotion

“Eight of 10 people do not use what they pay for,” said Satyavolu BillShrink’s. Ask your carrier for a summary of the use that goes back 12 months to see if you could get a better plan.

Go to the Data

Although many people voice plans of the family and less to enjoy the family messaging and data plans – which can save you a lot. AT & T, for example, offers unlimited text for a family of $ 30 per month, against $ 20 per person.

Ask for discounts membership

If you work for a large company, government agency, or university, you probably qualify for a discount – up to about 25% – on your personal phone. Get details of HR.

Cancel Coverage

Unless you have a teenager prone to disasters, the insurance covers your phone for loss or damage is usually a waste. You pay $ 4 to $ 6 per month, and ranges from free to $ 50 $ 125. You can get a new phone for less, should you need it.

Say you’re leaving

“Carriers do not want to lose customers, so if you tell them that you have found a better plan, you may get a break,” said Sascha Segan, an analyst at cell phone.

Change your door

You may be able to do better by switching to another carrier, but wait until your contract is in place to avoid a cancellation fee.

Out of competition

The four major carriers – AT, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile – have about 220 shots combined.

Looking beyond the “Big Four”

Regional carriers such as U.S. Cellular, MetroPCS, and Cricket Wireless offers savings of $ 20 per month plus the four major plans. You will not get a signal at the national level, if you travel to a place where there is no coverage, you will have to pay roaming charges. “But you can save a lot of money if you’re a homebody,” says Segan.

Prepay Piper

It is easy to see why prepaid phone plans are rapidly gaining in popularity: They offer calls, texts and web access from $ 40 per month – no contract or cancellation fees. If you use less than 300 minutes per month, they can be an economical choice. helps you compare plans. In addition, AARP members can get a phone without a contract for 250 minutes, and a consumer service cell, from $ 19 per month.

Change your behavior

How will you use your phone may have much to do with how much you will pay. These behavioral changes can easily save a lot of money.

Track Your Minutes

For those who do not have unlimited calling plans, the cost to go on the monthly allocation of minutes on average $ 36 per line. If you tend to approach the danger zone, check your weekly use – online or by code from your service provider – and limit your calls accordingly. Also, the habit of using your phone or work phone during business hours, when minutes moving in general will be charged to your monthly maximum.

Get the 411 for Free

I do not know the number you need to achieve? Composition 411 will cost at least $ 1.49 a pop. Use Google’s free option instead: Just call 800-GOOG-411.

Dialing internationally on Wi-Fi

If you often make international calls and have a phone capable app-chip, download the Skype application. Because it operates over Wi-Fi, Skype lets you call landlines abroad at discounted rates. (Some Verizon phones, the Skype application is running on the mobile cellular vs. Wi-Fi, but not yet billed to your normal minutes.) Also, you can call other Skype users. Anyway, you say goodbye to a large portion of your bill.

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