Work habits that ruin careers

Work habits that ruin careers

If you have a disorder or a drug addict multitasking desktop email, change your habits pronto.

Experts agree that the climate of current employment, the bad behavior of employers something becomes less and less tolerated – and more than a passable offense. “To all of you, there’s a 100 people lined up to take your work,” says Kiki Weingarten, a career management coach based in New York. “Employers are more able than ever to be as picky as they want.”

Here, four leading career coaches offer bad work habits they saw that send employees on the road to bad reviews. Check yourself before you wreck.

You are addicted to email: In meetings with clients, your boss, you can not stop scrolling through your BlackBerry. You think you’re being productive by ensuring that you do not miss a message while stuck in the weekly sales, but your colleagues (especially speaking) see it as a personal insult. Constantly checking your smart phone sends a real sense of arrogance, says Princeton, New Jersey-based communication coach Matt Eventoff.

How to break it: Put down the BlackBerry,” said Eventoff,” especially if you’re in a meeting “Turn it off, put it away, leave it in your office.” If you are waiting for a particular time. sensitive email, let your colleagues know in advance, “Eventoff said,” Otherwise, your BlackBerry has no place in the meeting.”

You are a brown-noser: Nobody likes a kiss-up, and in the office one too many well-placed compliments could leave you with this reputation vilified. Say yes to everything to him a higher demand, and your teammates can easily return your enthusiasm. Even worse, your boss can see through your constant praise and you feel more a nuisance than a constructive team member.

How to break it: Take a look at the last 10 things that you said yes, if the views of your supervisor or tasks in the office. Is there something you do not agree when you think honestly about them? Learn to say no every now and then show both your supervisor and your teammates that you actually a spine.

You are a busy-body: Do you mind your own business or is your ear constantly perked for the latest gossip or happenings in office? Check yourself. You used to need to be in the know is probably a source of stress for your colleagues. Whether the movement of their colleagues within the company or is WHO meeting for post-work cocktails, do what your company spells trouble.

How to break it: If the information you need to do in your position, schedule weekly meetings with colleagues and team meeting to stay on top of relevant happenings. Otherwise wait until the information comes to you and avoid the temptation to jump into the conversations heard. If all else fails, invest in a helmet.

Your e-mail etiquette is lacking: If your outbox reads more like a firing squad as friendly exchanges, it may be time to take a look at your communication style. “It’s very rare that the emails are perceived as too soft,” said Eventoff. “As email has no tone, no emotion, no intonation, it is very easy for your emails short to be perceived as arrogant, demanding and impatient.”

How to break it: If the poor email habits persist, the bad feelings are bound to stir in a team, Eventoff said. Get into the habit of reading e-mails before sending, and measure how they might be received, especially if they are addressed to someone outside your office.

You’re full of excuses: You forgot the zip drive with your presentation notes, but you’re not about to admit it. You do not know the answer to questions of your supervisor, but try to talk your way around. The result is that you lose not only your own time, but your manager and colleagues as well.

How to break it: Set a reminder ten minutes before the start of each meeting of your case, says Patrick Flannery, a management consultant based in Arlington, Virginia. “Better 10 minutes of your time to gather the necessary paperwork and collect your thoughts while 20 minutes devoted to apologize in front of colleagues.”

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